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Rosario's restaurant? (Ditmars and 38th St., Astoria)

What would be hard to beat? Forno Italia on Ditmars and 45th. Unbelievable pies. Really. Not to mention spedini alla Romana, and the free focaccia that comes straight out of the brick oven before your meal. Plus the veal and chicken cutlets are at least as good as at any overrated joint in Little Italy/Arthur Avenue/South Philadelphia. All served in an old-fashioned-looking pair of dining rooms one of which features a framed photo of Al Pacino as Michael Corleone (circa I or II) who glares at you over every delicious bite.

Forno Italia
43-19 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

May 03, 2011
dannyola in Outer Boroughs

80's Party!!!

Every. Single. Thing. Out of the Silver Palate Cookbook, the Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook, and the New Basics. I have been cooking out of these for ages and it was only in the last year or two that I noticed they were as totally '80s as Hot Tub Time Machine and as fun to read as your Better Homes cookbooks from the '50s and '60s. And the margins of all the Silver Palate books are crammed with party and menu tips. Martha's cookbooks from those days are almost as good (by which I mean funny).

I worked at a very haute restaurant in the mid-80s. Highlights of the menu included cold clam and salmon soup, cold melon soup, fruit sauces on everything, chicken mousse, fetuccine alfredo, and chocolate pot de creme. Also, every tomato on every salad was peeled. Peeled.

As for Knorr spinach dip, man, I still make that a couple times a year. That has no decade. It is timeless.

Mar 25, 2011
dannyola in Home Cooking


I was just on the Chowfoods site and I noticed half the restaurants seem to be gone, including Mioposto, Atlast Foods and Coastal Kitchen. I always visit these places when I'm back home (I live in Philadelphia now), particularly the 5-Spot. From the sound of things, the partners went their separate ways. Any story on what happened? Despite your story above, which I don't doubt, I always had pretty good experiences at all Chow restaurants. In fact, I'm glad the 5-spot is still around because if it closed, I'd have to find somewhere else to go straight from the airport.

Apr 12, 2010
dannyola in Greater Seattle