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Squaw bread recipe?

Does anyone have a good, traditional squaw bread recipe?


Sep 07, 2008
thewaz in Home Cooking

Palm Springs/La Quinta Vegetarian Options

Hello, I'm headed to the La Quinta resort in July with my strict vegetarian boyfriend (no meat, no eggs, dairy is ok). Does anyone have recommendations for places with good vegetarian options that do NOT include Native? We already have plans for Native, but are looking for more options.
I'd love to find a place where vegetarian does not equal overcooked pasta with a bland tomato sauce or just a baked potato. Upscale would be nice, somewhere that will make a tasty vegetarian treat and also has a lot of options for little old omnivore me.

Jun 13, 2008
thewaz in California

Jacksonville Seafood?

I used to go to JAX about every month for work, and always stayed near the beach. Dolphin Depot was one of my favorite places to eat, but I hear that it's slipped.
I also enjoy The Homestead and Aqua Grill. I'm headed to JAX this weekend and am wondering which of the three is still good (I haven't been there in about 2 years).

I am also open to new suggestions if any new places opened. I'd prefer to stay near the beach, though I will make an exception for BB's. :)


May 12, 2008
thewaz in Florida

Paso Robles - Good food at a moderate price?

I'm headed to Paso Robles next week with a group of my girlfriends. There are 7 of us total, and we're looking for a moderately priced "local" restaurant with good food. We'd rather not spend more than $20 on entrees, we're doing some serious wine tasting the next day and want to keep our first meal a bit on the cheap.

We're open to almost anything, but would like a fun, informal atmosphere where we can eat some good food and catch up.


Mar 29, 2008
thewaz in California

Review: India's Flavor, Glendale/Montrose

There are a few dishes that are stellar - Malai Kofta, Bhindi (okra), paneer in tomato sauce can't think of the name). I've tried the sag paneer and the coconut curry vegetables and they both left something to be desired. But the paratha is particularly good; and so is the garlic naan.

It's worth a shot, and the owners are very nice.

I've only tried veg but the meat dishes look good, too.

Jan 20, 2008
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Best Sag Paneer?

I'm searching for the best Sag Paneer in LA - a creamy, fresh-tasting concoction of spinach and cream. I've been searching high and low since the place that I used to adore (Curry House in North Hollywood) is off my list due to an incident with roached on my table and pots of food dispensed from the floor outside the rest room...

Most places I've tried seem to make the dish quite bland and sometimes it tastes like canned spinach was used (the horror!!). I want to actually see pieces of spinach - not just a mound of green.

I'd love a place that it's the valley, Hollywood, Pasadena, etc - but am willing to drive if a place is worth it.

Jan 20, 2008
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Best place to buy Kosker turkey in LA?

I'm looking for a Kosher turkey to cook for Thanksgiving. Can anyone recommend a good butcher or market? I live in Burbank, so the valley or Hollywood would be my first choice, but I'm willing to drive to get a good one. Frozen is fine.

Thank you!

Nov 02, 2007
thewaz in Kosher

Yuma - Alberto's Tamales

I drove through Yuma last week and located a yummy little lunch spot. It's called Alberto's Tamales, and it's actually inside an old pharmacy. An old-fashioned lunch counter, except with wonderful Mexican food? Yep. It was certainly a step into the past. I ordered the carnitas torta. The meat was lean and crispy. The bun was fresh, and grilled with a bit of butter on the flat grill. Mmmmm. It also came with a side of fries, cooked to perfection. I ordered a beef tamale for the road, and it was also delicious.

And - the final damage? $5.

It's right across from a gas station, so check it out if you're ever passing through.

Alberto's Tamales
inside Sant Drug Store
Intersection of 4th Ave. & 8th St.
Yuma, AZ

Jun 29, 2007
thewaz in Southwest

Where to buy rhubarb in LA?

I just bought a few bunches at the Hollywood Farmer's Market - hopefully the seller will be back next week!

Jun 10, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

How's Market NoHo - smokin' deal on Nathan's dogs

Wow, I'm definitely going to check out that place - I've never heard of it. I'm happy to pay a bit more for good quality, locally made items! I'll go in and mention the farmer's market, too - perhaps if they get enough requests they'll set up a booth.

Jun 04, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

How's Market NoHo - smokin' deal on Nathan's dogs

Hi, I know many of you can appreciate a good old hot dog. Just went to the new How's Market in North Hollywood, and found Nathan's hot dogs on sale (in the Kosher section) for $2.99...but there's a $1 off coupon on the package. Since How's doubles all coupons, you can get a pack o' dogs for a mere 99 cents! I grew up on the east coast eating Nathan's hot dogs, so I'm stocking up for my trashy summer BBQs...

Jun 03, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Comfort me: REAL Corned Beef Hash.

Check out The Toasted Bun at 808 E California Ave, Glendale. It's a little old diner that was recently renovated - and their corned beef hash is delicious. Most everything on the menu is made from scratch. Also try the pancakes (corn & jalapeno or blueberry) and the biscuits & gravy.

Jun 02, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Best Veggie/Vegetarian Pot Pie

I had a superb veggie pot pie at Wilson in Culver City - served in a large ramekin, delicious veggie gravy with tons of root veggies/chanterelle mushrooms, and a homemade buttery crust. Not sure if it was a seasonal special or not, but YUM!

Apr 26, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Vietnamese place in SGV w/ good Vegetarian options

There's a place in El Monte called "Veggie Life". I haven't tried it, but I've heard they have good Vietnamese food and it's completely vegetarian. On the more upscale side and in Hollywood (just in case you feel like driving a bit) is Michelia Nouvelle Vietnamese Bistro. They have a special vegetarian/vegan menu and it's pretty good. If you hear of any other good places, let me know...

Veggie Life
'9324 E. Garvey Ave, #8
South El Monte

8738 West Third St.
Hollywood, CA

Apr 26, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Top Five Veggie Options in LA?

Check out Green Leaves on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. It's vegan and so delicious! I'm not vegan...but they have some of the better Thai food that I've had. Try the Rock & Roll Noodles, the mushroom soup (a vegan version of tom kha khai), the stir fried eggplant and, for a change of pace, the pancakes! Their hash browns are delicious too.

Apr 05, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Indian in Burbank

I haven't found one that I love in Burbank - but Curry House on Lankershim in North Hollywood is excellent. Be sure to try the sag paneer and the okra dish (if you like okra it's fantastic). Chicken tikka masala is also good.

Apr 02, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Cambria - The Sow's Ear & Robin's

Visited Cambria this week and had a chance to try both places.
The Sow's Ear: Interesting mix of comfort food with modern influences. I tried the lobster pot pie, which was more of a lobster bisque with a lovely puff pastry on top. There were huge chunks of lobster inside - a nice treat. It came with a side of perfectly cooked wild rice and steamed veggies. Very filling and satisfying for a chilly night. My mother had the grilled shark and it was tender and well spiced. We didn't try dessert because we were too busy filling up on the flower pot bread.

Robin's: What a nice, romantic space. I made the mistake of ordering the tagliatelle with butternut squash, pancetta and langoustines in a brown butter/marscarpone sauce (the description makes my mouth water all over again, but...). It was dry and almost flavorless. Too bad, it could have been executed so much better. I rarely order pasta but it sounded so mom had the kobe skirt steak which was absolutely outstanding. It was marinated in a teriyaki sauce and grilled to perfection. It was super tender and came with delicious mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. It's just too bad that the other entree wasn't as delicious. Still, i would try Robin's again. The service was great, and I have a feeling the other "meatier" entrees may have been a bit tastier.

Mar 31, 2007
thewaz in California

Sausage Casings in Los Angeles

The deli at Pinnocchio's on Magnolia in Burbank has them - just saw them yesterday. Pretty spendy ($7!!), though. Schriner's German Deli in North Glendale/Montrose is where I usually buy them.

Jan 29, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Dinner - La Cienega/3rd

Sorry if this topic has been covered a bunch of times - but it seems we can't sort by post date anymore.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced restaurant to have dinner in the La Cienega/3rd area, will go as far as Fairfax/Wilshire area if necessary. Looking for something that's not trendy, can be in a super casual environment, and has excellent food. Not looking to spend a fortune. Am considering Ethiopean (and have lots of recos) but am open to anything else.


Jan 23, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Indochine Vien in Atwater - off night for takeout??

On a whim, I skipped my favorite Vietnamese place downtown and picked up some takeout from from Indochine Vien. Ordered a vermicelli bowl with chicken and chicken egg rolls (where is the beef and/or pork??) I couldn't even eat it. First off - there were 4 small (about 3" long, 1/4" thick) strips of dry, overcooked chicken. There was a HUGE mound of vermicelli noodles and shredded lettuce (brown and wilted) with a few small scattered carrots. The sauce was extremely fishy (and I'm not scared of a little bit of a fishy fish sauce). The eggrolls were fine, they were crispy and fried fresh.

Perhaps I hit them on a bad night or something. It was very slow, and I'm reluctant to try them again. Anyone have a favorite dish there that's worth another visit?

Jan 14, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

What to do with delicious dried cherries?

I love dried cherries in scones - add a little bit of almond extract too - delicious!

Jan 13, 2007
thewaz in Home Cooking

Sunday dinner - special menu/deals in Bev Hills area/Westside/downtown?

Looking for places that offer a "special" menu on Sunday nights: tasting menu, 3 courses for "$x", etc. Would love to try some of the nicer places around town, on a night when it's not super busy and is a bit more affordable. Any suggestions? Not looking for any really casual places, looking for a bit more upscale (like Thursday grilled cheese night at Campanile).

Jan 11, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Egg-less cooking

Since your son can still eat other dairy, consider subsituting buttermilk and/or sour cream/yogurt in many recipes. Some things may come out slightly dry without the moistness that eggs provide, but many recipes are surprisingly tasty without eggs.
Consider, especially, cookies that aren't normally made with eggs - shortbread, chocolate wafers, mexican wedding cookies, etc. I have had good luck on, there's an entire section devoted to eggless cooking (try the yogurt chocolate chip cookies - yum!!). also has some good recipes.

In some cases, I leave eggs out of recipes where I thought they were absolutely necessary (like stuffing) - and didn't even miss them. As Pondering mentioned above, the Ener-G egg replacer does work well in other recipes, tho I don't recommend the "eggless quiche" recipe on the box...

Jan 10, 2007
thewaz in Home Cooking

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas?

My BF is a strict vegetarian (no meat, no eggs, only cheese without animal rennet, etc) and he loves the following breakfast treats:
Steel cut oatmeal with walnuts and dried fruit
Pumpkin-ginger scones (there are many scone recipes that don't call for eggs)
Cinnamon buns (many recipes call for buttermilk and no eggs)
Pancakes or waffles (even Bisquick is a good alternative for making veg stuff, just leave out the egg if it's an issue and add a little sour cream or yogurt)
And, like many other posters - the fake sausage patties are actually quite good. The Trader Joe's brand frozen veggie patties are my favorite and have a nice traditional sage-y flavor.

Jan 10, 2007
thewaz in Home Cooking

Been to Fatty's & Co lately?

Has anyone been to Fatty's & Co in Eagle Rock lately? I've read mixed reviews on other sites, mostly from people who say it used to be better. If you like it, what do you recommend ordering for dinner/dessert?

Jan 10, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Vegan and Vegetarian Friends -- Help!

If you need more of a late-night place with vegan options - check out Brite Spot at 1918 Sunset in Echo Park. It's an easy cruise from the train station. It's nothing fancy - definately a diner - but has some more interesting options (like soy BBQ ribs...I'm a carnivore and they actually weren't bad). Make sure your friend asks which side dishes are vegan, I think they use dairy in their mashed potatoes and might fry their french fries in with the meat products...but the servers are always willing to substitute some nice steamed veggies as an option.

I ended up at Brite Spot after trying to go to Elf Cafe, which had closed early that night...but Elf's menu looked delicious, too.

Jan 09, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Mozza Alternatives ?

Cube is BYOB - which might be sort of nice...

Jan 09, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Mozza Alternatives ?

I keep hearing that Cube at 615 N. La Brea (next to the Divine Pasta Company) is fantastic. I haven't had a chance to try it yet myself but it's high on my list. They have a cheese/charcuterie shop and their menu looks great - and they are open for lunch. They also serve pizza.

Jan 09, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area

Help- Swimming in Milk Chocolate

A really easy recipe for some yummy peanut butter candy, an easy way to use up the milk chocolate. This is always a big hit, and is so simple!
1 cup peanut butter, (skippy or jif work better than the natural kinds)
1 box confectioner's sugar
1 stick butter
Soften butter and mix with pnut butter and sugar. Spread into a greased pan.
Melt (lots) of chocolate and pour over the pnut butter base. Refridgerate overnight, cut and serve. YUM!

Jan 04, 2007
thewaz in Home Cooking

Need Canning Jars in LA

I looked all over and couldn't locate any small jars (in the Burbank/valley area) - so I ordered them from They weren't terribly expensive, even with shipping, and they sell other canning supplies that are harder to come by (like pickling lime).

I found quart jars at the Pavilions on Alameda in Burbank before Christmas.

Jan 04, 2007
thewaz in Los Angeles Area