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Orlando nominees for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show

Wow- I started this thread 5 years ago and it is alive.

So now there are more places to recommend and lets keep them coming.

How about Coops in Winter Park?

To fancy for Guy??

Nov 15, 2014
mcanni in Florida

Recommendation for crab cakes near Camden Yards or not too far away.

Have a car and am taking in a night game in mid June.

Recs for above and breakfast next day.

Thanks in advance.

Lunch recs between Burlington airport and Stowe, VT

Thanks for the recs .

Get in tomorrow and cant wait for cooler weather .... and mountains.

Aug 28, 2013
mcanni in Northern New England

Lunch recs between Burlington airport and Stowe, VT

Chow-hound from Florida landing mid-day and want to have an interesting lunch along this route.
American fare, Italian or bar food would be fine. Outdoor seating preferred but not critical. Thanks

Aug 26, 2013
mcanni in Northern New England

Roadside BBQ along I-95 (NC/SC/GA)

Sweatmans near Eutawville, SC [ East of Holly Hill,SC ]

For years they have been smoking whole pigs on Wed - Thurs and serve Fri and Sat.

You have reached BBQ heaven.

I have not been there in a few years so see if they are still open for business.

Jul 10, 2013
mcanni in Southeast

Beef Ribs in Central Florida

Have you had them ? How good are they?

Would hate to drive long way for nothing.


Jul 07, 2012
mcanni in Florida

where is the best family run Italian restaurant in the Orlando/Kissimmee area?

I'll second Terra Mia .

Stephano's in Winter Springs - perfect example of a good family run Italian [ genuine] restaurant.

Jul 07, 2012
mcanni in Florida

best barbeque in Orlando/Kissimmee?

Fat Boys at St Cloud/ Kissimmee and Sonny's , both on Arlo Bronson Highway is only BBQ places I know of in that area.

Neither will not knock you sox off. Just a good enough to satisfy a BBQ craving.

Jul 07, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Need a muffuletta!

That looks pretty authentic!

Jul 07, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Beef Ribs in Central Florida

Anyone have a rec on where to get really good BBQ beef ribs?

I know they are hard to find but I''m sure somebody out there has made a discovery!

Jul 06, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Need a muffuletta!

Tibby's New Orleans restaurant on Aloma in Winter Park has a decent muffuletta sandwich.

I suggest you some green and black olives , jarred gardenia , a little red wine vinegar and EVO and blend [ chop] in a processor.

Then get your mortadella ,and other deli meats at Publix, find adecent bread [ chiabatta suiprisingly works well] and make your own muffalatta.

BTW, the olive mixture is awsome on grilled anduille sausages!

Jul 04, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Italian Bakeries in Orlando?

I crave a real cassata cake made in Orlando.

Any recommendations??

Jun 26, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Breakfast in the Miramar area?

Need a good recomendation for breakfast restaurant near the Miramar / Sawgrass Expressway area - or heading north. to Palm Beach.


Feb 23, 2012
mcanni in Florida

Best Fish and Chips in Orlando?

I have a yen for this dish and have never ordered it here in Orlando.

i know my Chowhound friends will lead me to the best place to enjoy them.

Nov 06, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Homemade potatochips in Orlando?

Thanks for the recs.

Is the CS truck there every day?

What's your first choice for burgers?

Aug 11, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Homemade potatochips in Orlando?

Got an urge for some but do not know of one place that makes their own.


Aug 10, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Clearwater suggestions for four golfers

Mazzaro's is definitly on the list.

Thanks for the suggestions

Aug 08, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Clearwater suggestions for four golfers

Thank you so much for these suggestions.

I will check them out but would appreciate more comments from Chowhounders.

Definitly need a good - I mean very good Italian and steak joint.

Preferably , family owned.

Jul 28, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Clearwater suggestions for four golfers

Early September I'll be hosting dear friends for a golf weekend.

Staying in Clearwater and playing at Innesbrook resort and up to Brooksville for a day.

Need recs for Italian, BBQ, fresh fish and best burgers.

Not high end please but looking for a good dining experience , fun atmosphere and a good wine/ beer selection.

I live in Orlando - they are from NYC- need I say more.

Jul 18, 2011
mcanni in Florida

4 Rivers Smokehouse Winter Park

I finally got there when there was no line AND a parking spece was availiable.

Had the Beef Brisket sandwich - came unsauced as requested.

Portion size was adequate for the price.

Easily the best brisket I've had - flavor, texture just right.

Sauce is to my liking so I'm looking forward to next visit for the ribs.

Have to tip your hat to them for creating such a successful business.

Not everything is "the best" but what place has every item to your liking?

In summary - worth the visit.

Mar 02, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Recs on Shrimp and Grits in Orlando area

The Lakeland restaurant is Harry's Seafood and Bar - many Cajun/ Creole dishes and the best Shrimp and Grits i've had so far.

Need more recs.

Feb 15, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Recs on Shrimp and Grits in Orlando area

Got a yen for S&G but the best I've found is in Lakeland.

I don't mind the drive but there must be some places closer that serve this great dish.


Feb 08, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Kissimmee Steak House

Worst food I've had in months!

Amazing they are still open - must get tourist only.

However ,this is only my personal opinion.

Jan 14, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Orlando looking for great dives to eat in.

Thought it was mediocre at best - not a great loss to the Orlandio restaurant scene.

However we DO NEED a great Cajun/ Creole place!

Jan 03, 2011
mcanni in Florida

Thanksgiving dinner in Orlando.

Looking to out for at raditional turkey day feast.

Must be north of downtown and not too high priced [ under$40 p/p]


Nov 12, 2010
mcanni in Florida

Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards 2010: Nominate your favorite Restaurants

These awards lose credibility when places like Pizza Hut get " Best Pizza".

Survey should be named " Favorite Places" .

Things are better compared to 10 years ago when most inferior chains took many catagories.

Nov 10, 2010
mcanni in Florida

Chef's Table - An excellent gourmet meal in an unexpected location - Orlando/Winter Garden

Great that you shared this experience.

Thank You.

Oct 05, 2010
mcanni in Florida

Best Pizza in Orlando?

Second the opinion on Anthony's Coal Fired. Pizza

Love the pizza and wings but never tried the ribs.

Heading there tonight!

Oct 01, 2010
mcanni in Florida

Recs for Anna Maria Island visit

Just back and here are my observations / experience:

Ate lunch at Gulf Cafe - very good baked Feta cheeze / roasted peppers appetizer. Enough for two for a light lunch. Menu looked quite varied and I regret not returning .

Dinner at Banana Cabana . Wife had a nice Caribian shrimp dish with rice. I had " Island 's Best Crab Cakes - all lump meat."
Yeah right. Tasty but about the same type you would find at Publix - claw and back meat mostly. Beer was cold., funky atmosphere, good service.

They have a terrific singer who has a great selection of songs.

Breakfast at Peaches - wife had very good waffel with fruit.

I had a forgettable CB hash - all potatoes , very little CB and veggies . I sent it back and got scrambled eggs.

Dinner at Waterfront across from City Pier. Wife had excellent Salmon and sides .
I had roasted oysters app, salad with crab cake [ second time no lump crab as advertized] and a nice mac and cheeze side.

Others had excellent fish dishes and there was a very good shrimp/ linguini dish that was enjoyed. Excellent service- A definite recommendation.

The Sandbar, Beaches , City Pier Cafe all looked like they served ordinary food with loud music - howerver they had great views!
We chose to pass them up.

Overall - food on the island was overpriced and of less quality than I expected.

Drove to St Armond's Circle and I got a recommendation for a real gem - Claw and Fin [ or Crab and Fin].

Very good food, dynamite desserts, nice cafe atmosphere and reasoanabe prices . I will return there and highly recommend.

Overall a good trip and I'll keep searching for that great crab cake !

Thanks everyone.

City Pier Restaurant
100 S Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL 34216

Banana Cabana Restaurant
4590 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

Aug 23, 2010
mcanni in Florida

Recs for Anna Maria Island visit

Thanks for the recommendations.
I think we are ready - need one more for Italian food.

Aug 16, 2010
mcanni in Florida