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vintage stoves?

Hi Chowhounders. I have a vintage stove dillema that I need to resolve asap. There's Royal Rose 36" from the 50s (4 burners, w/ proper oven & storage sides) that resides in an apartment my parents are renovating. It's been in the place since at least '55 and has basically never been used (i.e.: in perfect condition). I would love to move it into my place but it's the wrong size, & I live in a rental so no renovation lies in my immediate future.
My question is this: Would it be ridiculous to put in storage for a year or two? We're in all here in NYC, but I suppose I could search out a storage place slighty upstate for a cheaper rate. Or, should I sell this one & just hope that another comes my way at a good price when I have the space & means? I have no sense of how hard these are to find vs. their cost vs. cost of storage. Any advice would be great.

Also: someone gave me a tip on Kaufman Studios in LIC.. a place that buys such appliances for movie props, etc. If anyone here has heard of or used them, word on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

Jun 04, 2009
ellnn1 in Cookware