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Oriental Gourmet House 12 Temperance St

I just started the same post. Should have searched first. Restnome85 here's something to tide you over till you find our friends from OGH again.

Oriental Gourmet House

There used to be a little Chinese greasy spoon (or chopstick I guess) downtown Toronto on the north side of Temperance, just west off Yonge St.

It was closes when the Bay Adelaide Cntr was built. Anyone know if they relocated? They had this addictive crispy noodles with Kung pao sauce....

Help I'm craving it, lol

Little Coxwell Vietnamese/Thai review

Great place, great food, great price! Pho is terrific, and the fresh BBQ chicken rolls rock!

The Best Pizza Stones for Home Ovens

Big difference is the need to preheat the stone in the oven vs putting a room temp stone into the preheated oven. With thinner inglazed stones, preheating is necessary which can make the manipulation more difficult. Additionally BBQ friendly glazed stones allow you to create a new cooking surface in your BBQ.

Sep 14, 2012
beachdemon in Features

Mini kiwis / kiwi berries

About a year ago we bought mini kiwis at whole foods in yorkville. I do not live near there but recently went back to look for them. Unfortunately they no longer have them. Does anyone know where to find these delicious treats?

Decent mid-range restaurant by Delta Chelsea

A little late, but I thought I would pipe in. I recently had an amazing experience at the Duke of Somerset, the food and service was stellar, not to mention that they are one of the few locals in Toronto with Blanche de Chambly on tap (great microbrewery from Quebec). I have to say that I had a good time at an event there last fall/winter, but noticed a difference when we went back this Feb/March - the staff seemed a little more up beat and we really had a blast! Looking forward to the summer - big west facing patio with a parking lot across the street so no interference with the evening sun!!!

The Un-Official "Go To" Restaurant Thread

Depending on what you feel like:
Chicken Wings - Grover Grub & Pub Main St. and Kingston Rd. (try suicide mixed with honey garlic)

Sechuan Chinese Food - Backyard Garden Restaurant 3636 Steeles Ave E.

Peking Duck: Chunking Garden - behind Pacific Mall Steeles & Kennedy

Dim Sum - Pearl Restaurant (Harbourfront)

Bistro Fare: Joy Bistro Queen St. E (Wood St. I think, anyways b/w Carlaw and Broadview on North Side)

Best Thai Restos in Toronto...

I have to say that after reading this string, we tried Mengrai, and we really enjoyed it. The ambiance was very nice, the staff exceptionally friendly, and the cuisine was some of the best Thai I have ever eaten. I have not been to Thailand, nor had authentic home cooked thai, but we loved all the dishes we had at Mengrai.

Looking for a restaurant in Montreal

Rictitious made me think about Puca Puca (sp?) on St. Laurent - they have a very very moderately priced menu with great fish, I particularly love the ray fillet. I think their options do include bovine and other meat-free options.

Sushi Island - little review

I must say that it has been about a year since discovering Sushi Island for the first time, and unless we're with a couple of friends and stopping in for a quick bite, I do not go anymore. The food last I checked (about 3 months ago) was still good, but between slow service and a very rigorously enforced 90min time limit, the dining experience was killed for me. If you want somewhere accommodating with ambiance and charm, Sushi Island is NOT FOR YOU! If you're down for a good quick meal with mistaken orders and delays on many dishes, go for it.

What happened to Flavor King Hot Pot???

The best hot pot restaurant outside of Chongqing China (or at least the best I've had since returning to Canada) used to be located at Midland & Finch, called "Flavor King". A lovely husband and wife operated restaurant, but after an expansion, they seem to have disappeared.

If anyone has word of a new location, please let me know.

Alternatively, I would welcome suggestions for the next best - keep in mind, we're talking about Chongqing Hot Pot (with the "Da La" spice appeal, no "Zhong La" trying to pass itself off as the real deal), not Mongolian.

Gyro / Donair Grill / Machine Rentals?

Any of my ever so resourceful fellow chowhounders know where I may be able to rent a Gyro grill/machine for a day or two? We are planning to have a party and would like to serve Gyros, however the machines are generally between $700 - $2,000, and for even a couple of parties it would be a significant investment. Alternatively reliable used machines would be a suitable alternative, as we would only need to use it maybe once/twice a year.

Thanks again to all.

best take-away gyros pita?

I know it's not a recent post, but to help all those looking for a spectacular Gyro - about a year or so ago, one of the best Greek butchers in Toronto "Louis Meats" on Danforth decided to open his window (yes the window as well as the door) for homemade Gyros, and Damn! I can say without hesitation that these are the best gyros I've ever eaten outside of Greece (although I am greek by blood, I was born in Toronto, so I do not hold myself out as an expert on the cuisine, but I do love food - A LOT). Everyone I have taken there also has agreed with me, so I am confident in the recommendation - besides, where better to get cooked meat than from the source...

Restaurant openings

We had dinner at Vauvert this past weekend:
The food:
presentation was very good
flavour - some accompanying elements of the meal overpowered or did not compliment some of the other elements - the main elements were prepared very well in all aspects, and also tasted very good.
portions were good, but not overly generous.
The service was exceptional - the staff was very attentive, meals delivered professionally, requests accommodated diligently, and the host and serving staff were charming and charismatic - the restaurant was by no means busy, so I cannot comment on how the service measures up under pressure, however we were exceedingly pleased.
the wine list stood out as excellent - many unique imports, however the diversity was the most accomplished aspect of the list - good selection at any price range.
The ambiance and decor was very good - great as expected - new age, fusion of modern with nature (two trees having been assembled and erected in the restaurant), however the music, while being a nice choice of ambient jazz remixes, was a little loud at times.

Any news on Veauvert in Montreal?

I did see the strings in chowhound so far (including yours I believe) - just fishing for a few more reactions, and re: the dailies - I have grown to find that the opinions of the chowhounders more reliable than local critics. I will also try and find some of the local bloggers, but again, I have not found any advice rivaling that of chowhound. Thanks for your response Carswell.

Dinner and Dancing in Toronto

Thank you all,
We went to Lula, and were very pleased by the ambiance and the presentation of the meals. The set-up was a great change of pace and, unfortunately the night we went did not have any dancing, although it looks like a nice space for the dinner and dancing experience. Frenchsoda, thank you for the great information, I am sure we will get the chance to visit some of the places you recommended. Thanks again to the wealth of information shared by the members of chowhound.

Any news on Veauvert in Montreal?

I'm looking for some input on dining at veauvert, and unfortunately, there does not seem to be much discussion yet. Any thoughts?

Dinner and Dancing in Toronto

Once again I find myself in need of the expertise of my esteemed fellow chowhounders. My partner and I recently took ballroom classes and were wondering if anyone knows of a place to go for dinner and dancing. Preferably ballroom vs. exclusively latin or swing, although a mix would be alright. So far I have only found the Old Mill for this type of evening. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

Free Range Goose in Toronto

Thank you once again for the assistance. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

Free Range Goose in Toronto

Yet another question for the reliable foodies in Chowhound.

Looking for a christmas goose, where in Toronto has the best hormone free, and free run geese?

I have heard about a Menonite butcher on Logan Ave? But looking for thoughts from the chow hounders.

Thanks as always.

I hate myself for going to Harbour Sixty

I have to throw in my couple of cents as well - we visited the restaurant on a very special occassion (about six of us). The bill neared $2,000.00 And I do not plan to go back. The server neglected to mention to us in advance that the wine we were drinking was the last of their bottles (this happened with two different bottles - unacceptable!) My brother who likes his steak prepared bleu had to send it back TWICE after specifically telling the waiter he did not want Chicago - he eventually just ate the third steak despite it not being to his liking (as everyone else was half way through their respective meals). I sent two separate letters to the restaurant and the general manager simply informing them of the experience and got absolutely no reply. I know friends have loved the restaurant, but from my humble opinion, I can certainly get better treatment and food elsewhere for a far lower bill.

Anyone know where to get Sorrel In the West end of Toronto?

Thank you all once again for making Chowhound the best food related resource around - and I agree with Mila - the Punch sounds spectacular. I'm always down for some new ingredients.

Anyone know where to get Sorrel In the West end of Toronto?

I seem to be blogging more about ingredients than about restaurants.... hmm Well a couple of tips on ingredients for those who read this post (however unrelated to the post in many ways - T & T on Cherry St. is open and they have a pretty ridiculous price on some decent meat - Pork Tenderloin for about $8.00/kg and Beef Tenderloin for about $11.00/kg and both meats are decent quality - no angus or beautifully aged/kobe meat here. I also got some frozen abalone there for a decent price however I'm totally going to experiment with it and have never prepared it before, so I'll put something up about how that turns out).

So, Sorrel - the leafy plant has been seemingly disappearing around town, it used to be pretty available in the west end, but now the demand may have diminished so the availability went down and the price went up where my friend did find it (St. Lawrence Market seasonally).

Anyone have some tips for the west end.

Where to buy Oysters by the box in Toronto??

Thank you all very much!
We will be enjoying oysters and bubbles this weekend... well my guests will, I shall be avoiding injury to my hands while shucking all day Sunday. FYI, one of my favourite oyster related delights:
1.5 oz Vodka, splash of lime, one reasonably sized oyster served in a martini glass
Bottoms UP!

Where to buy Oysters by the box in Toronto??

In Montreal, I can pick a few places to find good oysters in seafood shops - in Toronto, however, I am at a loss despite having lived here for most of my life.

Any help finding the devine slimy little buggers would be appreciated.


Sushi Island - little review

Best value for your sushi dollar in the city! The all you can eat is divided into 3 stages, the lowest of which allows you to choose from a variety of maki rolls, the highest of which allows you free run of the entire restaurant menu including seaweed salad, sashimi (no tuna), soft shell crabs, beef sashimi, enoki and mixed mushrooms... the list goes on.

Fat Cat

Just got back from a fantastic dinner at Fat Cat last night. We went with the slightly pricey (but justifiably so) Chef's selection du jour. about 8 courses of off-the-cuff prepared delight. Everyone enjoyed their meals, including dry aged rib-eye, rack of lamb, and duck. Eclectic meals with a flare for the creative (loved the use of the truffle oil), great wild ontario mushroom puree... I think the message is adequately conveyed without my rambling on much longer.

Wine list - very good, Mathew recommended a great and surprisingly reasonable French red, despite an abundance of Californian on the list.

This one was worth the drive from the beaches.

Reservations are recommended as the restaurant is Very small.

Any really good restaurants in the Beach?

I haven't eaten the perogies, but had the gulash and really liked it. (the dumplings were great, so hopefully the perogies will be too.) Sorry I couldn't give you more on the perogies.

Any really good restaurants in the Beach?

Very quaint little place, I have enjoyed almost every dish I had there. Very hospitable staff as well. I recommend calling for a reservation too. Tuesdays they have a very reasonably priced prix fixe menue. The food was a little eclectic, not to crazy thought, pastas, seafoods, meats with a slight flare (but not over the top). The apps were nice too - baked brie with chutney stands out in my mind. I also hear that the brunch is great and very reasonable. They have a fairly limited wine list, but some decent bottles and very reasonably priced. Hope that helps.

Any really good restaurants in the Beach?

Best wings in the city are at "The Grover" Kingston rd (north side, east of Main) - a comment like this may invite some scrutiny, but I'm biased after growing up here (but the wings are fantastic).

Vi Vetha at nursewood and queen is delightful.
Corvina (Kingston Rd. east of Pickering) scored points with me - great description Otonabee (serious comfort food)
Happy Sailor (Queen west of Lee) has great burritos (as does Cyote Willie's Queen west of Broadview)

Best brunch around is Bonjour Brioche (Queen east of broadview)