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Where to find achiote paste in Lower Westchester?

Thanks. I will try them. You're a lifesaver.

Where to find achiote paste in Lower Westchester?

Thanks. Those are precisely the markets I went to, but no luck.

Where to find achiote paste in Lower Westchester?

Hi All,

I am looking for achiote paste for a recipe for dinner this week. Anyone know where I might be able to find some? I have already tried a couple stores and bodegas. (And, yes, I know I can make my own, but since I have an infant son, getting dinner on the table is the best I can manage at the moment.)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Noodle Shop in White Plains

There was an Italian cafe after Nestle that lasted even less time. I think that spot itself is a problem. Nothing has survived there.

Lello Gelato Junior- need your help

Hi there,

I got this gelato maker recently as a gift. I love it, but the instruction booklet has gone missing, which leaves me guessing a little bit. I have emailed the company twice trying to get a new book, but to no avail.

Anyone have one and able to do me the favor of scanning it to PDF and emailing? In addition to instructions, I remember there were some good recipes in there. I would so appreciate it.


Oct 22, 2011
craiger1ny in Cookware

CSAs for lower Westchester County?

We tried myfarmshare last year, and it was our first CSA experience. We did not renew this year. The big plus is that they deliver and offered a good variety (we did both a fruit and veg share). The negatives were many. While I don't have other CSAs to compare to, I will tell you the whole enterprise appears poorly managed. I don't expect pristine stock, but there were a few weeks where the produce we got was abominable and ended up throwing a good chunk of it away. When I communicated with them about it, their response was not the most pleasant.

While communication started out strong--updates of contents of each box on the website--that fell off completely at the end. Delivery sometimes varied by a whole day, which is fine if you are flexible but really threw us off around meal planning when it sometimes just wouldn't show the day it was expected.

Hope that helps. I would love to hear if others had a more positive experience. Maybe we were just unlucky. I will say that the neighbor who we split our share with is in the restaurant industry and was even more outraged than we were about what showed up in the boxes sometimes.

FOODIE MOM in WESTCHESTER needs a yummy Mother's Day Dinner

Was at Juniper last night. Food was okay, better than average. Had a leek salad with applewood smoked bacon and blue cheese, and a chicken dish with kumquats, fava beans, and duck fat-fried potatoes. Both were interesting, with the former being slightly more coherent than the latter, in spite of the hair in my salad.

Service was neglectful, despite one waiter and five tables of people. The atmosphere leaves much to be desired--sort of reminds one of a rather uninteresting coffee shop or diner. I had high hopes for the food, so I wished it was more impressive.

575 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

Peniche, or Why do all the places I like go downhill?

It's always relieving to have established that go-to neighborhood place, the one you order from when you don't feel like cooking or the one you pop by on a Friday night to unwind after work. Iron Tomato used to be the former for us, and we ordered or went in there 2-3 times per week. Now that it has changed hands and lost all that made it special, we don't even patronize it. Peniche used to be the latter for us, until we went in there Friday for an entirely disappointing meal.

We adored Peniche. The food, drinks and vibe (at least before it gets crazy-busy around 7:00) were just right for a Friday night meal, and we went there often. We haven't been since the holidays and dropped by on Friday evening. The first signal that something was off was that they got rid of the checklist for ordering. I remarked on it to the waitress and she said, "They want us to talk more to the customers now." Then, we ordered an appetizer special off a computer printed, ripped half-sheet of paper, which just seemed strange and less-than-classy. When it arrived, we were surprised to find it had octopus on it, especially since octopus wasn't listed in the description. Our waitress strongly encouraged us to "try" it, which we did, although my wife is not an octopus fan. We sipped on our drinks (the grape caipiroscas). Was it my imagination, or were they lacking?

But the real sign that something was off was that none of the food was up to its usual standard. The ribs had a different sauce and entirely different taste (less complex and unique), the butternut squash was not as flavorful and not cooked to its usual texture, and the steak dish with egg over brioche just didn't come together. If this was my first meal at Peniche, I wouldn't come back. Since this was probably my 20th, I knew then what the issue was.

"Has the kitchen changed hands?" I asked the waitress.
"Yes, we have a new head chef as of January 1."
"I thought so, because the food tastes very different."
"Better, I hope," she said, with a question mark.
"Unfortunately, no." I told her.

She gave us a pouty look and then of course brought our comments to the open kitchen less than ten feet from where we were sitting. We knew she had done so because the kitchen staff all began to stare over at us. This was the extent of the interaction, as no one came over to follow up with us or to check in.

So, it seems another fine establishment has died. I am sad, because I really loved the place and have so few places in Westchester I can say that about consistently. On the plus side, we had a fantastic experience at Arrosto the next night. If only it was closer to home, I might be able to call it my new neighborhood joint.

175 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601

The Iron Tomato
57 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

Reframing "The Savory Way"

Hello Everyone,

So, I have cooked a few recipes from Deborah Madison's The Savory Way without much success. They were okay, but lacking in flavor. I also find some of the cooking times to be grossly misjudged. I would like to appreciate this book, and I know many on here are fans. What recipes do you enjoy in this book? (I should also confess that I have not gotten much use out of Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone, so perhaps we just have different tastes in food, but I am still open to suggestion).


Dec 01, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Looking for a chicken recipe to christen my new Le Creuset

I am a big fan of this Chicken in Riesling recipe, which I have made several times. Only flaw is that the potatoes don't get more flavor. I love to do it up with purple potatoes. Check it out.:

Nov 09, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

"Cupcake Cafe" recipe wanted

I can't help with the recipe, but wanted bragging rights to say that Ann Warren did a fantastic tiered strawberry shortcake (the real kind with biscuits) for our wedding, and it was fantastic. No one else would do it for us because it needed to be assembled on-site, but she was willing. We later found out she got her start selling strawberry shortcake at a street fair in the city.

Oct 18, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Looking for recipes using Ras-al-Hanout

Thanks, everyone. Some good ideas. Keep 'em comin'!

Aug 04, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Looking for recipes using Ras-al-Hanout

Hello all,

i bought some fantastic ras-al-hanout but have yet to make good use of it. Can anyone recommend some good recipes for using this fantastic spice?


Aug 01, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Cooking Task You Detest the Most?

I love working with fresh herbs, but I *hate* stripping thyme leaves off the stem. Hate it.

Mar 04, 2010
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Best Creamed Spinach Recipes?

Hi Everyone,

Never been much of a Spinach fan, but tried some Creamed Spinach with Black Truffle & Parmesan from Dishes at Grand Central a few weeks ago, and I loved it. I would really be appreciative of anyone who might have a recipe that would fit the above description.


Nov 21, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Belgian Waffle Batter question...

Hi Folks,

Happy Turkey Eve to you all.

Quick question: I am making a big breakfast for the clients I work with (I run an adolescent crisis shelter) tomorrow morning that will include Belgian waffles. I am making the waffle batter from scratch. However, to save time, I would like to make it tonight. My question, if you haven't already guessed, is whether I can indeed make it a night ahead and use in the waffle irons tomorrow. If so, any tips for storing or prepping in the morning?



Nov 21, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

anything new in the White Plains/Port Chester/Rye area?

I wasn't as conscious of that because someone else picked up the tab. I would say that the price is a little high, but not out of reach.

anything new in the White Plains/Port Chester/Rye area?

Had a great meal at La Bocca 2 weeks ago. The atmosphere is nice, the food was tasty. Service left a lot to be desired, especially considering how uncrowded it was on a Sunday night!

Regardless, I recommend checking it out.

Your favorite recipes using Trader Joe's products

Thanks for this. Needed something quick the other night and this did the trick. Used the Roasted Corn & Blackbean Salsa and it was great!

Oct 31, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Your favorite recipes using Trader Joe's products

Love this thread. I am mourning that they no longer carry frozen tilapia. My favorite, easy weeknight meal used to consist of throwing the tilapia on a lipped baking sheet, seasoning with salt and pepper, topping with 1 divided jar of either the olive tapenade or the artichoke and roasted red pepper (my preference) and a lemon slice. I would bake until cooked through.

Nothing complex, but it always made me happy on a busy weeknight...

Oct 25, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Chestnut Puree?

Hey all,

I am aiming to make a Potato and Chestnut Puree from the Silver Palate Cookbook. I spent the day seeking out a 1 1/2 lb. can of unsweetened chestnut puree, as the recipe calls for, but to no avail.

Any ideas on where I can obtain it? I live in White Plains, NY, so if there are any Westchester Chowhounders lurking , your help would be much appreciated. However, I am also not against buying online.


Sep 30, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Garlic Scapes

Last summer was my first disconery of garlic scapes as well. I used them in shrimp creole, and they were fantastic, taking the dish in a new direction. I have since seen a recipe for fried rice with garlic scapes.

Jun 20, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Corn(y) question

I have a quick question. I often prefer to substitute frozen corn (TJ's has some amazingly sweet stuff) in recipes that call for corn shucked from an ear. Does anyone know the approximate amount of corn that comes from an ear so I can accurately convert recipes that ask for corn from 5 ears, for example?

Many thanks, oh cooking gurus...


Jun 17, 2007
craiger1ny in Home Cooking

Ku in Greenwich?

OrganicLife, your description is exactly how I would describe my two visits to Ku- one about two weeks ago and the other about a year ago. Attentive, friendly service, less-than-stellar food.

MacMenamin's Grill - New Rochelle

I have been there for a cooking class and had a great time, but the restaurant clearly has management issues and I have had heard numerous horror stories. My own is that I booked a reservation there for my first wedding anniversary and had a whole elaborate plan to surprise my wife. I booked the reservation 2 weeks ahead via Open Table and got a confirmation. An hour before we were to be there, I got a call from someone saying that they just happened to be there and just happened to check the reservation book...and they were calling to let me know that they actually weren't open that night.

Needless to say, I had to do a great deal of scrambling to change up our plan. I wrote a very detailed letter to the management about how they nearly ruined my anniversary and never got a response. I called to follow up and no one returned my call. It's too bad, really, since I will never go back there again despite the fun I had in the cooking class.

Westchester -- Authentic Japanese -- Hartsdale, NY -- Fujinoya

Ate there tonight and it was grand. My wife, who spent her formative years in Tokyo, was especially pleased to find some dishes on the menu she hasn't found anywhere in Westchester. Setting is intimate, service was friendly, and YES, the credit card method is up and running!

Asian Temptation- White Plains

It sounds like inconsistant service has been a popular experience there. We went hesitantly the first time, as Asian Fusion rarely seems to work well, and were pleasantly surprised. Service was attentive and excellent, food was very good, and the manager was a presence in the dining room and connecting with everyone.

We took friends there on a weekend a few weeks later and had an entirely different night. The service was downright awful. At one point, two of the waiters got in an argument over my friend's food. She is a vegetarian and they brought her a dish with chicken on it. Our waiter kept trying to insist that it wasn't chicken, while another waiter kept trying to take the food back. They went back and forth with the dish several times--bringing it, taking it away...Then I had to ask the waiter to bring the menu to me because the fish I ordered did not seem correct--very different from how it was described on the menu.

I might go back again eventually to see if they can pull things together, but my friends had a terrible time.

Global Gatherings...blah

My wife and I have been to GG many times and have also purchased furniture there. We are fans, but I can understand the complaints. The service is spotty. The hostesses are all uniformly dumb. We also had several problems with our furniture delivery. However, after complaints, the owner did make up for the problems in an acceptable way.

That said, we do like the food and do have favorite dishes we go back for--for me, it's the shortribs and for my wife, it's the tamales. I like the soup and creme brulee trios. We also like the atmosphere. I can understand others not liking the food--it's global fusion and is therefore "all over the map" in terms of flavor and technique. Some dishes are clearly more successful than others.