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Rhodes: Lindos & Rhodes City

Mavirkos is in the main square of Lindos and is definitely worth a visit.

Jul 01, 2008
epicure_ny in Europe

Etiquette question: Picking up food

Thanks for a wonderful response. Other than lamb chops, I can't think of many other things that would require picking up that are served in elegant settings (I think if you are being served fried chicken and corn on the cob, it's assumed you would use your fingers). However, as this board seems divided, I will exercise restraint (and certainly would not do so in any sort of interview/trying to impress a client event).

Oct 23, 2007
epicure_ny in Not About Food

Cuba: Havana, Trinidad

To clarify, these are all in Havana.

Cuba: Havana, Trinidad

Sorry to reply so much later, but I figure tips are always welcome.

I had a wonderful trip to Cuba but the food was generally mediocre. We did make an effort to eat at paladars and these were universally better than our meals at hotels. Also, they have considerably more charm. It is difficult to get much in the way of fresh vegetables or fruit but the pork is plentiful and we had some decent seafood too.

The paladars constantly change, so ask locals (we stayed in a casa particular so got some advice on local spots from the people in our house). We did visit a few of the well-known paladars and I would recommend the following:
La Guarida
La Esperanza
Paladar La Julia
El Huron Azul

Etiquette question: Picking up food

Hi all -- I have an etiquette question that I was wondering about at a recent business dinner. Is it acceptable to pick up food in a restaurant and chew on the bone? I was having some wonderful lamb chops and would have enjoyed gnawing on them (delicately, of course) but wasn't sure if it would put people off.

Any thoughts or insights on this critical issue? :)

Oct 23, 2007
epicure_ny in Not About Food

Upscale in Bangkok/Koh Samui

Hello! I will be going to Bangkok armed with many suggestions off this board, but I wanted some suggestions for a celebratory dinner somewhere "nice".

Also, any recent suggestions for Koh Samui dining?


Cuba: Havana, Trinidad

I will be spending Christmas and New Years Eve in Havana this year. I understand that Cuba is not a particularly chow-worthy destination but that said, I would love any suggestions for specific paladares or general food tips while we are there. We'll mostly be in Havana (staying in Vieja), but might do some side trips to Vinales and Trinidad as well.

Thank you -- I promise to post reviews when I return since there do not appear to be any recent posts on this topic.

Delhi- Affordable legit eats for a group of 25?

I would suggest Swagat in Defense Colony market.

Nov 03, 2006
epicure_ny in India & South Asia