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Some short sandwich commentary

I'd like to know from the LA crew on this one topic. Bay Cities to me, Godmother and the rest of the sandwiches on over and over experiences, is simply a feeble and weak sandwich all around. Why are people enamored over this sad excuse for a sandwich?

Jan 29, 2010
Boomer1 in Los Angeles Area

Butchering Classes in LA Area

Does anyone know of any butchering classes or programs in the Los Angeles area? Thanks!

Jan 12, 2010
Boomer1 in Los Angeles Area


Harvest Vine

Ignore any Tom Douglas recos, just not even close to being there.

Nov 04, 2006
Boomer1 in Pacific Northwest

Need one more restaurant in Seattle

I truly would avoid Palace Kitchen and Purple based on what you've found so far. Matt's, while not the best food, has a great "Seattle" ambience and I've enjoyed it there. Lark is a cab ride away and likely at the top of the list. Volterra a bit further away in Ballard but if you like Tuscan, you'll love the place. Closer to DT, Union is quite good, I think some people mentioned as well. Crush has a nice quaint atmosphere, close in location to Harvest Vine which is great.

Nov 04, 2006
Boomer1 in Pacific Northwest

Seven Star Pepper (Seattle)

I don't see anyone above that's mentioned that the original people (chef and owner) that run this place are gone. The quality has gone quite downhill. They've opened a place in Bellevue, haven't been there, but it's call Szechuan ___ can't recall. Last time was really disappointed in the quality at Seven Star Pepper.

Nov 04, 2006
Boomer1 in Pacific Northwest

Mexican in Seattle

Lived in SD and LA as well. It's tough if not impossible to find good Mexican in Seattle and the trucks are the closest you'll get. The one in White Center is good, another good one off of 148th out near Redmond if you can believe it. Otherwise, good luck. La Carta de Oaxaca is ok and better than any of the other options listed. Really tough...

Nov 04, 2006
Boomer1 in Greater Seattle