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Funky Salad Recipe??

SHRIMP & PEA SALAD: 1 pkg frozen peas, thawed not cooked, 1/2# of shrimp, 3/4 cup cashews, Best Foods mayonaise to mix and salt and pepper. Serve on lettuce lined plate.

Mar 26, 2007
carolle217 in Home Cooking

Help with Coleslaw

I like my coleslaw like this: shredded AND chopped cabbage, Best Foods mayonaise and white suger. No measurements, just until it is the way you like it. I think this came from my Father's side of the family in Kansas.

Mar 26, 2007
carolle217 in Home Cooking

remove burned on carbon from cast iron?

My family always threw them into a bonfire and let it all burn off. Then of course, you have to reseason them with cooking oil.

Mar 09, 2007
carolle217 in Cookware

Any recs in Pittsburg?

I have been going to The New Mecca for over 30 years. Try The Policeman's Special which is not on the menu. The owner, Bill, has catered many a feast and he always shows up after funereals with food. The Friday night soup is to die for. My mother always loved their refried beans. She said they were as smooth as pudding. I also recommend their Carne Asada and Pork Chilequillas (sp)

Your most infamous kitchen misadventure

I was newly married and it was the first time I had my parents over for dinner. It was their anniversary. My new husband and I lived in a mobile home and my stove and oven ran on propane. I baked a beautiful cake and hid it in the cupboard. Then I roasted a chicken and served it. When we cut it, it was still raw. Evidentally we had run out of propane before the chicken was done. I smiled through my tears as I thought of the nice cake I had for dessert. I opened the cupboard to find that I had undercooked the cake and it had split into three pieces and fallen off the plate.

Dec 13, 2006
carolle217 in Not About Food

Anyone dared try KFC's Famous Bowl?

The commercial makes me sick to my stomach. It looks like they swept up the floor after a busy day at KFC and dumped it in a bowl. It's a walking heart attack.....ick

Nov 12, 2006
carolle217 in Chains

Pot Luck Help - any ideas?

Cream Cheese covered with a good cocktail sauce. Mound small, cooked shrimp all over the top and serve with various crackers.

Nov 08, 2006
carolle217 in Home Cooking

How do you dress up a bowl of Top Ramen?

I cook as directed and then add: Ham, bacon or pork, a hard boiled egg, green onions, oyster sauce and a little soy sauce.

Nov 06, 2006
carolle217 in Home Cooking

What's Your Secret Ingredient?

Oyster Sauce on steamed greens and in Ramen Bowls
Balsamic vinegar...add a dash to meat gravy (not milk gravy)
Sugar.....add a teaspoon to homemade italian dressing
McCormicks Montreal Seasoning

Nov 06, 2006
carolle217 in Home Cooking

What's the best quick & easy dinner put together out of leftovers and 1 freshly bought item you made in the last week?

I had a pound of browned hamburger from tacos the night before. (I make mine with just salt, pepper and garlic salt.)
Hmmm looked in my pantry and found a box of chicken Rice-A-Roni and a can of mushrooms. Made rice as directed and stirred in the mushrooms, hamburger and enough sour cream to moisten. Yummy!

Nov 06, 2006
carolle217 in Home Cooking