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Central Wisconsin, Chowishness in General

Lisa S. did a great job summarizing the restaurants up here. Things are getting better, and I haven't heard people whining for a Red Lobster in a long time. I'm from the Cleveland suburbs orginally, where Red Lobster and Chilis and Applebees are on every corner, and I never understood the desire for that type of restaurant!

The new Freddy's downtown in Washington Square is great...hopefully it will be the one restaurant that survives in that location. They've not only improved on the food, but the decor is much better as well. I no longer feel like I'm dining in a dungeon as I did when it was Tavern on the Square and Larry Raymonds.

Regarding Wausau's "casualness"...Yes, it is a casual town, but you can dress up and not feel out of place.

So, although we don't have the exotic places other big cities have, I feel that many of our restrauteurs (SP?)try very hard to give the public what it wants.

Nov 08, 2006
vnsauer in Great Lakes

Door County, WI - Nov Need Help

Door County is wonderful! Try Shipwrecked in Egg Harbor for lunch. They had a fabulous seafood bisque the day we were there.