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Filipino in Vallejo (Round 2)

I got to try Andrea's Lechon Kawali and Munggo (mung bean stew--kind of like lentils). Both were good. Definitely going back there for more.

Yesterday I picked up some Filipino style breakfasts at Ling Nam's... they were good as reported in this forum. Generous portions, and the eggs and meats/fish were perfectly cooked.

Nov 19, 2006
P.A. in San Francisco Bay Area

Filipino in Vallejo (Round 2)

I recently moved to Napa County and wanted to ask chowhounders where the best Filipino places are in the North Bay (both for eating and groceries). I think the closest area with Filipino concentration is Vallejo.

I found this old thread via search:
Unfortunately, it's dated 2001. I'm sure things have changed a lot since then.

I drove down to Vallejo a couple of days ago and had to settle for "Goldilocks" on Sonoma Blvd., since that's the only place I could plainly tell was Filipino...

I went with a friend, and we ordered Lechon Kawali, Nilagang Baka (beef soup) and Chicken Adobo. I also ordered some ensaymadas (sweet buttery brioche topped with cheese) to go. The tab was about $20 for two.

All the items were pretty good. (Granted, we didn't order anything exotic.) I would go back there given no other alternatives, but I'm hoping Chowhounders could point me to some better places...

Nov 12, 2006
P.A. in San Francisco Bay Area