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seeking miniature ice cream cones to buy (to fill myself)

Hi, Cibo foods in staten isalnd has got just what you are looking for.

Best Cheap Eats In Melbourne

Hey guys just arrived have yer=t to eat out ! jmdfgjfortgjedktyikjhdgfknoigjrtkgjgoiijoig'dkangoiaenjrtgfohv

Tastes in Food and Music: Is there a correlation?

Britany Spears fans will be happy at Chilis, Sigur Ros fans will prefer better

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in Not About Food

unsual cookbooks

Kitchen of Light is a wonderful new sacandinavian cookbook. A must!

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in Home Cooking

best sandwiches in lower manhattan?

Dumpling House on eldridge street makes an increadibloe mung bean pancake sliced and filled with sliced beef, cilantro, carrots, and sesame dressing, one is heavenly with an order of dumplings, go for a second and you won't want to eat there for a year. I don't get it but thats how it works. Like booze I guess.

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in Manhattan

Where is the Best Produce in Melbourne ?

I will be spending three weeks in Melbourne this January with nothing to do except hang out with my girlfriend and cook.

I will stay in Balwyn, but will happily venture as far as 34 km for excellent produce. I want cheese, meat, friuts, vegatables, seafood and mushrooms. where to?

Best Cheap Eats In Melbourne

I will be spending most of January in Melbourne with my girlfriend who is a melburnian. I have been there twice before but did not have the courage to venture out of Balwyn alone to find food becuase I was a bit depressed and without a vehichle, it was also winter.

I was very unimpressed by the bang for buck in Melbourne as comapered with New York, so please, melburnians or others, quell this belief of mine and tell me where to go. Cheers.

best indian food in london?

Brick Lane is good, but considered by most serious indian or bangledeshis to be homogomeous and uninspired. For the best indian in that area, make your way to the huge modern mosque which is a ten minute walk from brick lane, once you are there ask people where the newish indian place is. I forget the name but was directed there by an indian business man my third day in london as I hunted for authentic indian.

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in U.K./Ireland

Help me pick in London

Chez Bruce was excellent in terms of value. The tasting menu was terrfic. Classis french. Wonderful wines and very warm. Ambiance was also wonderful. It is a long cab ride though which adds about 40 pounds to the whole venture.

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in U.K./Ireland

good pub suggestions?

It is called THE FLASK. It is located in the lovely village of Highgate which is considered the most old world feeling in london. The building is very old and has warmth and charm to boot. The ceiling is low and the 1300 square foot space is divided into about five different oddly shaped rooms with perfect lighting. This was my favorite pub in London. It is well worth the trip ecspecailly because you can plan it to precede a walk through hampstead heath and dinner at Jin Kichi for sushi in hampstead.

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in U.K./Ireland

Two London Question for California Visitor

Borough Market is a must! It is twenty three times better than any farmers market in NYC. Aside form produce I would bet my right arm that is better than anything in california. There are close to a hundred vendors. My favorite was Guiseppe. He brings cheese and pork products from family farms in Calabria. The selection changes weekly. There is a spreadable chorizo type stuff that works in pastas and spread on bread and heated. His food is completly non-commercial, his suppliers do not produce to sell any where other than their local calabrian markets. The flavors brought tears to my eyes.

Runners Up: --Oyster guy
--organic mushroom guy
I had a fairly dissapointing meal at Fairuz about 5 months ago. On Moxon street, which is off marylebone high street you must go to la fromagerie for a quick french farmhouse style lunch.

Nov 14, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in U.K./Ireland

Buenos Aires

It is VERY hard to go worng here, but my favorites were Morichu and Domingo, both in Palermo Holywood.

Anything good in Stamford, CT?

Bestr indian Food on earth better than all of the top london indian eateries is called KORA MANDEL in Darien CT. great $12 lunch buffet. all indian places in CT have buffetsets, we know this.

Fine dining in Turkey

For by far the most wonderfully unique and delicious dining in Istanbul go to Korfez. It is on the river about five miles up from the city center. To call my evening their magical would be an understatement. Korfez exuded the passions of the restranteur who checked on us at least three time during our meal. He was wonderful and warm. The experience felt like a wonderful dream, finally I was where I was supposed to be.

When in a Foriegn land searching for where to eat gernally overwhelms me as much as trying to decide what I want to do with my life. Though I eat at many great places and great valued places rarely do I feel that I have done the absolute best that I could. At Korfez Spades of this feeling englufed me.

The octopus blew away any I have ever had. It good koren barbecued octopus is 10 and shitty low end rubbery sushi ocotpus is a 3 then this was an eleven. (that didn't quite sound how I thought it would, but you get the point)It was soft and fragrant like a sea fruit should taste. When I finally swallowed it a pang of sadness rose in my belly as this amuse buche was over. For a main I had a salmon backed in a mound of sea salt form the caspian. The salmon was harvested from a river in the norhhern mountians of turkey, and was as tasty as fresh wild alaskan, but cooked to a greater standard. the view is heartbreakingly romantic. I am nearly in tears just thinking about the whole experience.

Nov 08, 2006
bwvanleeuwen1 in Europe

Leaving in 2 wks for Honeymoon in Australia - need restaurant advice!

For fine dining in Melbourne I was most impressed with Da Noi on Toorak Road. It is rustic southern italian simply presneted. The tasting menu is stupendous as is the un pretnesious atmosphere that blends modern california with old world charm to create an eating experience abound with warmth and casues three hours to pass in the blink of an eye.

For a more casual experience go to I carusi, for hands down the best Pizza in Australia. The crust is thin and crisp with a slight buttery sweetness. The fungi porcini is awesome. It is also byob. There are two locations I forget the exact adress, but the one NOT in St. Kilda is slightly better.

You will have to St. Kilda though since it is home to Melbournes finest bakery. Baker De Ciricio, I believe is the name, has counter seating for 5 and pastries and cookies that are as good as anywhere I have ever been. They are also very unique in their changing menu. The biscotti is like none I have ever had. The only bakery I have ever been to that beats this is Mrs. London's in Saratoga springs, New York.

Those are the three must goes.

I would not confidently tell that you have to go any where else. I ate at Pearl, which was OK, Very modern Australia in its produce used.