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Is there a bigger and better patio bar than The Madison?

I haven't been but I heard the Oasis rooftop bar at Wayne Gretzky's is supposed to be really great.

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant
99 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V9G9, CA

Desperately seeking restaurant in Toronto's entertainment district

As far as I know, Ame is closed on sundays.

ISO: Fiddlehead recipes

I've recently bought some fiddleheads but seem to be at a loss as to how to cook them - any successful recipes would be appreciated!



May 13, 2010
joellita in Home Cooking

Harbour 60 or Jacob & Co.

I took my boyfriend there for his 30th bday and it was oh soooo good! We shared the ceaser salad (which is truly unbelievable) and the seared tuna to start - both excellent. We then shared the 32 oz ( i think it was ) rib eye - I have never seen a steak like that in my life! ooh and all the salts on the side are a lot of fun too. We didn't order dessert but they brought us a plate with little pecan tarts and happy birthday written on it which was a nice touch. The only thing we didn't really love were the cocktails we had at the start (mind you this was a tuesday night so maybe their regular bartender was off.. )

Have fun and enjoy!

Bier Market on King W

I live across the street from the bier markt on King and go about once a week. The manager there is fantastic, I'm always impressed - seeing him on the floor, speaking to guests, running food, etc. They have live music most nights of the week (it really only gets pretty crammed on thurs./friday) - it's a completely different scene from the bier markt on esplanade - not meat markety at all in my opinion - and if you get the feeling that it is - just chill on the patio at night where everyone is laid back enjoying one of their many beers on tap. The bar staff is knowledgeable and very competent. In terms of food: their fries are awesome! the burger is good, and the mussels are hit and miss. My boyfriend had the steak frites once and really enjoyed. I've had the salad with different options (chicken once and salmon once) and they were both ok.. No, the food won't blow you away, but it's certainly tasty enough and I've always enjoyed any evening/afternoon/brunch I've had there. -(esp. on sunday nights when it's quiet yet busy enough and they have a great guitarist on the stage)

Hope that helps!

Downtown Restaurant with Fun Vibe to Celebrate 30th Birthday with about 20 people?

I've always liked Brassaii for these kind of events - just popped by this week for the first time since they've renovated and was pretty impressed with what they've done to their space..

461 King St. W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K7, CA

Mid-range restos near the Germain hotel?

I've been to chez victor and while it was tasty - the food wasn't particularly hot and I thought it was too $$$ for the quality.

I would suggest AME across the street (it's pretty much directly in front of the hotel) their sashimi, stuffed cornish hen, and miso lobster tail are all excellent - not to mention the bartenders are fantastic and pour a stiff drink.

Scarpetta in Toronto

as a future resident of the thomspon hotel/condo development this is something I'm looking forward to -

- I haven't eaten at his restaurant in new york so can't comment - but I do like what these influx of hotel openings and their restaurants might be able to accomplish in this city - competition is a good thing!

30th Bday Recs - Very Special

Hello everyone, it's my boyfriends 30th birthday next monday and would like to take him somewhere special - I was thinking maybe George, lucien or colborne lane?

How do those sound as possible birthday spots? Any other recommendations? Should I be doing a tasting menu?

I wouldn't be adverse to hitting somewhere up for drinks and an appetizer and moving somewhere else for dinner.

Lol - my mind is running wild with ideas and I need some chowhound help to make his 30th birthday unforgettable :)



Cake shaped like a car..

Hi Everyone.. was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a cake shop that does cakes in special shapes. It sounds silly I know but my boyfriend is turning 30 and I would love to find a cake in the shape of a corvette (he loves corvettes and cars.. i was hoping to bring a pic of his vette to the pastry chef and get them to duplicate it)..

any help with this would be appreciated!

thanks :)

Need 23rd Birthday Restaurant Suggestions...

Perhaps - sopra upper lounge, maro, roosevelt room - which should all fit the "supper club" theme

Otherwise, brassaii is mid priced but not open late but great for a drink afterwards

Maybe Kultura?

Anyone tried the new Milagro on Queen West yet?

I went to Milagro on Queen West this past saturday night (Nov.21) for a late dinner. Overall disappointed esp. considering how many great things I've heard of Milagro on this site. We ordered a Mojito and Margarita Milagro to start - both drinks were tasty but didn't have very much zing in them.. the drinks were just way too huge for the amount of booze that was in them.. my margarita had barely of flavour of tequila and cointreau - it tasted mostly of lime juice and sugar. Ordered a pitcher of Sangria afterwards.. this was also tasty but overloaded on soda.

Moving on to the food - we ordered to guacamole to share as an app. While the chips appeared house made and were quite tasty and crunchy the guac was very very chunky, and trust me while I don't mind a little bit of chunkiness this was so extreme that we couldn't manage to get any of the guac onto the chips! Add to that that the menu indicated that the guac was a little spicy and the version served to us was actually almost completely bland.

For mains we shared the chicken tacuba enchilada and the sauteed pulpos (octopus) Enchiladas were served lukewarm, barely baked on the inside with lukewarm green salsa poured on top. While I could see the promise of this dish, overall it was just bad. The octopus was served hot and was the tastiest of what we ate - the accompanying rice was the best part of the entire meal, spicy and flavourful. The octopus itself was good, the only drawback was how oily it was.

Finished with a scoop of chocolate ice cream that was quite good.

Saving grace of the restaurant: The Service! Out waitress was very nice and attentive. I had mentioned to her at the end of the meal that the enchiladas weren't warm but that we ate them and so not to worry. She ended up taking off our guac, enchiladas and gave us dessert on the house. Very unexpected! While we rather would have gladly paid full price for an excellent meal this was a nice gesture. Another nice touch of the night was that we were sitting near the front of the restaurant and near to the end of my meal I started getting a little chilly and had put my jacket on, one of the owners was in the restaurant at the time and notice this and so encouraged us to move closer to the back of the restaurant which was a very kind gesture.

At the end of the day we would go back to Milagro but maybe try the uptown or mercer st location to compare.

- jo

Going to Ame tonight - any recs?

Thanks to everyone for the replies..

This is what we had:
Sochu martini and the apple bourbon cocktail (both were very yummy)
Assorted nigiri and sushi.. the sushi was a spicy tuna that was frankly not that interesting, but the nigiri was great!
Oyster mushroom tempura - yumm!
the 7oz wagyu steak
white and green asparagus salad (this was amazing agreed!)
followed by the chocolate dessert which my bf said was good but i didn't try

overall impression of the restaurant was good.. nice decor, busy bar scene - where we continued our evening after dinner and realized that the bartender there used to be the one at nota bene and had remembered us from the times we had visited the bar - he's a great bartender and a talented mixologist.

Out of five I would give Ame almost a 4.. everything is very good.. it/s just somehow missing some heart along the line.

Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

Going to Ame tonight - any recs?

really the cocktails are that bad? I'm a bartender in a cocktail heavy bar and was looking forward to having one or two before dinner, guess I'll stick to a gin and tonic :)

Going to Ame tonight - any recs?

Heading out to Ame tonight for a late dinner.. any recs? anything that shouldn't be missed?


Back to Boston and can't wait!

Neptune Oyster might be perfect, was on my list last trip but didn't make it there. Any interesting places for beer in boston?

Oct 22, 2009
joellita in Greater Boston Area

Back to Boston and can't wait!

Hi Everyone! Posted back here in June when going to my first trip to Boston (we're from toronto) and wanted to thank everyone for their recommendations. We had some amazing meals and cocktails:

Sensing at the Fairmont Battery Wharf - we were staying there
Mamma Maria - Yum! (but woah acid reflux afterwards - mmm thoughts of oxtail ravioli and yummy amarone)
Scampo (unbelievable!!!) - alibi for drinks after
Atlantic Fish
Pizzeria Regina
Legal Seafood
Modern Pastry - woah cannolis!
The Drink
All the wonderful bars scattered in the north end

All in all we enjoyed Boston sooo much we're coming back Dec 3-6
For this trip we're staying at the Fairmont copley plaza - we're eating at the Oak Room thurs. night, and back to scampo on friday night - so what's up in the air is saturday night.. we're heading to a leafs/bruins game and would like to have dinner before or after (which might be hard cuz Bsoton doesnt seem to be a late night food place)

Would love recommendations for dinner on saturday night before/after the game
Also. we love great bars - a good scene, great beer/wine/cocktails - would love suggestions around copley plaza
And any lunch places we might have missed the first time around

We're in our late 20's and while price isn't an object ambiance most certainly is :)

(and any great supper type clubs?)

You all were such a great help the first time around I can't wait to taste what my next trip to Boston is going to be like!

Cheers and thanks

Oct 21, 2009
joellita in Greater Boston Area

Single best dish you've had in Toronto?

mmm, I love thinking about great meals.

I'd have to say that in the past year my two best dishes have been the duck dish at North 44, and the fried perch at JKWB


ISO: Rock Salt

found it at the bulk barn in vaughan (also picked up the panko i needed too).. I always forget how much cheaper unpackaged spices are! Thanks so much :)

Veal Sandwich

Panini in woodbridge has the BEST veal sandwiches. I highly recommend them.

ISO: Rock Salt

This board has always been such a great resource, I thought I'd seek some help for a shrimp dish I'm making tmrw night.

Does anyone know where I can find rock salt in the GTA? Specifically vaughan/woodbridge if possible ( since I work up there)

any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance.

Thai in North York

I tried Thai Plate today based on TorontoJo's rec... (and because I live ten min away) for the first time and it was yummy!

Had a very good tom yun soup, crispy fried shrimp spring rolls and chx/shrimp pad thai (which could have been spicier). The only let down was the chx satay.. very very dry and wasn't much to my taste... but would happily return!

Plateau of Dining in Toronto?

mmm I had the fried perch at JKWB in July as well.. I dream about it still to this day.

Ame looks like it could be an interesting new place to hit up in Toronto - at least for something a little different.

Where to find best Pot du Creme au Chocolat in TO?

I know the Royal York Hotel makes an excellent Chocolate Pot du Creme, not sure if its still on their menu though.

Where to get great hummus

I personally think that the hummus from Arz Bakery is awesome - just the right amounts of lemon and garlic. Their babaganouj is delish as well, really nice smokey flavour.

$20 apps & dinner deals

Just had the prix fixe on monday at sidecar. Well worth the $24.00 - what a value!

Enjoyed the sidecar salad to start ( a chopped salad that was very tasty) my SO had the ceaser salad - also great.

We both had the steak and frites for our main - Delish! Perfectly cooked. It's an 8oz filet style and wow it was tasty.

A chocolate ganache style cake for dessert - a little too sweet for my taste but good.

Cons: Our server was new and struggled a little over service - didn't get bread til after salads, waited a long time for a glass of wine - water never refilled - but he was very nice and trying hard. Also, steak although very good had been sitting before it was served and had cooled down quite a touch which was unfourtunate.

Total for two with three glasses of $11 wine $92 after tax. Overall was impressed - would love to go back for cocktails one day :) - and would hit the prix fixe any time.

ISO: Premium Butters

While in Boston in July (which is an excellent foodie city for all those looking to eat in new places) had this unreal vermont sourced butter at the Sensing resto at the Fairmont Battery Wharf.

Lets just say, it's given me the urge to try some nice butters. Not necessarily looking for that one specifically, just curious if there's any stores that sell premium butter, or a variety of butters, in the GTA.


Birthday Madness!

as it will be a late night I doubt that many people are going to eat a full meal - most will drink and some will order light meals or apps, regardless will call whereever it is and give them a heads up.

In march went to brassaii with some success - wanted to reserve a table for 20 but had to commit to a three course meal for every guest for the reso (even though it was after 9pm) instead asked to reserve the bar/lounge area in the front which they happily accomated. Our group of twenty ate and drank for a couple hours before heading off to West Lounge (when it was open) down the street.

-- Just wanted to do something different this time :)

Birthday Madness!

went to check out sidecar tonight.. quite enjoyed their dinner! unfortunately i just don't think they have a big enough bar to accommodate a social drinking atmosphere - thanks for the rec tho, quite thoroughly enjoyed my monday night :)

Fresh grape leaves?

You can try ARZ bakery/grocery store near warden and lawrence, I've always seen them there.