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Anyone know where one can buy guanciale in the DC area?

Jan 18, 2008
mdc in Washington DC & Baltimore

Bittman granola recipes

In today's NYT, Mark Bittman has a recipe and video clip for Crunchy Granola that differs from his recipe in How to Cook Everything. In the book, he has you toast the oats, nuts, etc. on the stove for ten minutes or so, then add the sweetener; in the Times/Video, he skips the toasting step and throws the whole thing in the oven. The odd thing is that in the text of the article (but not the video or recipe) he goes out of his way to say that "to make oats crunchy you must toast them, carefully and for awhile."

I've made the book recipe and enjoyed it. Anyone try the NYT recipe/video method and can report on the results?

Also, if you have tried either -- which do you prefer, honey or maple syrup. (In the article, Bittman says there's "no better sweetener than grade B maple syrup." Of course, on the video he seems to prefer honey. Oh, well.)

Jan 11, 2007
mdc in Home Cooking

Bittman Bread -- Burned on bottom

I've made several breads using the Mark Bittman recipe. They've all come out wonderfully . . . except each has been, to varying degrees, burned on the bottom. I've been using Le Creuset pots, at 450 degrees. The only one that wasn't really too dark on the bottom was one that I took out after 15 mins uncovered, and that one I thought could have used a little more time for the rest of the crust. Any suggestions?

Dec 12, 2006
mdc in Home Cooking

Flavorful Additions to Bittman Bread. What's yours?

Are Penzys dried onion bits the same as Penzy's toasted onions? I went onto their website, but they didn't have anything that was called "dried onions."

Dec 07, 2006
mdc in Home Cooking

Cheesesteak near Independence Hall

I'm bringing my kids to Philly this Saturday, but won't have time around lunch to take them to South Philly. There's a strong demand for cheesesteak, and wanted recommendations for the best, most authentic spot near Independence Hall. Thanks

Dec 06, 2006
mdc in Pennsylvania

Bittman's No Knead bread is out of the oven - anyone else?

Two Quick Questions:

Is there a difference between instant yeast and highly active yeast?

Anyone make this in a 4.5Qt Le Creuset and, if so, how'd it look?

Nov 13, 2006
mdc in Home Cooking

Bittman's No Knead bread is out of the oven - anyone else?

Mine came out fine -- needed more salt, and next time will use some whole wheat flower.

I used a large, 12" oval Le Creuset, and the bread is pretty flat (probably just 3 or so inches at its tallest.) I'm wondering whether I can use my 4.5 quart round Le Creuset and will it come out as a rounder loaf -- it's 9.5" round and 4" tall. Anyone use anything that small and how did it come out? (I know it's smaller than suggested in the article."

Nov 11, 2006
mdc in Home Cooking

Bittman's No Knead bread is out of the oven - anyone else?

Ok, mine is in the oven, not out yet. I think I followed the recipe closely, but my dough was quite sticky and unformed -- the notion of "folding it over on itself" or "forming into a ball" was out the question -- a bit like folding over a jellyfish. What did I do wrong? (Perhaps it will look and taste just fine when it comes out.) I used regular old baking flour this time.

Nov 11, 2006
mdc in Home Cooking