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New York foodie coming to Fort Lauderdale

Boiled peanuts are really good, but they might be an acquired taste....more like a bean than a peanut (but I love 'em)...there is a place on Griffin Road, just West of the Florida Turnpike , that sells them, as well as Fresh Florida Citrus, smoothie and Key Lime Pie. Not sure of the name of the place, but it has an Big Orange in the parking lot where someone could stand inside and sell fresh juice. Looks like touristy place, but I go there for boiled peanuts - regular or spicy. Good stuff...

Little Havana

Versailles - numero uno for the atmosphere, political commentary and cafecito...

I like La Carreta for the food (but I am just a gringa, what do I know....)

both on SW 8th street (la calle ocho)

Saturday Lunch in Design District

I do not have too much experience with mid-town... however. I went to Uva-69 and had a "minuta sandwich". Everytime I am in that area, I CANNOT bother to eat anything's that good... I have sampled the food of other guests at Uva 69 and it is always something special, but that minuta,,,. it has layers of tasty's like your first love....let me know if you need details - about the minuta, not the first love ;-)

Uva 69
6900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Wanna eat like a local

Some of my favorites are listed here. I live in Hollywood so a few of my recommendations are South. If not Ft Lauderdale, I noted the city of the location.
Enjoy your stay!!!

Calypso - actually in Pompano, 15 mins North of Ft Laud in a residential area next to a laundrymat - don't be scared, it's delicious!! I LOVE the Calypso Cutter (sandwich with shrimp cheese and mushrooms...YUM!)
Southport Raw Bar
Kitchenetta - wow - pricey but worth every dime
Beefeaters - Hollywood - 15 mins South - inexpensive - take a table outside if the weather's nice.
Le Tub - Hollywood
MaiKai for happy hour - live music on Friday
Anthony's Coal Fired - have an order of wings with the pizza...
Zona Fresca - no table service
Catfish Deweys - residential area

Shuck and Dive - Cajun - Best fried oyster po boy outside of the big easy - hubby loves their big greasy burger with sauteed onions...unique beer, indoor and outdoor seating, dog friendly. Somewhat overpriced for food, but the atmosphere makes up for that.

Thai Spice - delicious and fresh - make a reservation on the weekend

Istambul on Hollywood Beach Boardwalk (right on the bach) If you like lamb, have the gyro...made with real lamb.

Capone's Flicker Light - Hollywood - good Chicago style pizza - indoor or waterfront seating.

p.s. I like the Jungle Queen - used to take my mom for her birthday - she loved it!
It's campy and fun. Not for the food (peel and each shrimp and ribs) but the evening cruise is a fun way to see where the rich and famous live in Ft Lauderdale and if you have children, they will enjoy it as well.

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Catfish Deweys
4003 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Southport Raw Bar
1536 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Zona Fresca
1095 S University Dr, Plantation, FL 33324

Thai Spice Restaurant
1514 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334


I went to Raindaner in WPB many years back and enjoyed a huge porterhouse...I have been meaning to get back there to try it again. Any opinions out there on Raindancer?

Feb 26, 2007
tbone927 in Florida

Tampa-Six Tables?

I ate at 6 tables in Boca Raton. The concept is great and the food was special. I was dissapointed in the dessert. They served creme puffs with suzette sauce and the cream puffs were icy inside - like they were half frozen. I have bought these creme puffs myself at Costco, but did not expect to have them dressed up with the suzette sauce and served to me at this restaurant. It really made me wonder about the origins of the other courses....

Dec 19, 2006
tbone927 in Florida

Best fish sandwich sofla

I like the minuta at Uva 69 on Biscaye Blvd and 69th Street. Not so much for the fish inside the sandwich, but for the focaccia they serve it on, the avocado and the cunning tropical flavor this sandwich has. Yum...

Dec 18, 2006
tbone927 in Florida

Good First Date place in Southwest Broward

If Thai food would be appropriate, Emerald Thai, South of 595 near Pine Island is excellent and moderately priced. If you like duck and you like mild (coconut) curries, share the Emerald Duck...very sensual! They offer excellent seafood dishes as well. The atmosphere is clean, not fancy - but it is a quiet atmosphere, good for conversation and there is no rush.

Dec 18, 2006
tbone927 in Florida

Cuban Restaurant Recommendation

Hollywood and Hallandale are nextdoor neighbors. It's not 15 minutes by car from the Broadwalk (it's not wood) to Padrino's in Hallandale. I add my recomendation for Padrinos. The Lechon Asado (Roast Pork) is excellent!
ALSO be sure you have the Flan (caramel custard)for dessert!!! Yum!!!!

Dec 08, 2006
tbone927 in Florida

Doral Lunch spots?

Excellent Pan con Bistec (steak sandwich) at the Lunch Box or Lunch Break 9682 NW 12th Street - (97th ave / 12th street -East of the gas station) Counter service - be sure to get your free sample of fried yuca...

Excellent pizza at spizzigo - pricey, but delicious wood oven pizza - Feels like you are in Italy,

Excellent NY style pizza at Luv'n Oven (not sure of spelling) in Beacon Plaza - on 12th Street and 84th Ave in Beacon Plaza. Next to El Tropico.

Dec 05, 2006
tbone927 in Florida


1. Scrubby's in Pembroke Pines
(University Drive and Pines Blvd)

DH and I get an order of baby backs (best in town) and a deluxe cheeseburger and split them up.

Dec 05, 2006
tbone927 in Florida

Gelato in Florida

I live in Hollywood and the gelato here is Argentine, not Italian. It is much sweeter and I find it less creamy. I like Parmalat in the Dolphin Mall in Miami.

Nov 07, 2006
tbone927 in Florida