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Need to buy a fully cooked paleta (smaller/front leg roast) for December 24th in Miami

Would the Butcher Shop on Dixie Highway in Pinecrest/Palmetto area either have the cut or know who can roast one for you?

Or contact Three Guys from Miami via email and see if they know anyone or perhaps are taking orders.

I think Casavana Catering offers one as part of a packaged Christmas meal. Not sure if that'd work for you.

about 12 hours ago
crewsweeper in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Rogue Hot Stout

These things aren't beer, in the more traditional way we think of beer...they're more like mixology and alchemy style cocktails all the rage for people who'd never drink a true Manhattan or Martini. Creativity leads to improvements and change for some things but fails miserably most of the time.

Dec 03, 2014
crewsweeper in Beer

Budweiser loses out to craft beer in US

It seems like Bud and Miller and Coors own attempts to capture a segment of the craft beer market via their own brands doesn't pan out well. Bud's "crown" or black label (not Carling) type brands have either disappeared or get shelved in less prominent spots. So they reach out an buy up craft breweries which continue make their own beers while increasing their distribution territory. But I see Bud lite type products reaching to younger people, especially Michelob in the premium space and all the beer flavored lime juice for the country/margaritaville party set. And if you give those "loyal" drinkers (loyalty based on the concert sponsor of entertainer endorsement $)a bottle of anybody's craft brew, especially any IPA in the race for the hoppiest hops, they'll gag and spit it out dump the rest down the drain and grab another of their latest fav aluminum bottle. I don't see Bud and company disappearing anytime soon. So if you want to avoid any Big Beer related brews, carefully read the labels before buying.

Nov 26, 2014
crewsweeper in Beer

Seafood Resturant

At one time there used to be a couple of places in Cape Coral that had good shrimp but last time I was through the area a couple of years ago, both had closed.

If you head up toward Ft Meyers along US 41, there's the Skip One. They've been around a long time serving Gulf shrimp. I think they have another location in FM Beach

Nov 19, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Pabst Brewing completes $700m sale

Wouldn't mind seeing a few cans of Rainer either. Got me through grad school. Used to regularly cart a couple of cans with me to the beach in the afternoon to do my course reading. Then stop by the old Kings Head Inn and grab a pint (or two) of John Courage (another that's bitten the dust) before busing on back to my apartment.

Nov 17, 2014
crewsweeper in Beer

Blue Willie's BBQ

I had dinner here two weeks ago. Not impressed. 1) it was 7 PM and only one couple in the whole place and they left while I was waiting on my food. Ribs were okay, little tug and a red ring but not much smoked flavor. Smoked beans tasted like they were from a can and no smoke unless they poured liquid smoke into the pot. Mac n Cheese was okay but I've had way way better.

Conversely the following night I had a great grilled snapper at Sabor a Peru on Biscayne before I headed out to the airport.

SKEETER'S Big Biscuit House

There's an old thread on here regarding the chain.


Sep 17, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

SKEETER'S Big Biscuit House

I think it went out of business in the mid 90s ('95?). The original owner sold it in the early 90s ('91 or '92?)to a chain and the chain went belly up a couple of years later. None of the locations outside of Gainesville had any real success, from what I understand.

Sep 17, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral

If you are in the area on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, an early dinner at one of the places along the ship canal in Port Canaveral could be fun as you can watch the large cruise ships depart as well as see a lot of recreational boat traffic. None of the places are 5 star quality, but all have decently prepared seafood and outdoor seating. Grills and FishLips are the more popular spots, with reasonable prices.

For pizza, Kelsey's, Papa Vitos and A NY Pizza House, all along A1A, are good local, non-chain choices. I believe all will deliver to most Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral hotels.

Sep 10, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Palm Beach County openings 2014

BJs in other Florida locations offer their own interesting craft brews. The food is good, as long as you aren't expecting 5 star gourmet, and the menu, while large, is geared toward the typical gastro-pub selections. There are good craft breweries in the area, like Funky Buddha and Wynwood for drinking but not sure if they have decent food. There was a food truck outside FB last year when I sampled the breweries wares. It would be nice to see a brewery/gastro-pub that offered their own selections geared to go with their menus, ala, all the beer pairing rec you see on other sites and on BrewDogs.

Curaçao recommendations

It's been some time, since I was on the island, but as I recall the Wine Cellar in Willemstad, near the historic church being restored, had great food and service. For a special dinner Landhuis Misje in Sabana Westpunt with it's outdoor garden is a must do, IMO. I've heard some good things about Sol Food at Playa Kaliki, but never ate there. There are a number of places along the harborfront, like Iguanas, where you can grab a nice lunch and watch the harbor traffic and the swing bridge to Otrabanda. Down the Willemstad coast toward the Aquarium is Rozendahls. They have really good food including some local style dishes and a nice covered courtyard, on the more expensive side for dinner.

so whats the best beer to get to make a black and tan

Harp's Lager is the most common. Guiness makes a Kilkenny Cream Ale.

Smithwick's Ale or Murphy's Red Ale(better paired with Murphy's Irish Stout, IMO) are good too.

Jun 23, 2014
crewsweeper in Beer

Tony Bourdain does D.F.

I'm in agreement. His move to CNN and also the networks on those cooking contest shows really shows a changed Tony, in many ways. And Parts Unknown is less and less about food. CNN is suffering ratings and while anxious to bring in more viewers can't seem to let go of the cheap 20/20-Dateline crapola they dish out 24/7; which is why few are watching.

May 07, 2014
crewsweeper in Mexico

St. Martin and area

Oh. Forgot about seafood. There's a fresh fish market in Simpson's Bay near the drawbridge and police station. Also, I have heard that Skipjack's restaurant in Simpsons Bay will sell fresh fish. You can also try the local docks in Simpson Bay as many charter fishing vessels go out of here.

St. Martin and area

Look at the bakeries in Marigot. Sarafina's(?) and on Wednesday's there a small local fresh market. As I recall there are a couple of decent wine/cheese shops down near the harbor there too. Also Le Sucriere in Simpson's Bay has good breads and pastries. To the extent that you can take on already cooked provisions, a short trip up to Grand Case and a visit to the lolos would make for some good eating. Le Grand Marche has several stores around the island, Cole Bay and Phillipsburg and maybe Simpsons Bay. It's a pretty good "one stop" shopping place. I think the Cole Bay store has slightly different selections than the Phillipsburg store.

Top Craft Beer bars in Fort Lauderdale

Don't forget Tequesta Brewing and Inlet Brewing in Jupiter or Due South in Boynton Beach. Worth the long drive.

Anyone seen blanton's gold, or straight from the barrel, in Cozumel?

Also check the MEGA store on Melgar. They have a large selection of liquors, though not as much as Covi. Not sure about the Blanton's as I've never looked for bourbon there. But descent mescal selections last time we were there. Second Veggo's Xtabentum rec. Give the DuFry shops at the piers a good once over as well.

Feb 24, 2014
crewsweeper in Mexico

Great Taqueria in Tallahassee

Just saw your post. That's across town from us. But I've been hoping to stop by if I'm in the area. It's the type of Mexican place I tend to favor. Keep missing it from the airport because I forget and turn right onto Cap Circ. So thanks for the report. Do you recall if they had gorditas on the menu? Haven't had a huarache in a couple of years. Last time I was in FLL, I missed getting to Dona Raquels.

Feb 13, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Best Meat and Three in Montgomery, Alabama?

Davis Café on North Decatur. Martin's on Carter Hill Road. Or Jim N Nick's on Rte 80 for BBQ.

Feb 13, 2014
crewsweeper in Central South

Anything new and worth checking out in Cozumel?

I checked some old pictures at home last night. And you're correct. The name IS Paradise Cafe. After Wilma, someone called the rebuilt place Rasta's Bar and I guess that's what I've known it as since. Still good ceviche though and a good beach vibe to hang at. But I lean toward Playa Bonita's gorditas version, more because I like good gorditas in all their varieties.

Feb 11, 2014
crewsweeper in Mexico

Anything new and worth checking out in Cozumel?


Is the old Bob Marley/Rasta Bar now Paradise Cafe?
I think Albertos from the West side has a new place up around Punta Chiqueros, haven't been but the food at Albertos was generally pretty good for beach food. Also Chen Rio in the past has done a great job with seafood. Their whole snapper is amazingly good. ITs just before Coconuts if coming from the south.

In San Miguel, OP, it's worth heading to Kintas for one night. I'm hearing that a newer place on Melgar between Calle 2 and 4 is getting good vibes, (Ile? ) but haven't really seen anything on it nor been there.

Feb 10, 2014
crewsweeper in Mexico

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay - February 2014! [OLD]

I'm giving a NAY to the new Tallahassee store. Picked over selections. Nothing appetizing, even in the freezer case, except a decent selection of wines and craft beers at reasonable prices versus local liquor stores. Even the coffee selections looked skimpy in unattractive containers. I'l look for the KIND bars next time I walk in but these are readily available elsewhere around here at similar pricepoints.

Feb 04, 2014
crewsweeper in Chains

Drive MIA to Orlando--anything "don't-miss" close to main highways?

If there's more than 2 cars in the lot and/or more than 4 people in the bar, be prepared to wait 45 minutes or more for your food.

Jan 30, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Visiting Tallahassee - Where to eat?

Where are you staying?

Downtown fine dining, I'd say Cypress on East Tennessee near Monroe, Shula's in the Hotel Duval or 101 on West Colelge or Avenue Eat Drink on East Park.

Midtown: Mockingbird, or Bella Bella both on Monroe near 5th and 6th.

Pizza: Momo's out in Market Square or on Tennesee or Dave's Pizza Garage in Midtown behind Brueggers Bagels, or Joe Mama's just down Monroe for a bit more upscaled joint. I'm hearing good spin on Mike's Stone Baked south of FSU, but haven't had it yet.

Sushi: We like Kiku's in market Square, Masa's on Monroe (midtown); and Siam Sushi, shopping center off West tharpe and Monroe, which also has decent Thai dishes. Rengthai and Tan's Asian off Captial Circle NE are 2 other Thai/Asian places to look at. Tans has good Indonesian dishes.

Sandwiches: Any Hopkins Eatery.

Burgers (non chain-mostly): Ted's Montana Grill on Capital Circle NE (now the chain's out of the way), Chubo's in the EspositosCenter (behind Tan's) if he's open, Zaccadoos on Apalachee Parkway, Vertigo on Lafayette off Apalachee Pkwy and Meridian, Voodoo Dog on S Macomb downtown, Prime Time on West Tennessee, or Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Bar on N. Bornough,Woodchuck Cafe on West Tharpe (also good breakfast) or Monk's also on West Tharpe (has another name, but I forget what it is).

Food Trucks: Best bet is to head for Food Truck Thursday (if you're here on a Thursday). It's held on West Tharpe Between Monroe and MLK Bld.

I'm sure others here have their favorites.

Jan 16, 2014
crewsweeper in Florida

Puerto Vallarta - best authentic Mexican food HELP

I haven't been to the Mexican Riverera in almost 20 years, but a friend was in PV off a cruise last year and highly recommended taking Vallarta Tours where the guide takes you to the non-touristy spots like street tacos at Tace el Cuando, a coconut stand on the beach that serves slices with spices, Cervicheria El Guero and a few others.

Maybe Gaby's does a plato azteca these days. I think they're still around.

Jan 08, 2014
crewsweeper in Mexico

Man eats only McDonald's for 90 days and...

Yeppers...losing weight begins at the refrigerator door, portion control and best exercise is push aways...push away from the table. Exercise for muscle maintance and cardio benefits...Eat less for losing weight.

Jan 08, 2014
crewsweeper in Chains

Christmas/Winter Brews

Wondering which beers are taking the fancy of craft beer lovers around the country this year.

Over the weekend I sampled 3--Southern Tier's 2-Xmas; Bell's Winter white Ale and St Arnold's WeedWhacker (aka Lawnmower wheatened up). I'm not a fan of alambic brews but 2 X-Mas had that nice seasonal spice and fruit taste would would be great around the fireplace on Christmas Eve. But wouldn't be my go-to brew for steady winter sipping and no need for the fireplace in Florida, LOL. Bell's Winter White was a good wheat beer but nothing overly special that you couldn't get all year round from other brewers. I do like Bell's brews though. And WeedWhacker could do a nice job quenching one's thrist after dancing with the snow blower, just like Lawnmower did after a sweat session in the back yard when I lived in Houston. Light and refreshing, but again nothing spectacular.

What have the rest of you found?

Dec 09, 2013
crewsweeper in Beer

Freeport For Lunch Dec. 24

Order their fritters or the conch salad. Or ask what's fresh off the boat. I've found that these places usually serve generous portions and if really hungry their prices aren't exhorbitant so you can order double. Don't feel rushed to make a decision at the first place you stop. Look around and decide what's most interesting to you. And most of all, relax and enjoy your cruise. Not a time for being frantic.

Freeport For Lunch Dec. 24

Directly across from the cruise pier is a group of small lolos that all serve fresh seafood in local flavors. Similar to Potters Cay or AraWak City in Nassau. Probably the better of these is Robinson's, a bluish plank biulding.

In the Port Lucaya market place there are some similar shacks, of which we've found Big Daddy's and Da Conch Man to be excellent in the freshness of their fish and conch both prepared very well.

Try a Sands beer versus Kalik. Skip the "LIght" brews.

While Christmas Day might find places closed. Christmas Eve, especially with a ship in port should find these places open. CE is not a holiday in Bahamas.

If you're looking for more of a restaurant sit down waiter type place, Try the Flying Fish at the Pelican Bay Hotel or grab a cab and head to Coral Reef Beach Bar at the end of Coral Road.

Locally sourced food in Pensacola/Tallahassee/Orlando/Jacksonville

Cypress in Tallahassee (Tennesee and Gadsen-downtown) and the Root Cellar on Miccosukee and magnolia ( Midtownacross from TM Hospital) and some of the items at the Front Porch (6th and Thomasville Road-Midtown) are some other finer locally sourced venues in Tallahassee.

Nov 18, 2013
crewsweeper in Florida