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Italian Food in Foster City

Thanx. We'll give it a try and hopefully get back to you. I DO NOT recommend Cardelli'i. Great decor, great ambience and good waitstaff all cancelled out by weak kitchen.

Italian Food in Foster City

Any suggestions for Italian food in Foster City besides the Ticino -- which is really more Swiss-Italian?

Holiday Caterers in SF

Can anyone recommend a caterer WITH WHOM THEY HAVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE who will come into our apartment, serve traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner then clean up and leave requiring nothing more than lifting a fork on the part of we and our guests?

Restaurant near the Commonwealth Club

Need recommendations for dinner near the Commonwealth Club at 5th and Market. Not fussy about type of cuisine or price (within reason) but want value for money.

Recommendations Anyone for a Classic Steak or Chop House in Livermore or Pleasanton?

February 1st would have been my Dad's 100th birthday. He was from Chicago, his father was brought over from Ireland as a teenager, basically as an indentured servant, to work in the Chicago stockyards and my father devoted a good bit of his considerable energy and talent to finding streak houses and chop houses wherever he went across the United States. My wife and I will be visiting my daughter and her husband in Livermore on February 1st and I would like to celebrate the old gentleman's memory by taking us out for some excellent beef or lamb.

Any suggestions?


Anybody have any suggestions on where to get tonkatsu in Livermore/Pleasonton?

How about sukiyaki?

Serious Chinese restaurant in Livermore-Pleasanton vicinity?

Can anyone recommend a serious CHinese restaurant -- region not important -- in the Livermore-Pleasanton vicinity?

Northern Chinese Restaurants

Can anyone recommend any restaurants with northern Chinese cuisine -- anywhere in the Bay Area but especially around Sunnyvale?


Thanx. Harry's Bar had a good burger: juicy, tasty, and srved medium rare as I requested; crisp, thin fries (the way I like them)and fast service at the bar. Frankie's was unimpressive; dry, overcooked burger and fat, soft fries. The best burgers and fries for my money are still at Balboa Cafe and Zuni.



Can anyone recommend any places along Divisadero or Fillmore that have particularly good, flavorful burgers, with 8-12 ounces of quality ground beef and fresh garnish -- crisp lettuce, tomatoes that don't have the consistncy and flavor of plastic and crisp sweet onions? Crisp, non-frozen fries would be a worthy bonus.


Whole Wheat Pizza Crust


What's CPK?


Whole Wheat Pizza Crust


Thanx. I'll check it out.


Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Are there any places in San Francisco that serve pizza with a whole wheat crust?