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Dinner Party - Fairfax

I am hosting a dinner event in Fairfax for family and am seeking suggestions for a place from which to order food to pick up and serve at home. It will only be about 13-15 people, so I'm not looking for catering services. I was planning to order from somewhere like Maggiano's but wanted to do something more original like Peruvian chickens or kabobs.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant for food to serve at a family event? I would rather not do Asian food (we are Asian and trying to get our families to branch out).


Kababs in NJ

Thank you - we'll try it this weekend!

Great Vietnamese in Jersey!!!

My husband and I are from NoVA/DC, and I agree it has been a challenge in finding a good bowl of pho around here. We always make it a point to get pho when we visit family back in VA. We live in Bellevile, and we usually frequent Binh Duong on the Belleville/Bloomfield border or Nha Trang in Jersey City on Newark Ave. We've tried Pho Hana at Palisades Park a couple of times, but we find the broth to be too MSG'y.

Brian - Whenever we order pho in NJ, we just asked for sliced onions with vinegar. Sometimes they have them vinegared, other times, they just give us raw sliced onions. Hit or miss.

Kababs in NJ

Hi there -

Can anyone recommend any good spots for kababs in the Northern NJ area? I prefer good rice over good bread, if that helps. My favorite are the kubideh kababs.

Otherwise, if a recommendation can be given for good gyros, I'll take that!

Thanks so much in advance.

Hanyang Supermarkets

Thanks - this is perfect!!

Jul 03, 2007
Q Jean in Outer Boroughs

Hanyang Supermarkets

My husband was given gift certificates for Hanyang Supermarket by his company. My husband used to live in Woodside, and if I remember correctly, I think there is a Hanyang Supermarket on Roosevelt Ave where it meets with Queens Blvd. Can anyone please tell me if this is correct and also any other locations of these stores in Queens? Although we live in NJ, we will be in Flushing next weekend and would love to take advantage of some Korean food shopping using these certificates.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

Jul 03, 2007
Q Jean in Outer Boroughs

Soup Dumplings in NJ

Wow, thanks so much for the tip about Petite Soo Chow! Glad I now have options, but based on the rave reviews, will probably try this one out first!

Thanks to everyone. Happy eating!

Soup Dumplings in NJ

I am having trouble finding recent reviews of restaurants in NJ (preferably in Bergen County or even Essex County). The older reviews I found seem to point towards China 46 in Ridgefield or John's Shanghai in Edgewater.

Does anyone have any updated reviews of the soup dumplings at either restaurant or even a new recommendation? I current go into the city to Chinatown for these.


Halal Restaurants

Hi folks,

I have a good friend visiting NYC who would love a great culinary experience this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for great meals in restaurants offering halal meats? When I do a search on 'halal,' the posts are primarily for halal carts throughout the city.


Mar 28, 2007
Q Jean in Manhattan

Pho (Vietnamese noodles) in New Jersey?

Thanks for the tip about the Belleville restaurant, jpr54_1!! I checked it out this weekend, and it's nice to have a place to go locally. The summer rolls were excellent, and the pho broth was piping hot and the noodles were at a perfect consistency.

Feb 12, 2007
Q Jean in New Jersey

Korean Food in Rutherford

I work in Lyndhurst and had heard some rumors there are a couple of Korean restaurants in Rutherford. Could anyone offer more information on them?

Also - if anyone could give recommendations for any restaurants nearby that serve Vietnamese pho or Indian food, that would be most appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.

French restaurant in Soho

My husband's client is coming into town and specifically requested to have dinner at a French restaurant in Soho this week. Besides Balthazar, are there any hidden gems you can offer up?

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Nov 06, 2006
Q Jean in Manhattan