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Is Jean Georges currently worth it?

In my humble opinion, Jean Georges is the best French restaurant this side of Per Se.

And yes, I do find it better than Daniel and especially Eleven Madison Park

Dec 07, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Restaurants Report: Le Bernardin, Blue Hill, Bouley, Gramercy Tavern, Yasuda, Balthazar, Clinton Baking, Daniel, Aquavit, Eleven Madison Park...

I did not like the food at EMP at all. I found it sorely disappointing in taste.

I love GT and Le Bernardin as much as the OP does. Michael Anthony is really an excellent chef.

Nov 30, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Is Winnipeg really a Wasteland? (moved from Canada board)

VJ's - amazing burgers, best in N. America - get the special
Gluttons - won best chef in Canada in a Whistler competition in 2006 or 07
Rae & Jerry's - Winnipeg Institution - great atmosphere steak house - sit in the lounge for more casual experience
Oui - recently getting good write-ups (newer place)
Infernos - good - attempt to be Mtl style
Edo-hai - good sushi
Wasabi - good sushi
Mondragon - good vegan place, cool location
Kilekis - Winnipeg institution
Baked Expectations - their old fashioned chocolate cake is very good

Tavern in the Park - has the worst decor - in desperate need of an good interior decorator
529 - nice lounge - Bread pudding dessert is very good
Amici's - used to be good, but I haven't been there is a while
Stella's - good
Toad in the Hole - a pub; good chicken fingers
Ivory - good indian
East Coast Indian Company - good Indian
Viva - good Vietnamse
Martini's - good Italian
Breads and Circuses - good bread and soup (across from Gluttons)
Cafe Carlos - cute street - across from Breads and Circuses

Nov 21, 2007
AppleSpam in Prairie Provinces

Wait time for Serendipity 3?

Just wondering, what time did you go at?
The OP is referring to 11pm. Wouldn't a 105 minute wait mean by the time he gets a seat they're already closing?

Nov 13, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Downtown Vancouver recommendations? [Moved from Canada Board]

By the way, for a big, big list of Vancouver restaurants:

Downtown Vancouver recommendations? [Moved from Canada Board]

Sushi? Depends, what's your budget?
Yoshi's downtown near Georgia & Denman is pretty good. If you can, call in ahead for the kaizeki. Torarenbo is much cheaper in Richmond, also Seto is not bad, also in Richmond. It's hard to miss in Vancouver as it has more Sushi/Japanese restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world except Japan itself.

You're big on tartare, eh? Not sure if there's much here, but for something similar, try the kitfo at some of the Ethiopian restaurants.

Depends on what your standards are and where you came from, there could be many "must-go" places in Vancouver. This is eatin' town (sorry, I've been to NY and SF and they are no match).

Fage yogurt - can I get it in Vancouver?

We tried that Greek style yogurt when I was down in California.
There are several alternatives in Vancouver which are very similar, and yes, we like Arvand. You can get them everywhere. North Vancouver , next to the Capital B restaurant there's a market with them. Also some other small shops down on Robson carry it.

SF Hound needs Dim Sum recs in Vancouver

Why limit yourself to Vancouver?
If you must, RedStar on Granville & W.67th
They have chicken knee caps for sure, maybe some innards (those are so outdated now). Very good roast duck if they don't run out.

Richmond is a mere 5-10min. away, no reason not to go there. Keirin Richmond, Sea Harbour or Gingery are good bets.

So there is no reason to go to Danube over Bouley?

Is there any reason to go to Danube over Bouley? Is Danube more romantic?

Nov 04, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Perigee - when did they renovate?

So I've heard that Perigee now glassed in the kitchen? How come?
Is there any article / review / blog entry on the internet about it? Any pictures?

How does it look? Does anyone know why they did it?

Brunch - Balthazar or Stanton Social?

One vote for Stanton Social

Oct 26, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Babbo reservations - can I change party size?

I have reservations for 3 in a few weeks, unfortunately one of us can no longer make it to New York that night. Do they allow dropping from 3 to 2? Or will they force me to cancel the reservations altogether (or do I have to find somebody else to come with us)?


Oct 26, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Real, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in NJ

Sounds great. It's not too far from Sandy Hook, good for lunch after a morning of birding. Any thoughts on what lunch dishes are good?

Some pictures at

Oct 24, 2007
AppleSpam in Mid-Atlantic

Real, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in NJ

Hi, Looking for a real, sit down ice cream parlor in middlesex or monmouth county NJ.
A place that uses real glassware and silverware to get sundaes at. Sort of like Friendlys but nicer.
And if not a ice cream parlor then a diner or other restaurant that makes a great hot fudge sundae.


Oct 24, 2007
AppleSpam in Mid-Atlantic

Holiday trip to PDX and SEA

SE Portland FTW!

clarklewis? Fugghedaboutit. Lacks focus these days.

Give Nostrana a try. Sel Gris, too.

Oct 24, 2007
AppleSpam in Pacific Northwest

Per Se is not that hard to get, is it?

Having been in New York for 5 years, I can say that Rao's is nearly impossible, and Babbo has so many constraints that makes it appear impossible. But I feel like Per Se isn't really that hard, since it's open for lunch and it has the exact same menu as dinner.

For example, my brother came down to New York last month without any reservations on Thursday, and he was able to get us a table (6 of us) at Per Se's private dining room for that Sunday (for luch at 12:30pm). What's more, when we got there even the main dining room wasn't full!

Is this common? Or were we just really lucky?

Oct 23, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Mary's Fish Camp waitstaff - duller than lobsters

Agree with this 100%

Oct 23, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Babbo reservations question

I understand that I could have called on 10/18 to make the reservations, but I just found it surprising that a regular Sunday evening in Babbo is booked up in the first 2 days that they open for reservations (and more than four weeks in advance, since I called exactly 28 days in advance). My question is rather: does this happen a lot?

Has anyone gotten a Sunday evening reservation by calling less than four weeks in advance? What makes the difference? Share your secrets!


Oct 23, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Babbo reservations question

I called yesterday (October 21st) to make reservations for Sunday, November 18th, and they're full already!? Does this happen a lot?

I just found it so surprising that since
1. it's 4 weeks away
2. it's a Sunday night
3. It's just 2 of us
4. We don't care whether we eat at 5pm or 11pm

But they said they're completely full for that night.
Does this happen a lot? Does that mean that you can never get reservations if you don't call exactly one month in advance?

What are my options if I want to eat there by can't commit that far in advance?
Please help!

Oct 22, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Which has a shorter line for Sunday Brunch - Prune or Clinton Street?


Any other thoughts?

Oct 22, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Which has a shorter line for Sunday Brunch - Prune or Clinton Street?

I want to line up at 10am to get in, but want to pick the one with the shorter line so I don't have to go as early. Which one would have a shorter line at 10am for Sunday Brunch, Prune or Clinton Street Baking Company?


Oct 21, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Fresh Direct -- How's the Fruit?

Freshy-D fruit is kind of mediocre in my experience. the fruit from my CSA is the best though!!!

Oct 19, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Babbo Sunday walkin - how long will we wait?

My wife and I have no reservations for this Sunday evening, but we want to go anyway. Suppose we arrive at 6pm on Sunday, and don't care whether we eat at the bar or the walk-in tables, how long will we have to wait?


Oct 18, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Last year Per Se - what now?

Why not Le Bernardin? I would take it over any of your options except maybe Bouley. EMP and Modern are at least a small step below the caliber of the restaurants that you guys have been, IMO. And Blue Hill, while charming, is a big step below.

Oct 18, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Il Nocello in Whitestone?

The two dishes my wife and I had were good, but too salty, although that is my criticism of every restaurant. They don't have their liquor license yet. Nice people.

Oct 18, 2007
AppleSpam in Outer Boroughs

Please help me with the name of this restaurant - driving me crazy!!!

Here is the info I remember:

1. West of 7th avenue
2. Around 18th or 23rd street
3. The place is at the South-East corner of an intersection, it wraps around that corner
4. Sunday brunch is prix fixe, $19-20. Come with mimosa, bloody Mary. Also gives little muffins
5. Brunch includes lunch items such as burger
6. The room is yellow-ish

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Oct 18, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Dried Kiwi?

Russo's in Watertown has them. I'm eating them right now. :)

Oct 16, 2007
AppleSpam in Greater Boston Area

Lobster Roll without Mayo?

Is there any place in NYC that serves a great lobster roll without mayo? I'm allergic to mayo but I've been craving lobsters.


Oct 14, 2007
AppleSpam in Manhattan

Takohachi (SEA) to close

Does anyone know if Kaname will be open today for lunch? Their website still says, "Opening Soon" and no telephone number is listed. Thanks!

Oct 08, 2007
AppleSpam in Pacific Northwest

Favorite cooking word or phrase?

head cheese

Oct 04, 2007
AppleSpam in Not About Food