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Banh Mi in Richmond, VA?

Oh wow, dasna98 - cafe gutenberg has banh mi's?! i've tried their vietnamese coffee which was good, but i guess not all of their vietnamese picks are worth praise ;)
We may be better off making our own at home...

Jul 08, 2009
foodlover123 in Mid-Atlantic

Cancha Corn

Cornlover, I just checked out the website and it looks very similar to the cancha corn!
I must order and will let you know :)

Looking for Selma's Cookie Recipe

Hi Anna - thanks so much for the information! Yes, we're definitely in the same boat. Like you, I've been searching all of those websites and as we speak, I have a batch of dough (WITH yeast) sitting in my fridge right now which I will bake in about half an hour. I'll let you know how they taste! (the only thing is, I completely forgot to put them in until I added the chocolate chips, so I put them in on one side and mixed! hehe)

That's so funny that you provided the link for the copycat Levain's cookies. From my research, I began to read more and more about these cookies. I haven't tried them (YET! have you?) but I'm actually trying to find a balance between Selma's and Levain's in my attempts.

I used the recipe from the Levain Copy Cat version and I'm happy to report that they DID come out plumpy. But... the only downfall to that was the cookie was just too soft on the inside. Although I do like it plumpy, I also like it chewy too. I'll keep you posted!

Jul 10, 2008
foodlover123 in Home Cooking

Looking for Selma's Cookie Recipe

I tried to mimic the cookie but didn't quite work out - they turned out flat and crispy.... I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Also one of the recipes given was for an oatmeal cookie - does anybody have a chocolate chip cookie version? Thanks!

Jul 08, 2008
foodlover123 in Home Cooking

Looking for Selma's Cookie Recipe

Hi everyone - please help me on my search for Selma's cookie recipe.
If you're not familiar with these cookies, I highly recommend them! ( They're thick and overloaded with chocolate and candy! I'd like to recreate these at home and was wondering if anyone has the recipe for these? Thanks!

Jun 26, 2008
foodlover123 in Home Cooking

Banh Mi in Richmond, VA?

Sorry for the delay on this for I've been out of touch with my chowhounders!

Just a quick update: absolutely right on with being lucky with any type of banh mi! Checked with Vietnam 1, and they didn't have it... I had to go to Eden to get my craving satisfied! Thanks.

Jun 26, 2008
foodlover123 in Mid-Atlantic

Dinner with clients Downtown

I ended up going to Rosewater for dinner - great food and atmosphere. It was definitely pricey though...

I do want to note that I absolutely loved Terroni (we went there for lunch). They had so many choices of pizza - all tasted fantastic! I recommend this place to those in the downtown area.

Banh Mi in Richmond, VA?

Hello - I'm looking for a place that sells great banh mi's in Richmond, VA.
Richmond has some great choices for pho, but I'm not sure if they all sell banh mi's...

Thank you,

Feb 27, 2008
foodlover123 in Mid-Atlantic

Dinner with clients Downtown

Can someone recommend a good restaurant in downtown Toronto for a client dinner?
Not too expensive, good variety of food...

Thank you!!

Cancha Corn

HI Steve - thank you. I'm pretty bummed about not finding these delicious treats! I'm going to the store this weekend to get the uncooked ones and I'll attempt at making them myself. I'll post my results, but here's the recipe I'm planning to use.

Cancha Recipe
1 lb. Peruvian Cancha Corn
3 Tbs. Olive Oil
2 Tbs. sea salt
vegetable oil for frying

1. In a bowl, toss corn and olive oil, spread on a sheet pan and roast slowly in a 300 degree oven for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown and cooked in the middle.
2. Will look similar to a half cooked popcorn kernel once it is done. Remove from oven, pour back into bowl and toss with salt to taste.

Cancha Corn

I just got back from a trip to Peru and fell in love with the Cancha Corn (toasted corn with a little bit of oil and salt). I'm trying to see where I can buy them. Most Latino stores sell the uncooked kernels which you have to make at home, but not the already made ones. Does anyone know where I can buy these online??

Please help!

Not usually a complainer but Red Ginger of Georgetown...

With my love for Caribbean flavor, I was excited to check out Red Ginger of Georgetown. I was in for a nice surprise: DISAPPOINTMENT! I have never been to a restaurant in DC with such horrible service. Apparently they don't understand the concept of only a limited # of tables/server because there was only like 1 person on the floor and at bar at the same time. Not only was the service horrible, we didn't get any recommendation on what to order because the answer was always "it's up to you". I tried to have a pleasant evening with some friends and the disappointments just continued. If you're going for the Caribbean food, this is not the place. That would actually be forgivable if the food was good, but it was not at all impressive for the price we paid - just an awkward mixture of different flavors. Most of all, it was the service. They need to train their staff adequately and teach them about the menus.

I'd like to hear your experiences with the restaurant... was it just a bad night?

Okonomiyaki in DC?

Thanks for that information. I was going to make my way up there soon for lunch just for okonomiyaki but good to know! What do you recommend getting? I can't wait to go try...

Parents Anniversary Dinner

I'm planning to take my parents out to dinner for their anniversary and it happens to fall during Restaurant Week! I'm looking for a place with great food for restaurant week. I've been to some restaurants for RW that served small portions... disappointing.
Thank you in advance!!

Please help:

The Caucus Room
701 Restaurant
Bistro Bis
Finn & Porter

Best Korean Bakery in NOVA and what to get?

I have to admit - I do go to Shilla a lot just because it's the biggest, but Le Matin de Paris (also off Little River Tnpk, near Fuddruckers) is good too.

Here are my recommendations on what to get at Korean bakeries:
- sweet potato (go goo mah) cake
- bing soo (shaved ice, fruit, ice cream, etc.) - green tea's my favorite
- bubble teas aren't too bad either

Hope this helps.

Okonomiyaki in DC?

Thank you so much! Actually - I've been meaning to check out the place for awhile. My friend raves about the restaurant all the time. I better go before they close... thanks again steve!

CHINESE restaurant - Ginger Fish

There's a dish I had in Ann Arbor, Michigan awhile ago - called Ginger Fish - at a Chinese restaurant that served somewhat of upscale Chinese food. It was the best thing I ever had!!! I got back home and tried to look everywhere to see if there was anything close to it, but haven't had any luck at all...

I'll try to describe what it was... lightly battered (close to tempura batter) fish (don't know what kind) with a slightly sweet sauce, ginger flavored - with some vegetables.

Please help!!!

I heard Peking Gourmet has great Chinese food - do you think they have something like it?

Ultimate Nachos

What restaurants serve THE BEST loaded nachos - like the one with melted cheese, meat, and the works?

Okonomiyaki in DC?

Are there any restaurants in the DC/Northern VA area that have okonomiyaki? I'm a huge fan, but I haven't been able to find a place around here...