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Corporate Catering in Calgary

My company frequently orders from Office Gourmet. Their “Supreme boxes” are delightful box lunches with a nice sandwich, small salad (potato, green, macaroni and fruit are all ones I’ve seen) and a cookie. The box includes napkins and utensils too.

Great restaurants near Delta Bow Valley hotel in Calgary?

I walk home to Bridgeland from work that way everyday. It IS a nice walk; one just has to be careful to be through there by 7pm or so.

What about Indian food? Glory Of India is just six blocks away straight down 4th. You could walk right in on Monday without a reservation for sure.

Roasted hazelnuts with honey and 5 spice powder?

In Calgary:
There’s a stand at the Currie Barracks farmer’s Market (right across from Phil and Sebastian) that does lots of different nuts and nut mixes in all sorts of different seasonings.

I’d bet if they didn’t have what you were looking for they’d be willing to listen to the idea.

good Calgary bakeries

I've only ever found Challah at Lina's but the furthest out I tend to go for ingredients is Currie Barracks.

I find it's ok for pain perdu but doesn't really cut it eaten fresh.

Calgary Downtown

I’ll second the mentions of Thai Express in the Eaton Centre and Prairie Ink in McNally Robinson.

I like the buffet at Chutney on 4th ave but I find it a bit expensive if I’m not prepared to tuck in for a huge meal.

I also often find myself at Sunterra in the Trans Canada Tower. I end up there when I don’t know what I want but don’t want fast food. I like the variety as well as the fact that I can get half portions if I’m not that hungry or feeling a little cheap.

Namskar Calgary

The service at Namskar is consistently slow, but as someone mentioned above, everything is made to order. Having tried several of the Indian restaurants in town, in my opinion it’s worth the wait.

My husband and I actually find the service very similar to our experiences in India a couple of years ago so we take their oddities with a smile but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

They’ll do take out. We live close so when we’re not up to waiting around we call ahead and bring it home.

indian groceries in calgary

Sunridge Superstore is the first place that came to my mind too. Do everything in your power to avoid going on a weekend though; it can get mighty insane in there.

We make Indian food at home often (with spices we brought back from India) but we gave up on the breads (naan, pooris etc.) fairly quickly because they’re tough to make. Many grocery stores carry prepared naan in the same part of the store at pitas and tortillas and stuff. Warmed in a frying pan, they’re almost as good as freshly made.

I’d like to hear if you have more success with pooris then we have had.

Game Bird Source In Calgary

My husband and I interested in trying to replicate a quail dish we had at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar in Toronto.

We tried our local butcher and the Currie Barracks Farmer's Market to no avail so we tried Cornish Hen instead which did not measure up.

Where do we find quail or phesant short of hunting it ourselves (not an option!)?

Deluxe Diner Calgary?

Diner Deluxe has some cool atmosphere but the food is overrated. I skip the line and head down to Avenue Diner on 8th avenue when I’m in the mood for eggs Benedict.