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Best Burger

This is what i am looking for!!!!!

Best Burger

I am 12 years old and on the search for a good burger. I am searching for a really good juicy burger. I am looking for one in the tristate region. I am not looking for a $30 burger. The fries also have to be good. Who doesnt want fries with thier burger. Also a family friendly place.

Recent French Laundry Report

I have never been there but planning on going. I heard it is the best if you are looking for good food in CAl. If you havent been go try it.

Re: Best Italian Bakery

I think Linhurst pastrey shop has the best stuff, which is in in Linhurst. Go try it

Nov 10, 2006
little chowhound in Manhattan

South Park Restaurant Montclair, NJ

I would like to know if this restaurant is good? I am looking for maybe a good burger, big salads, nice sandwhichs, etc