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Christmas in SF help me find an alternative to GD and other questions

Masa's and Michael Minna are your best bet, very creative, not what I'd call a warm environment but I likely have a different idea of "warm".

Beach Chalet or Park Chalet ?

Truthfully the Chalets are just tourist traps. I live nearby and we take visitors there for breakfast just so they can be next to the ocean. Food is ho hum, service sucks.

Roadside BBQ - 2nd Ave.and Geary Blvd

Ok, after 2 visits to Roadside I've had enough to review.

I was excited about this place opening up. I love barbeque and it's in my neighborhoood, what could be better?

First Visit: Saturday afternoon, it wasn't very busy. Ordered the brisket sandwich and sweet potato fries. Portion size was great, it consisted of meat, sauce, and slaw on a large sesame bun. I prefer an actual hamburger bun to the rolls that they use at Memphis Minnies. I also grabbed some sauces to try out. The sandwich was pretty good, a bit too much fat, but good none-the-less. Fries were pretty good, although a little too soggy - they need to turn up the temp on the frier. The hot sauce was pretty tasty, mustard and sesame sauces were nothing special, but not terrible. Overall a good experience, I was ready to go again.

Second Visit (tonight): Stopped by after work and ordered the "Big Guy", 3 meats and 2 sides. I opted for the brisket, baby backs, and pulled pork, ordered dry. For sides I tried the mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. Portion size was pretty good, heavy on the pulled pork. No sauce, bun, or slaw with the meat really unmasked this place for what it is...blech. Pulled Pork - I could detect NO TRACE of smoke flavor, I don't think this meat ever saw a smoker. I had to use sauce to eat what I was able to. Baby Backs - a little smoke flavor here, way to fatty and chewy though. Brisket - best meat there, tender when you don't get a mouth full of fat; decent flavor, but not great. The hot sauce was nothing like the last time. I actually still have som hot sauce from last time in my fridge, and the batches taste completely different. The mashed potatoes have a boxed spuds consistency, and the mac&cheese was ho hum. The kicker - I'm tossing what's left of the Baby Backs and Pulled's that disappointing.

Overall I'm pretty bummed. I hope this place gets their act together, because I'd love to have good cue close by. Our options in SF are pretty limited. MMs has a lock in the Brisket and Pulled Pork department, but except for once in a blue moon orders from Brother in Laws, I've yet to taste good ribs that weren't made in someones back yard.