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Tapas in the Mission

Agree. Personally would take Esperpento over Andalu any day.
Andalu isn't traditional tapas anyway, very fusion-ey and in my opinion not that well done. Esperpento is the closest to spanish tapas the mission has, and it's very reasonably priced.

3198 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Esperpento Restaurant
3295 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

NYC to SF - Must trys?

I'd definitely recommend La Mar Cebicheria as at least a lunch option. Pretty sure there's nothing like it in New York.
Another lunch option I love is at the Ferry Building, Hog Island Oyster Bar, a dozen oysters, clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich (and get some cowgirl creamery cheese to bring back with you, just pick the less stinky kind).
For your second, more casual dinner I highly recommend Incanto, I don't think there's something totally comparable in New York, even though it is Italian in style. I think you'll be disappointed with Delfina and Slanted Door.
Another one of my faves is Maverick in the Mission, a delicious and fun little place.

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

Delfina Restaurant
3621 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Restaurants with private party rooms

This is a decent resource:

First time in SF - Need (specific) recs!

Agreed, clams are more of an east coast thing, but I think the clam chowder at Hog Island is lovely (not traditional), especially if you get some beautiful west coast oysters to start.

I'd skip Slanted Door too. La Mar is more interesting for sure.
Not that you asked for it, but if you're willing to go to the Mission for a burrito, I'd go over to Noe Valley and have dinner at Incanto, that's not a meal you're likely to have elsewhere.

Healdsburg Area Winery Suggestions

I would add Quivira. They have a very nice Rose of Grenache you might enjoy. And a very nice Grenache as well.

Dinner recs with excellent cocktails in SF tonight

RN74 has an interesting cocktail program and pretty great food (try the tempura maitake mushrooms)
Orson hasn't gotten too much love, but their cocktails are really good and food is definitely solid, I'd put it in about the same rank as Range though I haven't been to Range in over a year.

I Gotta Take a Crepe... from Palo Alto's Bistro Maxine

Douce France in Town and Country Village makes great savory Crepes (Gallettes) always made with buckwheat flour.

Who is serving the best venison in SF this winter?

It's hard to keep track of who has it on their menu since so many menus change seasonally, so tips are appreciated. I'm not looking for a whole game menu, just a solid satisfying dish. Thanks!

New Yorker wants your favorites/recommendations for a week in SF

If you do make it over to Half Moon Bay/Pescadero (in this season it's bound to be pretty chilly and windy, but nothing compared to new york of course) make sure you stop by Harley Farms to sample some goat cheese. It's so good I would even order some to ship back to New York (it's better than coach farms which I used to love at the Green Market in Union Square).
I'm all for savories, but I think our bakeries do sweets pretty darn well too. Tartine for the Bread Pudding. I'd suggest the original Blue Bottle on Linden street and then you can walk over to La Boulange de Hayes which has really good pastries (the macarons aren't so good). I personally go for the raspberry hazelnut mini muffins which taste like heaven.
My absolute favorite in SF right now is Bar Tartine. Get the gnocchi in whatever incarnation they have at the time, you won't regret it.
In Sonoma another good wine/food pairing value is Mayo Family. Other wineries I enjoy around there: Landmark, The Cornerstone tasting rooms (Artesa), Gloria Ferrer for bubbly.
If you have specific interest in cheese and/or chocolate I'm sure we can all go into greater detail in those areas.

Galette de Rois?

Douce France in Palo Alto has them (I saw one in the case, but you should probably order if you want one for sure), but they were a crazy $44 a cake.

Winter Wineland 2009?

Thanks for the link. I was starting to get the feeling that it wasn't my scene either. The hours are so short and I hate rushing at any particular winery (even though that last post in your thread did mention that wineries like people to get in and out). I think I might just go up to healdsburg on a random weekend and get a bike to go around tasting.

Winter Wineland 2009?

Has anyone been to this event in years past? It seems like a good opportunity to check out some Healdsburg area wineries but any tips would be appreciated. Is this event usually crowded?
Thanks for your help!

The Cask in San Carlos -- wine bar

Agreed. It really is unacceptable for a "wine bar" to mark up glass prices that much versus bottle prices ($20/glass translates into $100 bottle, they do not have unusually big pours). A wine bar is supposed to encourage customers to try different wines and hence have a large selection by the glass (which they do not), and not punish customers for choosing glass over bottle.

The Cask in San Carlos -- wine bar

For a wine bar, I found the wine by the glass list to be completely uninspired. And the markup is beyond belief, a glass of Napa wine that retails for $13 was going for $12 by the glass. Unfortunately it still looks like you have to go up to SF to find interesting wine and quality food in one place.

wine available at winery only

Joseph Swan - I've never seen any in stores or restaurants. They only produce around 3000 cases total per year.
I also second Novy/Siduri.

Koi Palace or HKFL later on Saturday?

My only experience with Koi Palace was on the later side, around 1 after waiting for an hour. We were scurried to a table that had not been cleaned and wasn't the right size for our group. This was all fine and expected. Once we started asking about dim sum items that were on the printed list, however, it became clear that they had run out of basically everything. Every kind of steamed bun or dumpling we mentioned was not available, and when we asked what they did still have the waiter pointed to the congee section. At that point we decided to leave.
I've never had any problems at HKFL and if you request something from the menu that you don't see on a cart they will usually accommodate unless it's right before closing.

Visting Sonoma Thanksgiving wekend - dinner recommendations

An idea of price point and the ambiance you're going for would help orient suggestions. In Sonoma itself, The Girl and the Fig is a good reliable place, but a few more details will generate better recommendations.

Need Recc for Fun/Delish Daddy-Daughter Dinner in SF

It just opened yesterday, so I don't think there are any reports yet, but you could give Zinnia a shot.

Alternative to Ad Hoc?

Thanks for all the good suggestions!

Alternative to Ad Hoc?

Going to Mustard's on saturday! Probably don't want to do 2 Cindy Pawlcyn places in one weekend...

Spicy Cocktails in the Bay Area?

The spicy bloody mary with octopus at La Mar was outrageously good (and I'm not usually one to rave about spicy drinks).

Alternative to Ad Hoc?

I have a reservation for an early sunday dinner to Ad Hoc for an upcoming weekend in the wine country, but was wondering if anyone could suggest an alternative if I don't care for the day's menu. I'm looking for something relatively casual with fantastic but unfussy food. I considered Martini House based on the recommendations here, but the price point is a bit higher than Ad Hoc's and I got the impression the atmosphere might be on the stiff side, though I could be completely wrong there.
Thanks for your help!

Birthday restaurant challenge

How about Bar Bambino? They have a lovely large wooden table in the back near the entrance to the patio that is used as a communal table, but with that many people you'll be able to take over the whole thing.

Another New Yorker(/~Seattlite), Solo, for a Week, with Specifics

I'd definitely take Bar Tartine over Delfina considering your preferences , even the gnocchi at Bar Tartine were a league above Delfina's.
You probably won't want to sit outside at Slanted Door in October. The main room is admittedly quite noisy, but the communal table toward the back set aside for walk-ins is actually pretty quiet and airy with all glass walls. For brunch I'd definitely do Hog Island at the bar while enjoying the view and people watching, especially given your proximity. Enjoy your trip!
I'm coming to your fair city soon after a year's absence and can't wait for the culinary adventures!

Dry Creek Kitchen & Healdsburg Wineries

Joseph Swan in Forestville is worth a visit and they're open without appointments on Saturday.

further adventures in restaurant roulette

When are you are sans vegetarians I recommend you go back to Shokolaat. As most reviews have commented the portions are a bit precious, particularly for the area, but it might just be a meal with some memorable dishes. I really enjoyed the escargot mini-casserole we had as an appetizer and the quail in puff pastry.

Looking for shower locale in Palo Alto or Menlo Park

Of the choices your cousin listed, I think Zibibbo is the best for ambiance and service. They have a nice courtyard area as well, although I think there are people passing through it from the front of the restaurant. With a large group Zibibbo has something for everyone including some small plates and shareable items like flatbreads.

Skinny my itinerary, please...

Other Brunch options in Noe/Mission - Fresca on 24th, Maverick, Tartine Bakery, Bar Tartine...

Foreign Cinema or Delfina?

Not to turn your plans upside down, but I would recommend Bar Tartine for dinner and then a few cocktails at Beretta.

Ethnic restaurants with good wine lists?

The original location of Amber India was known for having a good wine list, so the new one in SF should be up to similar standard.