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Please help! Romantic restaurant in Paris for marriage proposal?

The food isn't good enough to merit mention on Chowhound, but the atmosphere can't be beat at le Chalet des Iles. You take a little ferry across the lake to get there, it's all lit up and twinkly, and you can sit on the terrace in nice weather. It's Paris's answer to Tavern on the Green. The food isn't bad, it's more like what you might be served at a wedding.

Nov 15, 2011
SIviyo in France

What edibles or food related items do you bring home from a visit to Paris?

Crepes dentelle.

Oct 31, 2011
SIviyo in France

Pregnant in Paris

There are a few things to look out for. In addition to cheeses made from unpasteurized milk (which my cheesemonger insists is a crock since HIS mother ate raw milk cheese throughout her pregnancy and he's as healthy as a bull) and wine you probably want to watch out for salads and other foods with raw egg. They say you also should stay away from kidneys and some of the organ meats. And steak tartare.

Toxoplasmosis- the reason they tell pregnant women to stay away from the litter box in the US- is prevalent in French soil. The bug can be found in unwashed raw veggies that grow on the ground- lettuces and herbs. You don't have to worry about cooked veggies, tomatoes, or things you know have been washed.

Je suis enceinte (je swees ahn sent) = I am pregnant
Pas de lait cru (crew) = no raw milk
Fromages pasteurise (pasture eezay) = pasteurized cheeses

The cheeses in a grocery store will be very clearly marked and in a fromagerie or market the sellers will know right away which ones are which. No need to deprive yourself!

Oct 31, 2011
SIviyo in France

Are There No Good, Inexpensive Places In Paris?

I LOVE Domain de Lintillac and recently dined there and ordered the works- aperitifs to digestifs- for shockingly little money (something like 60 euros for two!).

Sep 12, 2011
SIviyo in France

Drinking Wine While Pregnant in France

I was offered wine in French restaurants throughout my (very visible!) pregnancy. Most places offer wine by the glass and many offer tasting-sized portions. One big caution for pregnant women in France is the prevalance of toxoplasmosis. This is the disease associated with litter boxes in the States. There's a much higher concentration of it in Frenh soil, so you're supposed to avoid salads and things with fresh herbs and greens. Research it a bit because it is quite serious and worth being tested for if you think you may have been exposed.

Oct 21, 2010
SIviyo in Features

Can You Take Leftovers Home from a Party?

If your SIL is hosting I think she has as much right to keep the leftovers as if she was cooking. If your MIL prefers you share it does she say something? Sheesh- I thought families were the exception to the etiquette rules because we can talk more openly.

Jan 15, 2010
SIviyo in Features

separate boards for Baltimore and Washington?

Can you pick me up? :) I'm seriously not going to go to Baltimore to try something new. There are ample restaurants in DC and its burbs. And the folks I know in Baltimore (see tapas girl, below) don't regularly schlep to DC. And if any of us were going to venture out we could search that board. Don't get me wrong- I love Baltimore- but I don't live there.

Jul 30, 2009
SIviyo in Site Talk

separate boards for Baltimore and Washington?

Hear hear. I am sick of getting excited about something only to see that it is in Baltimore. I do not go to Baltimore.

Mar 05, 2008
SIviyo in Site Talk

Catering a very casual wedding party

Rajbhog in Queens- it isn't just sweet. Here's a short description,, and here's their catering menu,

Dec 16, 2007
SIviyo in Manhattan

KOMI - Disappointed Me

I also had an unpleasant experience at Komi about a year ago. The service was great, but I found a lot of the menu items to be too fatty and salty for my tastes. I remember going a few times in the months after Komi opened and enjoying a lot of great sides and starters where vegetables were the star. The last time I went it was a lot of dishes that incorporated pork elements and/or were fried. And heavily salted. Sorry I can't recall details of specific dishes (I know a bronzini and rice balls wre on the list of offenders), but I do want to second the disappointment of the top review and warn that the limited menu will probably not appeal to vegetarians or non-pork and shellfish eaters.

Anyone tried Mandu yet?

You have to try their aloe cocktail! They make a few cocktails with soju and other ingredients (mandarin, grape sac, aloe) and they're all really good. I was there and had the bi bim bop and veggie mandu and will definitely go again to sample othr things on the menu.

last minute suggestion for good anniversary dinner

NOT Bucks- they consistently get bad reviews from all except Tom Siestma. Their portions are stingy and offerings few.

I would heartily recommend Blue Duck. My other fave is Montmartre in the Eastern Market area (and I'm looking forward to trying their new place in DUpont- Montsouris). It's not as fancy-schmancy as 1789, but that's part of the appeal.