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Best lasagna in Manhattan?!

i am a lasagna fanatic. i have had most of the ones listed on here, including lincoln's last week (and hearth's when they did red sauce sundays, del posto's super special 100 layer lasagna, etc). if lasagna is on the menu, i get it.

TRUST me when i say that the best lasagna i have ever had is the one offered by torrisi italian specialties. they only offer it during fall and winter. i am waiting for it to come back on the menu as I type this. i have tried to get bon appetit magazine to get the recipe from torrisi (they have a column where they get restaurant recipes for people). i am obsessed with this lasagna. apparently it is from their grandmothers 109 year old recipe.

this is the only lasagna you will ever need.

Oct 10, 2010
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

The Best Pizzas in New York Today

I'm throwing in my vote for PALA on Allen near Houston. Was just there last night and had the amazing arrabiata (cherry tomatoes, garlic, chile, +$2 for the buffalo mozarella). Every time I go there I am impressed by the freshness / variety of their toppings and their crust (pretty thin and crispy with a little bit of chewy bite in the middle). So good! I am always surprised this place doesn't get more love on the boards / blogs.

I've been to most of the celebrated pizza spots in NYC (inc di fara, lucali, una, etc) and in my book Pala ranks up there with the rest of them (and no crazy ass wait like at di fara). if you haven't been you should.

btw I still don't get the hype about artichoke. thought that place was very meh.

Oct 02, 2008
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Contender For Best New Burger

yes you are right it is the east village, my bad.

i would suggest giving the burger another chance. i was at belcourt a few days after they opened and my burger was very juicy, not dry at all. trust me, if it was dry i wouldn't have posted this or recommended this place to my friends.

and no this is not a shill.

Nov 06, 2007
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Contender For Best New Burger


just thought i should mention this for all the burger lovers in nyc who (like me) have tried to taste all of the city's best burgers.

after having run the gamut of nyc's finest (i lean towards the shack burger tho i do also enjoy the presentation of the lure bar burger), i have recently tried a burger at a new spot that is AMAZING.

at the LES french bistro BELCOURT they have an all lamb burger served on a soft powdery roll with homemade spicy ketchup, mayonnaise, goat cheese and pickled zucchini ribbons.

it is soooooo GOOD! i've only been to belcourt twice but i've had the burger both times and it was outstanding.

i have been meaning to head over to prune to try their burger (with lamb on an english muffin) to compare...but as of now i put the BELCOURT burger in the running for one of the city's best.

i would never have known about the lure bar burger if someone hadn't posted on here mentioning it. hopefully someone will be inspired by this post to check out the belcourt one.

Nov 06, 2007
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Need Recommend For Birthday Drinking

My girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow (saturday) night and after dinner we want to take a group of 12-15 friends out somewhere for some good drinking. We usually hit up the cocktail revivalist spots like pegu club, east side company, little branch, flatiron, employees, etc but none of these places are really going to be able to contain such a large party on a saturday night (with so late notice).

Can anyone recommend a good place that might be able to handle a large party like this and that has really good cocktails?

Thank you fellow chowhounders :)

Mar 02, 2007
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Fette Sau to open in Williamsburg Fall 06

Is this open yet!?

Dec 11, 2006
SoylentGreen in Outer Boroughs

EN Shochu Bar / Brasserie - Anyone Check It Out?

As a fan of shochu I have been meaning to get out of Williamsburg to check out EN Shochu Bar but haven't had made the move yet. Has anyone been to this newly opened section of EN Brasserie? Also, I have never been to the restaurant. How is the food there?


Dec 07, 2006
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Cronkite Pizzeria?

Yes I am very curious how this menu stacks up with Fornino's. If it's almost a carbon copy then there is no need to for me to go into the city to check it out. Fornino's is literally 2 blocks from my apartment!

Nov 07, 2006
SoylentGreen in Manhattan

Cronkite Pizzeria?

Read about this place opening this past weekend and I wanted to check it out for lunch today. Does anyone have any early reviews or opinions on this spot? Is it even open yet? I'm a huge fan of Fornino here in my neighborhood...

Nov 07, 2006
SoylentGreen in Manhattan