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Any recs for a nicer BRANDY that is sim to Christian Bros?

(Xpost since brandy is sorta wine & spirit)

For a retirement gift. We know he drinks Christian Brothers as his everyday but we'd like something nicer. Not cognac, I hear they are similiar but he's picky.

I was thinking a bottle of XO of some brand? Budget is about $75.

Sep 07, 2014
christinaemcc in Wine

Any recs for nice BRANDY that is similiar to Christian Bros?

For a retirement gift. We know he drinks Christian Brothers as his everyday but we'd like something nicer. Not cognac, I hear they are similiar but he's picky.

I was thinking a bottle of XO of some brand? Budget is about $75.

Sep 07, 2014
christinaemcc in Spirits

casual but good lunch spot off I-81 North? around West Va or Md. state lines.

i'll be driving from Charlotte to NYC on a Friday, looking for a decent place to grab lunch. i expect to hit the West Virginia state line around 12pm or so... not looking for fast food but rather a local place, something w good sandwiches or bbq? don't want to go too far outta my way, 15 min from interstate would be fine.

any ideas? i've done the drive a bunch of times and the best i can find is ChikfilA or Panera, would love to find a local dive!

Jun 11, 2013
christinaemcc in Mid-Atlantic

upscale bachelorette dinner suggestions?

Looking for a few recommendations for an upscale bachelorette dinner. It's a surprise so we're trying to avoid asking the bride to be to choose.

Cuisines we're not interested in:
Anything indian/asian/sushi.
Small plates/tapas.

Ideally, we're looking for someplace with an upscale vibe, creative cocktails, good food but not super exotic. Bride to be likes good food but is not a "foodie" by any means. She's very weird about places being "Zagat rated". Restaurants she likes - Butter, One if by Land, Capital Grille.

I guess $50-75 a person price range since it's all females, most likely we won't be eating 3 courses/overindulging in hearty dishes. Anywhere midtown or below will work.


Feb 11, 2013
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Upper East Side Take Out Italian

gino's on 83rd - cash only.
totonno's on 2nd - not sure about baked ziti but they have pasta.
nicks on 92nd or 94th - family style but great stuff.
fat sals on 2nd - meh, its ok late night.

Jun 09, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

where to watch world cup for a 10:00 week day game on the upper east side

definitely recommend Ship of Fools but not sure they do the outside screens unless its a weekend... and I'm not positive they are open that early. Maybe for brunch?

Also try Doc Watsons on 77th/2nd... they've got a lot of the games on

Ship of Fools
1590 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

Jun 09, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Ninja New York?

Perhaps you should not "jump to conclusions" when declaring that no one the board would visit such a place - I've visited, and I agree that it's not a good restaurant and the food is subpar, but to make the assertion that people who like good food & fine dining don't sometimes end up in crappy restaurants is a bit narrow minded.

Jun 09, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Ninja New York?

I was there 2 months ago (end of March), and I can say that the food is mediocre, at best. I am in no way, shape, or form a qualified foodie, and I certainly am not a sushi expert, but even the miso soup was a fail. I got some beef teriyaki roll, it was awkward - cooked beef wrapped in rice - the beef was tough & chewy. I also split some chicken dish and the plate was broken up into different parts of the chicken (breast, leg, wing..?) - even the display was unappetizing. It was a "good time" in the fact that my dinner companions & I were there more for fun & drinks than the cuisine.... sometimes you just gotta let go of your pretensions and have a tipsy night at a theme restaurant, it happens. Don't go for the food, but if you've got kids or you wanna ACT like a kid for a night...go, it's not the worst food you'll eat, but it's far from the best you'll eat.

Jun 09, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

looking for place to stop for a quick bite to eat off I-81 in Roanoke? +++

I am driving from NYC to Charlotte on Friday.

Stops I have in mind are:
Hagerstown, Md. - walk dog, fill up gas tank, rest room
Harrisonburg, Va. - Starbucks
Roanoke, Va. - light lunch (quick!)

I was wondering if there is some place around Roanoke that would be good to stop for a quick ("to go") healthy light lunch? I'm not a fan of Wendy's or McDonald's type of food (a bit too heavy for such a long drive)... but Panera or Moe's would be fine! Ideally I'd love something a bit more "local" and not a chain...but I'll make anything semi-healthy work.

The biggest priority is that it be quick & easy to find off I-81. I am a pro at getting myself lost (even with GPS), and sort of on a time limit, so I really don't want to stray far from 81!

Thanks so much!

May 24, 2010
christinaemcc in Southeast

minetta tavern "supper" -- crowded on sat night? ++

do you think that if 2 people were to show up at minetta tavern around 12:30/1am on a saturday night, that there would be a long wait?

i just want the black label burger w/a leffe... i'm not looking to hang out with madonna or hang out with orlando bloom.... just dont want a place that the music is blaring & people are sitting on your lap, ya know?

i'm wondering whether it's big enough to share (2 women) or whether we should get the minetta burger as well and do a little burger review...

May 21, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Restaurants that turn into a bar or club

Butter has both an active dinner scene and club scene. Usually midweek is better for club scenes.. Mon/Tues are the new "Saturdays" or something.

Also, maybe Nikki beach Midtown.... i'd go with STK also... not sure about Buddhakan/TAO seem like they would. Spice Market maybe?

Schillers Liquor Bar on the LES, and Stanton Social

Also - Wicker Park on the UES is a restaurant that goes straight bar crazy at around 10pm on Thurs/Fri/Sat. I've been there during the "transition" - awkward. But both the food & bar scene are mediocre, if that.... unless you're in your early 20s, in which case its fun.

Mar 01, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Need a place for a birthday dinner upper east or west side

cafe d'alsace (sp?) - 2nd @ 88th (or maybe 89th?)

Mar 01, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Birthday dinner for 10 year old boy

what about Buddhakan or TAO? i think both are in midtown and have a more "lively" atmosphere.... plus Buddhakan is family style, with lots of veggie options!

Mar 01, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

lunch for solo diner in Murray Hill area

Looking to have a light lunch between appointments in the Murray Hill area (mid 30s/Madison area).

I prefer to sit at the bar and read a book, enjoy a salad or soup & glass of wine. Any cuisine with the exception of sushi and steak...

This is my birthday "off day", so I'm trying to avoid the power lunch and business meeting set at all costs!

Thoughts on Le Halles or Artisanal.... any other suggestions would be great!


Jan 21, 2010
christinaemcc in Manhattan

free wifi - bar/restaurant on the UES?

just wondering if there's a restaurant or bar on the UES (mid 80s) with free wifi open today (tues) for lunch...

hoping to grab lunch & a beer or a glass of wine while "working from home"?


Jun 16, 2009
christinaemcc in Manhattan

breakfast near Grand Central?

my boss would like to ave a breakfast meeting with a colleague near Grand Central next week -- any good places near there, within walking distance? I think Norma's would be too far.....Thanks!

Apr 16, 2009
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Office Relocated to Bryant Park - Help!

I work around there... my go-tos are:

Milant Gourtmet -- 39th & 3rd? i think it's closed now though? great sandwiches...cheap too.
Kati Roll -- 39th btw 5th & 6th -- indian burrittos...greasy goodness, always a line.
Cafe Charlie -- 40th btw Mad & 5th -- standard midtown deli...good sandwiches
Mondello's pizza -- 37th btw 5th & Madison -- great chix parm & pizza
Little Italy Pizza -- 45th btw 5th & madison -- good pizza, crowdeddd....there's another one on 44th somehwere, i dunno which one is better though....
Fashion Soup -- maybe 38th & 6th (around there?) -- awesome soups.
Le Pain Quotidein -- 40th & 6th -- salads.

Aug 07, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Where can I find the best burger on the Upper East Side. I would love it if they would deliver to 86th and 2nd

Obviously -- JG Melons, but they don't deliver, do they?

I personally hate Jackson Hole but people rave about it.

I've had an OK burger from Burger Heaven....Uptown Lounge and Gracie's Corner are above average too. (all on seamless web)

Wicker Park is good, don't know if they deliver...

Aug 07, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Where can I find the best burger on the Upper East Side. I would love it if they would deliver to 86th and 2nd

yeah, the burger @ uptown is pretty good.i usually get mine @ brunch, but they are on seamless web if you wanna delivery.....

Aug 07, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Upper East Side -- Recommendations anyone?

Italianissimo -- Italian delivery (waiters can be annoying, always trying to "suggest" more courses...)
Paola's -- Italian
Totonno's -- Pizza (pies only.... fresh mozzarella...Monday - 1 pie, pitcher of beer special!)
Gino's -- Pizza (by the slice...old school)
Land -- Thai
Wu Liang Ye/Shanghai Pavilion -- Chinese
Cilantro -- Mexican
Atomic Wings -- wingssssss
Uptown Lounge/JG Melon -- burgers
Wicker Park -- bar food

Jul 17, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Margaritas in Midtown

zarella's - they'll knock you on your feet, even the frozen ones! (52nd & 2nd...maybe 51st??)
ah chihuahua! - 51st between 1st & 2nd (or something?)
blockheads/caliente cab - in the 34th & 3rd area...

Jul 17, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

where to go tonight for a casual dinner on the UES?

something other than Italian or Mexican.... or Chinese or Thai.

good drinks....maybe a bar with good apps?

nothing to fancy, as we don't have the palettes or money for Sfoglia or the like.

Apr 17, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

good thai place for a group of 8?

unfortunately, according the OpenTable, kittichai is booked until 10pm, so that's out.

any other trendy thai places for a gropu of 8 or so girls celebrating a birthday?

location doesn't matter...and price doesn't really matter either, within reason.

some place trendier would be nice...good cocktails & cute decor?

Mar 20, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

The Plaza reopened - is their buffet brunch still around?

I just read an article about the Plaza reopening this spring. The article mentioned "high tea" but nothing about the famous buffet brunch, does anyone know if they are still doing this?

Mar 20, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

cute place to eat/drink alone? rop

i'm going downtown, to have a "date with myself" sorta day.

i just kinda wanna unwind, read a good book and have a nice meal...maybe a glass of wine.

are there any cafes in soho/west village that would be good for that, on the quieter side?

Feb 16, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

wine/italian restaurant on Third Ave around 70th st? name?

I'm trying to think of the name of this place I always pass...

It's got an italian sounding name...and sorta looks like it could be a high-end Olive Garden, but specializes in wines???

It's very large... I think it's got some art deco stone/rock thing going on....and it's very new, maybe 6 or so months old?

Definitely 3rd Ave around 70th St... anyone know the name?


Feb 01, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

late night dining -- with a good bar scene?

i have theatre tickets tonight, and i was hoping to grab a late night dinner with friends.

nothing too fancy... maybe small plates type of place?

we'd like to combine our boozing with our munching.... suggestions?

no asian please. no offense.

(preferably downtown -- soho, w. vill, tribeca, etc)

Feb 01, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

Best chicken wings on the upper east side?

Bar Coastal or Blondies... Ship of Fools.

Bounce has great boneless ones....so does Wicker Park.

Feb 01, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

light lunch on the LES/East Village?

i'm getting pants tailored on the LES and I'd like to have lunch while I wait for them to be hemmed, any cute places near Rivington/Orchard to have lunch with a friend, under $15 each? nothing fancy... preferably no asian.

Jan 23, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan

stanton social: best dishes?


Jan 15, 2008
christinaemcc in Manhattan