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First visit to LV!!!

Okay, I realized that I jumped the gun and posted before searching the board...and that my question is probably the most commonly asked and therefore the least interesting to answer. My apologies.

So perhaps a little more detail would help. I have no looked at the board responses to similar questions in the past and I think my challenge will be having too many good options. Oh. My. God you have so many restaurants. I'm from Toronto - we have restaurants, but I think that the strip might have more than we do in the whole city. Intimidating.

We'll be staying at Caesar's, but that doesn't mean we aren't willing to go further afield (though perhaps breakfast near the hotel would be good). We will have a car for some of the trip, so if there are "must see's" off the strip, or even out of Vegas proper, I'd love to hear - some of the best meals I've had have been down and BBQ in central Texas eaten off butcher paper. Anyway... to price...I won't say it isn't an object, as I don't want to splurge at every meal. We land quite late and will likely want to explore the first night, so we have the time for two longer dinners, one "get me food now" dinner, three luncheons, three breakfasts...and much opportunity for snacks. Let's say one of those dinners could be a break-the-bank meal and the other two good food, preferably under $200? It would be good to get more brunch suggestions (thanks A5 KOBE for the Bouchon suggestion)...and lunch (thanks westie) - I think most of the suggestions I've seen on the rest of the board are for celebratory dinner-type-places, so those may be covered, unless you have a particular favorite. Or know that one is closed over the last week of August.

As to food we like...well, we love sushi, French, Italian (any, but with a special fondness for Tuscan), real Mexican, I like husband has never experienced southern cuisine... The only things that aren't hits are tourist-trap food (this one's probably obvious), and molecular gastronomy.

As a thought, it would be great to get suggestions for a blow out meal...and also restaurants with character...or the ones you can't stop going back to...(like the one where you celebrate getting a job interview, rather than a 50 birthday or 25th anniversary).

I'm probably babbling and incoherent - I just hope I haven't offended anyone by asking the most boring question ever.


3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Aug 06, 2010
morrigan in Las Vegas

First visit to LV!!!

I'll be in Vegas for the first time in a couple of weeks and I'd love to get a few recommendations for where to eat. I'm a little overwhelmed by the selection, so please tell me where to go. Down-homey is fine, fancy is long as the food is good. We're staying at Ceasar's, but willing to travel a bit. We'll be there from a Thursday to a Sunday.


Aug 05, 2010
morrigan in Las Vegas

ISO Best restaurant for sharing big news?

Thanks all!

It looks like it might rain after all (I know that's what the weather said, but it was so nice all day), so we may stay in the area...which is near Yorkville. Thankfully The Host and Volo are nearby...

Any other suggestions?

Thanks again:).

ISO Best restaurant for sharing big news?

Looking for the best restaurant in the downtown core (Bathurst to Jarvis, south of Bloor...down to the lake I suppose) to break some big news!

Somewhere quiet enough to talk, easy to get into, as I want to go today, and hopefully with good food. I'd prefer to keep it cheap and cheerful if possible - money isn't the issue, but not too formal would be best. I can't think of a cuisine we dislike, so anything goes.

Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance:).

After work drinks and munchies?

Aha - good point. The "hospital district" (University Avenue at College for one and Dundas for the other) is the starting point.

Thanks - hadn't thought of that somehow...

After work drinks and munchies?

Looking for your favorite place to go for a casual meal and drinks with a friend. We're thinking Wednesday, nothing formal, but tasty food and maybe a good wine list? Around 6pm would be easiest. I'd ask about patios, but the weather has been so bad lately that I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks so much!

Fresh by Juice for Life- what's good?

If you go back, try the black bean or chick pea wrap. Add a side salad (or split sweet potato fries with a friend) and the chick pea wrap is big and solid enough to take half home for lunch the bext day...

Dinner this Saturday at Yonge and Richmond?

Great suggestions everyone - thanks so much!

I will have to check with her as to whether or not Thai just wouldn't be good right about now. I love George, but that might be a bit formal...and somehow I hadn't even thought of Terroni's. Sigh - too bad about the with-child part - I have been looking for any excuse to get back to Starfish for ages...

Thanks again!

Dinner this Saturday at Yonge and Richmond?

I'm looking for a place to eat this Saturday night within a short walk of Yonge and Richmond. I can think of the following places:

- The Golden Thai
- The Florentine Court
- Eight Wine Bar
- The Irish Embassy
- Cafe du Monde
- Portico
- Steak Restaurant and Bar

My challenge is that one of our number is heavily pregnant and the places that I could vouch for are sort of alcohol-focussed, at least by name. And she doesn't eat beef or pork, or very intense flavours at the moment. So I'm at a loss.

Can anyone offer any suggestions in the area that are nice, aren't pubs, and have a good selection of chicken or fish-based meals?

Thank you very much!

Fourtieth Birthday with kids and a patio?

Ooooo...that sounds good. I will have to go and check it out. I know that a couple of the kids are budding foodies, but several just aren't food-motivated. I can't understand that, but I guess it takes all kinds.

Any more kid-friendly places that adults would like? And might have a patio? (Not limited to the Danforth.)

Fourtieth Birthday with kids and a patio?

Thank you! The Danforth isn't my "'hood" so I'm not really familiar with the restaurants. I will check all of the above out.

Are there any places that aren't on the Danforth but fit the bill?

Thanks again!

Fourtieth Birthday with kids and a patio?

A friend has asked for help finding a location for her husbands 40th birthday party. She wants it to be able to accomodate a party of at least 15 and somewhere kids would be welcome, but drinks are available. And the vibe isn't too similar to a big-box store parking lot restaurant (ie. Jack Astor's, etc.).

I think the Danforth area would be ideal, but anywhere close to both subway and parking would work well.

Thanks so much for your help - the birthday is the end of July, but she's trying to plan ahead.

Farmers' Markets 2008

Speaking of the SLM Farmer's Market, there were ramps in the north market today...

Wine for Roast Turkey?

I need help - my Dad was in the hospital over Christmas, so we are doing Christmas Mark Two this weekend. I have never hosted "Christmas" and I need wine recommendations. My Dad's a ummm...Mateus with turkey kind of guy, but he does like red wine most of the time. I was hoping for something a little less...low brow? And I live in Ontario, so I'm contending with the LCBO.

Can anyone suggest a favorite pairing? Given the LCBO's meagre holdings in some areas, even just a grape and country would be good. I was leaning towards a Pinot Noir...

Thoughts? Thanks so much in advance!

Apr 17, 2008
morrigan in Wine

ISO Wine Bar with no attitude

Well, I haven't given up...I think we will try Cafe Taste next, which also has an Ontario-heavy wine list. I want to like local wines...I really do. And I'm told that there a few really stellar wineries. I hust haven't found them in restaurants yet.

ISO Wine Bar with no attitude

Well, we tried Volo.

I admit that the vibe was perfect and the beer list was great, but the wine was awful. Admittedly, it *was* available in tasting-sized pours and as a flight of three, but there were only four reds, four whites and one rose. Considering that one of each of the reds and white was kind of a novelty item (Sullyzwicker(?) red and Wildass White...which is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling, Gewurtz., and Semillon), that's a bit limited. It's all Ontario on the by-the-glass list, but that still didn't save it.

My husband had the Sauvignon Blanc, my friend tried the rose, and I had the tasting flight with the SB, the Wildass white, and the rose (our fourth had Leffe Brun). The Wildass was, well...appropriately named. Given the seemingly random blend, I don't know what it was supposed to be like, but it smelled musty and tasted "yuck" so it was replaced. The replacement, a Pinot Noir was better...but not by far. All of the wines we tasted resembled the home brew version of what they were meant to be. Ie. the Pinot was like a home brew Pinot kit...if such a thing exists.

This mightn't be the fault of Volo itself, and the cheese/salumi boards were quite nice...but we were looking forward to wine. I switched to beer (Leffe) after the flight, as did the other wine-drinkers. Not good.

That said, I will definitely be back for pizza and beer.

I think we will try Cafe Taste next...I love Caren's and I have heard good things about Fat Cat.

Any others that should be on the list?

Italian cooking classes venues in GTA (near highways)?

I have taken classes at Calphalon and it really is very nice. Well-equiped, clean, good instruction, and typically a bit of the prep. work is done for you. The only downside is that they seemingly never change the menus, so if you take the Thai class (for example), it's the same from year to year. This isn't likely to be a concern to you though...and it does mean that you could check out the menus on their class list. I believe that they offer both an "Italian Food Lovers" class and an Italian class for partners. If you have a full class worth of people, it's likely that you could chose either menu.

Have fun and let us all know how it goes!

ISO Wine Bar with no attitude

Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. I will definitely try Cafe Taste (I also love cheese) and I like Crush.

As to Volo, I found their website and I see that they have a rather comprehensive beer selection. That said, I can't find a menu for food or a wine list. Am I missing something?

Thanks again!

ISO Wine Bar with no attitude

Does anyone have a favorite wine bar or restaurant with a great wine selection where I won't feel out of place wearing jeans? A comfy, hole-in-the-wall sort of vibe?

Good food wouldn't hurt either...


Question re: "Passion" Fruit from T&T

You are supposed to peel a persimmon? Oops...

ISO: good low-fat home delivery in downtown Toronto?

What about that "healthy" Indian place...north of Bloor on Yonge. Veda, I think? I haven't tried it, but I keep meaning to. The website is and they do deliver. If you try it, let us know how it least it's a change from Sushi:).

Cheap and tasty eats in Manhattan...

I know that's not very specific, but I'm helping a friend plan a trip to NYC in about three weeks. She's looking for people's favorite *relatively* cheap eats in a variety of locations. Like somewhere to stop after a hard morning of shopping...and somewhere else to have cocktails and nibblies... Also, is there somewhere totally worth a splurge???

So - where would you suggest a Canadian new to NYC should eat?

Mar 19, 2008
morrigan in Manhattan

"Saint Patrick's Day" dining?

Avoid Irish pubs on St. Patrick's Day. They're totally crowded with *very* drunk people aspiring to be "Irish." People from Ireland frequently don't understand the North Amercian celebrations. Back home, the traditional outstanding feature of St. Patty's Day was that you got to go to mass twice...

(But if you must, Dora Keogh's, P.J. O'Brien's, McVeighs or Allen's...thought it's not technically "Irish.")

17th birthday in Toronto

Hmmmm...maybe Bar Mercurio? I like the atmosphere, it's really central...and the food is tasty...

I like Ethiopean food for communal and fun (try Ethiopian House on Irwin or Dukem, 950 Danforth, which gets good review on the board), but might not please less adventurous eaters.

Terroni is a thought...:).

Convert this Montreal foodie: Your advice please!

(Having been there today, one of the two Riesling Ice Wines in the tasting tower is the Status 2006.)

Looking for some items....

Rube's Rice in the basement of the St. Lawrence Markethas a whole selection of flours, including semolina. Upstairs, there are two or three places with decent olive of which has dolmades (which might come in a barrel, I don't know), grilled veggies and garlic, etc., and there is a kitchen equiptment place in the middle of the floor upstairs. In season, the north market has ramps...and a table with herb plants:).

ISO: A bakery that personalizes cakes

Okay - that link doesn't work. Try, click on "downloads and pricelists" and look for edible images. They're on Queen west.

Good luck!

ISO: A bakery that personalizes cakes

Dufflet does that. Here's the link for information: And, as a real plus, her cakes are damned tasty. And you can do images on cupcakes too...

Most disgusting taste (of normal foodstuffs)

Crisco? That's what's in that stuff? God that's revolting...and it's kinda' gritty too...


Mar 15, 2008
morrigan in Not About Food

Most disgusting taste (of normal foodstuffs)

Uni. As in raw sea urchin. I can't believe I'm only the second person on the board to mention this one. You put uni sushi in your mouth, sort of explodes and coats your tastebuds like less sticky peanut taste yet... Then you take a breath...still nothing...then you exhale... And suddenly it hits mouth tastes like the smell of raw sewage... That "hmmmm...there must be a water filtration plant nearby" smell...and it's in your mouth. And then the taste just lasts and lasts...

Pure evil if you ask me...

(The texture of soft tofu is pretty repulsive too.)

Mar 15, 2008
morrigan in Not About Food