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good butchers in the Triangle area?

i didn't have a *great* conversation with the butcher, but the staff were friendly and gave me their honest opinion about cuts of meat. that was helpful.

i ended up getting a 3/4 lb rib eye. although they gave me a packet of Bad Byron's Butt Rub, i ended up putting salt and pepper on both sides of the meat after letting it come to room temperature and then pan frying it in my cast iron skillet with enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. 5 minutes on one side then 4 minutes on the other. it was perfect--very tender and quite tasty.

the sauce was a modification of a Roquefort sauce. i used Maytag Blue with unsalted butter and some brandy (mashed together and drizzled on top). it was an idea from

in any case, i would go back to King's. their meat was good, their prices were fair (~$11/lb for the rib eye), and their staff were friendly. no complaints.

good butchers in the Triangle area?

I'm interested in trying out some good beef this weekend (non-beef-eating wife is out of town this weekend and I'm ready to fire up the grill). Could someone please recommend a good butcher in the Triangle area (Chapel Hill or Carrboro or Durham a plus; Raleigh's a little far unless it's *really* worth it)?

I'm also intrigued by the dry-aged beef that I have seen at Whole Foods, but there's gotta be someone else who does it around here besides them...right?


anyone making sazeracs with absinthe now?

Now that absinthe is available again in the US, has any bar in NO started to make the drink with it again (instead of the usual substitutes)?

If not, where should I seek out the best sazerac in town? I'm going to be in NO this weekend for a wedding...


Dec 01, 2007
rhymeswithdreidel in New Orleans

breakfast in DC?

thanks for all the great suggestions. i actually chose the Florida Avenue Grill. i loved the atmosphere and the food. being from the South (KY and NC) i thought the food was spot on. very friendly service and a nice walk from my hotel at Dupont Circle.

breakfast in DC?

hi. i'm here for the weekend and am looking for an inexpensive but good place to eat in the city. something unique would be nice. other than that, i don't have many requirements. not a chain would be nice; if it is a chain, local DC/VA/MD chains would be okay.