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Do you remember the BEST EASTER CANDY EGGS EVER? [moved from Manhattan board]

check at Fairway, Myers of Keswick, or Tea & Sympathy- they have mini eggs not made in the US, so you may find the ingredients vary slightly and not get PGPR

Myers of Keswick
634 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

Tea & Sympathy
108 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

Mar 19, 2010
chachalicious in General Topics

St Patricks Day UWS recs please!

I do know that this is an American interpretation of "Irish food", but since my hubby is 1/2 Irish (American style), it's his wish. I just prefer to have a tasty version of this dish. Their Italian 1/2 is "Italian American" as well. Very little of their traditions have much to do with how things are across the pond. Thanks for the tips though!

Mar 10, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

St Patricks Day UWS recs please!

Sounds great! Thanks.

Mar 10, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

St Patricks Day UWS recs please!

Any recs for real corned beef- not sliced Boar's head? We have 2 young kids, so preferably recs that don't land us mid tourists drunk on green beer... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! (Great soda bread rec too if you've got one please!)

Mar 10, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

high tea at a hotel

I enjoyed a lovely view of CP on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental lounge and enjoyed a delicious tea with traditional sandwiches, scones with devon cream & homemade marmalade, and a variety of sweets. A big pot of tea and a comfy chair and I was in heaven. I plan to take my sis-in-law there the next time she's in town.

Feb 27, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

Help - need to plan a cocktail reception for 50 - 60

Landmarc at the Time Warner Center has 2 rooms- and fabulous passed hors' douevres. I've done 2 events there- one for 30 and one for 60 and they both worked well. If you want you can combine the 2 rooms into one. Everything passed- hot and cold- was totally delicious.

Feb 23, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

Scarpetta questions

The bread basket is so delicious you can easily fill up on that! You could do 2 starters and a pasta and be totally full. I would advise against starter, pasta & entree as then you won't be able to do proper justice to those tasty tasty bread selections.
For non/a drinks I would stick with seltzer w/splash of cranberry or sparkling water...

Feb 16, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

Black currant (aka Cassis) soda, juice, or concentrate.

Fairway carries several Black Currant drinks- including Ribena. I like "Premium Fresh Black Currant" by Philicon. They have a lot of juice flavors, but this one diluted with seltzer makes a great Cassis soda.

Feb 13, 2010
chachalicious in Manhattan

Restaurant near Parade Balloon Inflation?

Arte Cafe does a tasty chicken parm if you're in the mood- but anywhere you go should make a reservation as this part of town gets packed on Wednesday evening.

Nov 24, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Soft delicious Parker House rolls?

I'm hoping to find some super delicious rolls for T-day. Citarella's are kind of firm... suggestions?

Nov 21, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Clementines (small crate)

Try the Clementine "Cuties" in the net bag at Fairway. Just bought 2 bags and they are as sweet and juicy as can be.

Nov 18, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Early Evening 40th Bday with 2 little ones- UWS Chinese- is it all awful?

Help! Read the boards and it all sounds bad... 1 & 3 year old and have to dine early. I don't mind "okay", just don't want terrible or food poisoning. Is it too much to ask of UWS? I'm on 73rd.

Oct 23, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Event Space Suggestions?

Landmarc at TWC worked for us- they have 2 rooms that can be made into one if you think one is not big enough. You can do cocktails and apps- the apps are great!

Sep 18, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Ed's Chowderhouse- a report

Some hits, some misses. We popped in for a light dinner and it was busy but not packed. The room is LOUD, both the bar and the dining area. At 6:30pm we had to lean in to hear each other and the waiter- across the slightly too large 2 top table. I had the Manhattan stlye Blue Crab Chowder- slightly spicy, lots of crab- very tasty. My dining mate had the "Loaded Shellfish Chowder" which was very good except for the fact it was not loaded. It was a 1/2 portion in a little black kettle. Had they filled it even 3/4 it would have been a more reasonable size. The beet salad was average, and the spicy chopped salad w/crispy calamari was more flavorful and calamari was well prepared. The bread basket had one warm delicious chive buttermilk biscuit, one cold but fresh Parker House roll, and one rock hard baguette stick. It was BEYOND stale- it should never have made it into the basket. Service is attentive, if slightly flustered (opening night jitters perhaps) They'll do well across the street from Lincoln Center, but the tiny portions and the volume of the room will keep us from hurrying back...

Sep 18, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Early dinner al fresco tonight- West Side ideas please

Suggestions? We are game for any food/price point. The only parameter is that outdoor dining be available. Thanks in advance!

Aug 26, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Buttercup Bake Shop

I've had both the chocolate w/chocolate icing & the golden cake w/chocolate. I preferred the golden cake. I think 2 of the 9inch layer cakes should do the trick for 50- but make sure you have a bread knife so you can make neat slices to suit your crowd. Enjoy!

Aug 24, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

Where to go for Cajun?

I hope you get some answers... Good Cajun is something I have yet to encounter in NYC.

Aug 21, 2009
chachalicious in Manhattan

West Side-Eat well, drink some & still hear?

I am planning a "my husband is in town for the 1st time ever on my birthday" dinner party for 8 friends. We (the hosts) LOVE good food & enjoy wine- but get frustrated at not being able to hear each other while dining ( this will be my 39th bday- what will happen at 89?)

I'd love some ideas for restaurants- preferably on the West Side of Manhattan, for a Thursday evening dinner a few weeks from now. We like all kinds of cuisine, but were thinking that shareable plates (tapas like) might be an ideal way to enjoy the evening. No price constraints, and there is one vegetarian in the group.

Thanks in advance for your wise counsel!

Oct 01, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Time sensitive- bite to eat near Angelika FC

Suggestions for a place to get a glass of wine/drink and a few apps before a 7pm film at the Angelika Film Center at 18 W. Houston. We love food and are open to anything price & cuisine wise... Two moms of toddlers "out on the town" without the cherubs.

Sep 16, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

anyone been to esca??

We used to live down the street from Esca and were there once a week. We have brought foodie and non foodies alike, and there is mostly fish- but the few non fish items we've had were top notch. There housemade pasta is very good too. Sit at the bar (only 4 seats) with the regulars and let the bartender guide you.

Aug 28, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Dinner near GCT?

A dear friend is coming in from CT for Friday dinner and had suggested the following: Cafe 50 West, Alma Grill & Capitol Grille. I've not been to any of these, and since baby #2 get out less frequently and don't want to waste a meal out on mediocrity. She is not an adventurous eater, and doesn't care for fish or cheese. Sigh. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it nearish Grand Central in order to maximize our time together. A non-child friendly place is swell as for once I will have none with me!

Jul 29, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan


There are several. Do you mean Arte Cafe on W.73rd?

May 20, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Union Square Cafe - What a mixed bag! (long review)

I popped in one Wednesday night at 8pm for a quick bite at the bar and felt similarly ignored. I was between 2 couples who had drinks initially, and eventually ordered. I was clear that I was thrilled to squeeze in for a quick dinner, and while my food was well prepared, I felt I needed semi-fore flags to get attention- which didn't seem the case for the folks who were there before me. Inconsistent would be the word I think... And yes- I expect more for the $.

May 09, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Chanterelle recently?

My husband and I went about a month ago and did the tasting menu. The portions are perfect- loved the trio of spring soups. All the courses were very tasty, and we went so early we had the dining room almost entirely to ourselves. The cheese course is not to be missed- they really spend time figuring out what you will love (and wrote down our favorites). A very nice evening.

May 09, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan


Margot's are tasty and incredibly similar to Claude's. I'd go with whichever is closer...

May 07, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan


I am happy to report 1st hand that Patisserie Claude does indeed make a tasty eclair. Be aware that they are coffee cream or chocolate cream filled & iced with the same flavor. Is this 13 year old expecting the american version of an eclair? Usually vanilla pudding like filling with with chocolate frosting?
And on this note, does anyone know of a bakery that sells them fresh whipped cream filled?

May 07, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Solo Dining . . . tips?

I'm a married w/kids woman in her late 30's and love dining out alone. I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences (usually sitting at the bar, but that's what I prefer even when dining with others, though all of these have had single diners at tables) I do tend to stay away from Friday & Saturday nights after 7pm as restaurants are more crowded and "datey" feeling to me. Spots I've enjoyed good food solo:
Esca (though the bar is small)
Pearls Oyster Bar
Jean Georges- Nougatine at the bar
Landmarc @ TWC
Cafe Grey- lunch in the main dining room
the lounge at Compass
Cesca (go early)
Little Owl

Mar 15, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Eighty One- a dining report

Ate at Eighty One on their opening night. 1/2 full due to the "soft opening". All in all a great addition to the UWS dining scene. Started with a nice amuse of tuna w/caviar & a grapefruit gelee- very tasty. 5 rolls available- all Amy's Bread. I had an outstanding "winter shaved salad"- I don't normally order salads out, but this one appealed and I was so glad I did. It was incredibly full of flavor and the dressing was plate wiping good. Hubby had the calamari- smoky grilled flavor- he really enjoyed it. We split the scallop/foie gras ravioli appetizer with its delicious beurre blanc. Again- the bread came in handy for wiping up every last drop of butter and foam. For entrees I had the lamb 3 ways- the loin was succulent, the chop tender, but the shoulder was a bit too salty for my taste, and even for my salt loving husband. He had the tuna plancha (there are 2 preps of entree tuna- he'll try the other one next time), he loved it- the foie gras was a decadent but enjoyable addition.
It was our anniversary, and with only briefly mentioning as we got our cards out if the waiter's way, he brought out 2 desserts on the house (we were quite full and likely would have only ordered one to share) The butternut squash creme brulee with accompanying mandarin milkshake made my husband smile as he adores creme brulee and also pumpkin pie- this dessert tasted like a marriage of the two. I prefered the tiny milkshake. The other dessert was lemon 2 ways- very light and in my mind a perfect ending to an enjoyable meal. The only "opening night" gaff was that the plumbing wasn't quite perfect yet so the restroom had icy cold water... not bad for a new joint! We're going back with friends next week to sample more... the dining room ambience is very pleasant with its heavy rust colored draperies and banquettes. I hope other Hounds find their way to dining here- we need to keep these new joints open!

Feb 22, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

Rehearsal Dinner idea

What about Landmarc in the Time Warner Center? They have 2 big rooms that open up to the restaurant and can be used in combination or singly depending on how you want the event to flow. We started out with the garage door like room dividers open until everyone got there and then closed them for a more intimate dinner feel. Great and totally affordable wines, really good passed hors d'oeuvres, and you can do a nice 3 choice set menu. We really enjoyed the event we did there- their staff was delightful and the party planner on staff is really great. Also a plus- easy to get to.

Feb 09, 2008
chachalicious in Manhattan

NYC chowhound w/1 yr old- London & Sussex visit recs

I have searched the boards regarding "child friendly" restaurants in London and have found that we may be doomed to take away & fast food/chains. Is there hope? We love good food- but also don't want to inflict our charming, but nevertheless 16 month old son, on the dining world if it is frowned upon. (In Manhattan we stick to very early meals, and most restaurants except the most high end, have high chairs.)

Suggestions for good eats that won't pale at the sight of a toddler? (I have already made note of the fish and chips post)

Also- we will be in Rye, Sussex for several days as well. Recommendations for quick bites as well as restaurants?

Thanks in advance.

Mar 03, 2007
chachalicious in U.K./Ireland