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Good, obscure eats in Pasadena - Paseo area

cafe bizou on the corner of raymond and union, i believe... has the best steak au poivre... if you like that steak... man... you have to try that one. it is one if not the most expensive thing on the menu... and it's only about $20. the atmosphere is pretty great, for their most expensive entree being $20. i definitely recommend it.

Why are they stamping eggs with a use by date?

i think it depends on what you use them for... if you're going to make sunny side up or even poached eggs you have to use fresh eggs. if you're going to make a meringue or anything else using the whites of the eggs, you have to use fresh eggs. other than that, i dont think it matters much. but you can tell when they get old... a sunny side up egg thats fresh looks like, well, a sunny side up egg. a old egg sunny side up ends up being twice as big (almost) which makes it lose its height... but if you don't care than whatever. but always check them when you need to whip them... they will not whip as well, and you may just get too frustrated and throw it all away.

Nov 05, 2006
violent beauty in Not About Food

What's Your Secret Ingredient?

soy sauce is pretty good to add a salty flavor to anything, as well as that dark caramel color. also... try using a flavored vinegar instead of lemon juice, it works pretty great. i like tarragon vinegar in most dishes, and apple cider vinegar in sweeter ones.

Nov 05, 2006
violent beauty in Home Cooking

ideas for leftover cranberry sauce

i've made a turkey berry sandwhich, which is:

you mix cream cheese with some bruniose mirepoix, which is finely diced carrots, celery, and onion, and spread it on one slice of bread;

you spread cranberry sauce on the other slice of bread;

you put turkey in the middle!

can grill... i usually use hoagie rolls though. it's pretty tatsty, and also uses leftover turkey.

Nov 05, 2006
violent beauty in Home Cooking

Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding

they do sell the sticky toffee pudding at the regular grocery stores now, i saw it but haven't tried it... but i will soon! hd's rocky road is simply the best rocky road ice cream in the world.

Nov 05, 2006
violent beauty in General Topics

Most palatable diet sodas?

diet dr pepper is really good. I personally find the original a bit too sweet, and I have a major sweet tooth. the diet version is really pretty good, since the soda is a sweet anyway, you can't really notice the chemical sweetners. I really hate diet anything, but I'll choose a diet dr pepper any day over the original. also... Diet pepsi goes great with mac and cheese. :)

Nov 05, 2006
violent beauty in General Topics