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Seeking good Sunday brunch spot in Manhattan--convenience to midtown East a plus

DC/Paris Chowhound seeks good (but not insanely crowded or expensive) spot for Sunday brunch, 4/19. I'm in NYC with my dad, and we've already tried Sarabeth's; I like Good Enough to Eat but fear it will be too crowded (and a bit inconvenient to our location near 53rd and 3rd). I'm looking for a good quality/price ratio and a low-key atmosphere, and I'd would be happy to head to locations under the river on the E line or other convenient MTA routes. Many thanks!

Apr 18, 2009
Zorro in Manhattan

DiMio Pizza in Porter Square Morphing into Stone Hearth Pizza

Yes--I walked by the restaurant yesterday (8/21/08) and spoke with one of the men working on renovations in the store. DiMio's owner apparently decided to close the place, and the space will be reopening in a few weeks as a branch of Stone Hearth, which currently has outposts in Belmont and Sudbury. Does anyone know if the owner of DiMio's is affiliated in any way with Stone Hearth? It's a real pity to lose this restaurant; I live elsewhere, but my parents and other family members used to go frequently, and we were all looking forward to DiMio's reappearance.

Aug 22, 2008
Zorro in Greater Boston Area

casual dinner in no va

What kind of cuisine are you looking for? There are some fantastic Thai restuarants in Arlington (Thai Square, Rabieng), with very reasonable prices and delicious food, plus lots of lesser-known East Asian restaurants. Depends on what you're looking for.

Good places for brunch in Alexandria

Hi, Chowhounds. I'm looking for a good place to go to brunch on Sunday with a couple of friends. Suggested possibilities have included Bread and Chocolate and La Madeleine, but I'm not nuts about either chain. Do people in the area have better suggestions? We need to meet in Alexandria, so DC is out.