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Best (Funniest? Wittiest?) Food Quotes

"She sits among the cabbages and peas"

A lovely English Music-Hall song.

Oct 17, 2009
syberyenta in Not About Food

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

OK Best-- America's Test Kitchen. I love their food, and I can believe they make each recipe over and over to find the best combinations.

Worst -- Tyler Florence's Ultimate Pernil calls for 1 Tablespoon of Kosher Salt Per Pound--????? of Pork Shoulder. Now, the Pork Shoulders I get are not lightweight items, and -- I admit -- I could not put that much salt in a dish. It must be a misprint. ? Thoughts?

Oct 17, 2009
syberyenta in Home Cooking

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

Gosh, so many different opinions!
Here's $0.02:

America's Test Kitchen
Pepin, in anything
Two Fat Ladies --thanks for the memory -- "It's a Tri-umph!"
Hearty Boys
Big Daddy (sorry, he just seems to have so much fun -- but I could never make that stuff-- sometimes I just tune in to count the sticks of butter !
Top Chef
Ace [Ok, more the joie de vivre than anything else]

Turn It Off:
Iron Chef (too fake)
Bobby Flay (Throw-Up with B.F)
Good Eats (no more moronic skits, pleeez)
anything with an audience
Guy Fieri - always the same song, over and over.
Paula D-- love her, can't take her show.

Sep 29, 2009
syberyenta in Food Media & News

Chef vs City -- A new low in programming?

Well I haven't watched it yet, but I did record it. Your comment reminds me of Ernie Kovacs' quote "Television is called a medium -- when it's well-done, it's rare!"

Mr. Sanchez seems so serious on 'Chopped' [which is another silly show, but not totally unwatchable]. It might be fun to see him with his hair down.

Still, food should be fun. We'll see if this show has any legs. I can always tune in Big Daddy and count the sticks of butter or trips to the deep-fryer.

Aug 08, 2009
syberyenta in Food Media & News

Still lamenting closure of L'Entrecote (1st Ave & 57th/58th St.) Suggestions for a substitute?

I too remember Jean-Paul and L'Entrecote fondly. Although cramped, and unchanging, it was never empty.

He would refer to my partner and myself as "M. le docteur and M. le professeur", although we weren't. And he would always sing 'La Marseillaise' while refilling the after-dinner drinks.

Jul 27, 2009
syberyenta in Manhattan

CSA's or Green Carts?

I have a 'market CSA' account with Norwich Meadows Farm.
They are at Union Square Sat. , Tompkins Square Sun and other locations.

Go and speak to Zaid or Haifa about putting money 'on account'. If you apply early in the year, you can get a substantial discount -- but you get your pick of what's available, including eggs, chicken, etc. I love CSA but it's just not convenient for me-- this is a much better arrangement, and I go every weekend.

Jul 27, 2009
syberyenta in Manhattan

Pear and Apple Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Gorgonzola Vinaigrette

Jul 01, 2009
syberyenta in Recipes

Salmon for St. Patrick's Day?

The first thing I thought of was 'Never wear Orange on St. Paddy's"--

But politics aside, I'd make sure to have plenty of Dill / Parsley / Cucumber scales


Mar 01, 2009
syberyenta in Home Cooking

Lox Flatbread

pumpernickel, butter, onion, smoked salmon canape's.
Sprinkle pepper over, then place on a clean plate.
Always the first to go.

Apr 04, 2008
syberyenta in Recipes

The Basics: How to Make Garlicky Spaghetti

hee hee so much for recipe-free cooking!!

Oh and of course

CRUDE == crudo == 'raw'

Apr 04, 2008
syberyenta in Features

Chocolate Ding-a-Lings

I finally made this recipe and they were dry and tasteless. Also the color was closer to sand than to a chocolate brown.

? It tastes like there's too much flour -- is 3 cups a misprint?

Oct 09, 2007
syberyenta in Recipes

Larry Craig's Wiener in a Spud

Bet they're toe-tappin' good!!!

Sep 14, 2007
syberyenta in Features

copenhagen, smaland

The last time I was there, I had the Steak Tartare / Oysters, and 1 Herrings (you MUST have herrings) and 1 Gamel Ole with aspic and rum. (Gamel Ole is a verrrrrry strong cheese). MMMM !

copenhagen, smaland

Ida Davidsen's restaurant is worth a stop. Here's a quote from her website:

"They are rather crazy about ”smørrebrød” (Danish open sandwiches) in that family. That crazy that they have now reached the fifth generation who has made a living out of high-piled ”smørrebrød”.

If something is unbearably long, you say that it is as long as Oskar Davidsen’s list of ”smørrebrød .” There is a reason for this, as in 1888 the one and same Davidsen started out with an open sandwich business on Nørrebro with no less than 177 pieces of ”smørrebrød” to choose between.

So, today it is the fifth generation, also an Oscar (with a c) who runs the business, which is now situated in Store Kongensgade and is also a luncheonette.

It is named after the great-grandchild of the old Oskar, namely Ida Davidsen, who runs the kitchen (queen Ida, her son calls her), and the list of ”smørrebrød” is now longer and has reached 250 pieces of ”smørrebrød”, by now.

The restaurant is cosy, the waiters are talking menus and there are plenty of regulars. Especially very famous people who, if they have earned it, have a piece of ”smørrebrød” named after them. For example, you may set your teeth into Uffe Ellemann (worth considering!) or Victor Borge. The old showman is a piece with salmon, freshly marinated lumpfish caviar, crayfish tails, Greenland shrimp, lime and dill mayonnaise.'

You can check the prices for yourself online-- i'm not sure I'd call it mid-priced, but it is definitely a must-see. It's only open for lunch and always packed.

Grind and brew coffee maker

Mister's Cuisinart grind and brew sounds like a durned mini air raid siren every morning.

Dec 09, 2006
syberyenta in Cookware

"Old Ole" - danish cheese

OK, here's the deal.

I was in Denmark in May and I had a cheese there called 'Old Ole.'
It was terrifically strong but not molten and not 'blue'.

There was an aged version that was called 'Old Ole's Father.' Not for the squeamish.

I am craving it. Any 'hounds got a lead?

Dec 08, 2006
syberyenta in Manhattan

Chocolate Egg Cream

always, syrup first

Dec 08, 2006
syberyenta in Manhattan

The Galloping Gourmet [Moved from General Topics]

he would always take 'a short slurp' of wine. I was sorry to read that it became a problem. He also would make the ladies laugh by saying "First you take a leek-- "

Dec 08, 2006
syberyenta in Food Media & News

Favorite twists to basic meatloaf?

Recently, Mister brought home a cookbook from Tuscany. Or was it a history? Anyway, it didn't have any kind of precise measurements in it, but it did have a recipe for meatloaf with chopped prosciutto and grated parmesan cheese.

He said he liked it-- I think my palate was confused.

I see some reference on the net to this combination as a 'Polpettone.'

Dec 08, 2006
syberyenta in Home Cooking

Dinner before opera at the Met?

would you consider Shun Lee? I know it's not Daniel...

43 W. 65th St., New York, NY, 10023
between Columbus Ave. and Central Park West

Nov 30, 2006
syberyenta in Manhattan


(though those eggs are a pain to peel)
My Christmas hors d'oeuvre always include stuffed deviled [hen] eggs -- and they're easier to peel when a few days old. $.02

Nov 29, 2006
syberyenta in Home Cooking


The Pernil at Sofrito is huge and toothsome

400 E 57th Street (Cross Street: Between 1st Avenue and Sutton Place)
New York, NY 10022View Map
(212) 754-5999
Directions: N, R, W at 59th St; 4, 5, 6 at 59th St

Nov 29, 2006
syberyenta in Manhattan

New Food Emporium (Bridgemarket) competing with Citarella-type stores?

Ditto to the dismay. A disaster and no signage

Nov 28, 2006
syberyenta in Manhattan

Wonder Breads

I agree. As I have posted on another thread, I got the most wonderful results after being quite careless with the instructions.

Try it.

Nov 15, 2006
syberyenta in Features

Rise and Shine

Ok I admit I also did this recipe, and really pushed it-- I gave it every chance to fail.

it stuck to my Silpat, which nothing had ever ever done. I didn't flour the towel well enough so half of the dough got glued there.

I used a ceramic souffle dish with a flat but non-matching cover.

It was great great bread. I shall try again!

Nov 15, 2006
syberyenta in Features