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Marshmallows in PDX?

I have tasted the ones from Whole Foods and I really like them,

Feb 02, 2007
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest


I have been pleased, recently, in the bar. The recent additions to the beer list are wonderful and creative. But they seem to go through phases, sometimes, things are great, sometimes, not so great. But the bar is never bad, just disappointing sometimes.

Feb 02, 2007
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest


I've got to throw in my 2 cents about the place. To be fair: I have only eaten at the bar, and I have only ordered off the bar menu.

The slider burgers are awful. Overcooked and mis-shapen each time I have had them. The truffle fries one one occassion were great, another time, over-fried sticks, and cold. Soup was served tepid last time, but it was really tasty.

I have ordered the same drink off their drink menu on different occassions, and it has been made differently each time, though the menu description stays the same (I am speaking of the Henry cocktail). Once, it was much less sweet and the other time it had honey in it (according to the bartender).

Their beers, while interesting, are limited to two and the pours are like 12-14 oz. Too small, really, for Portland palates.

But the thing that dismayed me most, the thing that is like a death knell to me, the one thing that will prohibit me from ever returning to a place: the bartender let a stirred drink sit in a shaker while he made two other drinks. My delicious (and expensive -- $12) bourbon was watered down to the point of unrecognition. They ruined my Manhattan with their multi-tasking!

Other quibbles: once the check came with regular prices instead of HH prices. I asked for the bill to be corrected and the bartender handed me back the bill, with only one item out of the three that we ordered reduced. He did not come back, so I brought the check to a host on the way out to point out the mistake. I mistakenly used the word "you", as in you plural, your establishment, "made a mistake on my check." She said that SHE didn't do any such thing. WTF?! I replied, "Way to pass the buck," and left. It's not the $10 that pisses me off, it's the additude of the host. Yes, I know it's not the host's job to correct a check. But I was being ignored by the bartender and needed to leave.

To 10-01 I say: keep my $10, keep your watery Manhattan's, keep your burnt burgers, and most of all keep your rude staff. I ain't coming back.

Feb 02, 2007
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest

Shipping Beer

McMenamin's does not bottle their beer.

Liquid Solutions is a great on-line retailer, though. If you want to send other beer, use these guys:

Nov 21, 2006
Suds Sister in Beer


The cassoulet at Carafe (in Portland) is wonderful!

Nov 17, 2006
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest

Portland, OR Special Anniversary weekend Nov 18th (Recomendations needed!!!)

Go for a huge Rueben at Kenny's and Zuke's for lunch.

For dinner, I really love Eleni's in the Pearl.
You can walk there from your hotel. It's a gorgeous place with low lighting and great service. Not to mention the excellent wine list and food. Small plates are so darn sexy!

After dinner, walk to Cacao,
and have a decadent hot chocolate for dessert.

Want a nightcap? Saucebox is a great nightspot, and just down the street from your hotel.

Nov 17, 2006
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest

need advice about Laurelwood in Portland

The NW location will be fine for you. They have a playroom upstairs, just sit there.

Nov 09, 2006
Suds Sister in Pacific Northwest