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Cobbler, Slump, Pandowdy, Buckle

There's one reported in the September/October issue of Hallmark magazine; Surry County, North Carolina's SONKER!

The Sonker Festival is celebrated annually the 1st Saturday of October. For more info contact: Walter White
Surry County Historical Society 336-356-4145

Aug 28, 2007
taminie in Features

Hot Crab Dip

What salt?

Nov 23, 2006
taminie in Recipes

Stinky to Mild

I have been intimidated by other articles that seemed to make serving a cheese plate way too complicated, (just learning to pronounce the names of the cheese is bad enough) that I have avoided serving and eating something I love. Simplicity is the key for me. Thank you.
Kate's Mom

Nov 19, 2006
taminie in Features