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New REAL Barbecue Near Monticello, NY and Bethel Woods Music Site

So he does have 2 tables in from of the truck now and a farm stand a few feet away where you can buy a desert: the most succulent strawberries I had in awhile.

The brisket and chicken were fantastic.

Recipe Organizer

It's 60 Mb a month. I find that it is enough. Most of the time. But I am adding recipes one at at time when I have a moment and not at once.

Apr 09, 2012
Sabina_ in Not About Food

Good Jewish Bakery in Williamsburg

I am looking for a good challah for Rosh Hashannah. Does anyone know of a good bakery in WIlliamsburg? I have 2 little kids and no car so I don't want to travel too far. I live in Fort Greene, if it helps.

Thank you and Happy (almost) New Year!

Sep 27, 2011
Sabina_ in Outer Boroughs

Cheddar muffins from Clinton street bakery

I had a cheddar spinach muffin from Clinton Street Bakery and was completely blown away. Does anyone have a recipe that is close to theirs? I love them so much, but live and work too far from there.

May 28, 2009
Sabina_ in Home Cooking

Name of Uzbek Spicy Carrot Salad in Queens?

There are a lot of recipes around.. I haven;t tried the. Here is one:

Mar 07, 2009
Sabina_ in Outer Boroughs

Name of Uzbek Spicy Carrot Salad in Queens?

"Morkovka" is carrot in Russian. The salad in most russian restaurants will be called Korean Carrot.

Mar 07, 2009
Sabina_ in Outer Boroughs

Aurora in SoHo?

I've only been in the one in Brooklyn. It is good. Their pasta is tasty and salads are good too. I always leave happy.

Jan 06, 2009
Sabina_ in Manhattan

Good Indian around Soho

I really want good Indian for lunch. My office is on Grand and Lafayette. So maybe Tribeca places are ok if they would deliver to me?

Jan 06, 2009
Sabina_ in Manhattan

Why is my coffee so blah?

I would strongly suggest a vacuum coffee maker. It makes very smooth coffee with very little bitterness. I adore it and it looks very cool too.
Yama is my favorite so far (we tried 4 different ones over the years) and it goes on the stove. One thing is we bought a glass filter rod (Cory, you can still find them on ebay) instead of the the cloth one that comes with it.

Dec 03, 2007
Sabina_ in Home Cooking

Private terrace/roof for 10-20 people

Is there a private terrace for 10-20 people (a birthday party) with dinner and drinks?
Someone recommended Kitano - I think it is a hotel with a roof and they will supply hors d'oeuvres and drinks. But I wanted to see what else is out there.

I guess it doesn't need to be completely private, but not free for all either.


Jun 05, 2007
Sabina_ in Manhattan

Clinton Hill - Little Kitchen on Clinton

It's Little House on Clinton. They sell waffles, wings, hamburgers, etc. I bought waffles from them twice. The first time they were great, the second it was a lot like eating glue. Wings are supposed to be pretty good, but hamburgers are not.

In any case, it is cheap and in this neighborhood cheap is rare. Try them out and see for yourself.

Dec 16, 2006
Sabina_ in Outer Boroughs

pastry boxes

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could buy some pastry boxes. I was going to make cookies for holiday gifts and thought it would be cool to put them in pastry boxes and tie w/ string.

I live in Brooklyn (Clinton Hill), but could go to the city easily.


Dec 15, 2006
Sabina_ in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy a cast iron pot in NYC

Hello, I want to buy a cast iron pot (7 quart) somewhere in Manhattan, or better yet in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Williamsburg whereabouts. Any ideas where I might get it?


Nov 10, 2006
Sabina_ in Cookware