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Dining in Nairobi - An Overview

Hi A -

Just came back from a trip to Kenya a couple weeks ago. Wanted to say "ditto" on your recommendation for Chinese at Jiang Hsu in Westlands. Had a full Chinese banquet-style dinner there with my dragon boat team (hosted by the Chinese Consulate) and it was as authentic and yummy as any Chinese restaurant I have been to here in the states . . .

--- M.

Where to Go If Eating Alone?


Will be in Chicago for the weekend and am looking for GREAT EATS, but will be dining ALONE. Any suggestions? Will be staying at the Renaissance on State & Whacker Sts. Thanks in advance!

- M from California

Jan 15, 2008
FlipChick in Chicago Area

Eats for Dragon Boat Team in Vancouver?

My dragon boat team will be in Vancouver (staying at YWCA Hotel - Yaletown?) in June. Looking for some recommendations for group dining and/or just plain good food? We'd prefer anything uniquely Canadian, affordable and able to take a group of 15-20 people?

Good Filipino Food in South SFO?

I'll be in South San Francisco for a class for 3 days --- looking for good authentic Filipino food - anyone have any suggestions?

Road Chow from Chicago to Champaign?

Hi --- Wondering if anyone can recommend any decent places for food on the way from Chicago to Champaign and then Champaign to Lafayette? Pretty much open to any type of food but would like chow that's "local" to the area? Thanks!