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Worst in Toronto

omg i'm usually not that picky when i have to pay for my food but the breakfast at fran's was left on the plate - ugh - what a waste of money -

ice-cream parlours???

where are all the ice-cream joints in toronto
there used to be fines in atrium, swensons in eaton centre and honest ed had one too.
besides 50 flavours which has succumbed to mediocrity- where's the ice cream????

waterloo+good food+where

walking distance from the university- maybe ten or fifteen minute walk

fox's licorice candy

my mother-in-law came back for london, and bought back fox's licorice candy - they taste great - has anyone had any medicinal stories about these - are they herbal???

Nov 20, 2006
2ndserving in U.K./Ireland

waterloo+good food+where

my son goes to u of waterloo, and we need a good place to eat there by the university, any suggestions???

"playday "cookies????

we used to have them for our birthday parties - the icing was so almost shellaced on - i believe we spent hours just playing with them because they were so fun and fanciful

"playday "cookies????

thank you for confirming this, i thought it was just a figment of my imagination.
yeah i guess we are 40-something shhhhhhh

"playday "cookies????

i'm trying to remember these cookies when i was young in the 1960s or maybe it was the 70s. they were store bought- if memory serves me right,(quite often not), they were about 2 inch diameter and coated with a hard icing and sometype of small doodle picture in the center. there was a palette of colours. does anyone remember???