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Looking for restaurant advice in Franschoek and Cape Town

What a great place -The Millers Thumb for very fresh fish and meat. Pre dinner drinks, 3 courses, bottle of cheapish wine and coffee - R680 for people from England we thought more than reasonable

Give it a go - we did and will return again.

North of Auckland NZ

To answer my own question,on my return!
A Deco in Whangerei was very good indeed.Also for a more informal meal try 'Killer Prawn'.
Pure Tastes in Paihai got a really stinky write up in the local northern paper - we gave it a miss.
Just outside Kerikeri on way to airport try 'Marsden Vineyard' for lunch very good and reasonable

North of Auckland NZ

We will be staying in the Bay of Islands next month and need some good eateries North of Auckland. I asked this question last year and got a big 0 - there must be something?

Good eats in Stone Town, Zanzibar?

Visiting Stone Town next year need a few good restaurants please.

Carnivore's Restaurant in Nairobi

What a shame - I went to their other place in Joburg - an amazing choice Zebra,warthog,etc etc - give it a go if you can.


Due to visit soon for 2 nights -Any ideas?

Do like my meat!

Any good eats in North Island New Zealand,?

We are off to New Zealand soon, are there any good restaurants around Kerikeri,& Pahia?