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Green's Gluten-Free Beer available anywhere?

OtherSide Cafe by Hynes Convention Center always has GF beer (or at least cider) and the last time I was there they had Green's, which is absolutely my favorite GF beer (besides Bard's)

Apr 10, 2009
elci in Greater Boston Area


I live to eat but for the past year have had to remove wheat from my life. This was easily doable in Manhattan, where I used to live, but since moving to Boston it has become next to impossible to find reasonably priced food sans wheat!

Considering I live for Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Indian, my chances of being understood by the people working at such venues are hit or miss, and soy sauce cannot go near my mouth.

Does anyone know where the hell I can get a good meal, wheat-free, no cross contamination, for under $15 in Boston? (And I'm not talking Elephant Walk or Legal Seafoods, here.)

Nov 07, 2006
elci in Greater Boston Area

Looking to bring some New Yorker's to breakfast...

It is impossible for someone who's lived in NYC to enjoy breakfast/brunch in Boston. After living in Manattan for 4 years I moved here 6 months ago where you canNOT go to the same bar you were at the night before & get an awesome meal for $10, including one mimosa!

Boston fails in the BF/brunch category of food.

Nov 07, 2006
elci in Greater Boston Area