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winterlicious - and canoe

i've given up on canoe for winterlicious, but my boyfriend is in town, and i'd still like to take him for the view. our plan is to have dinner elsewhere, and drinks and desserts afterwards at canoe.. i've never been to canoe before, so i was just wondering if anyone had any tips about what to order? i tried to make a reservation for later at night (during the winterlicious period), but i was told that they don't take reservations for just drinks and desserts. is it ok if i just make a regular reservation, later at night, but don't specify whether or not i'll be ordering from the dinner menu (of course, i will specify that we're not ordering from the winterlicious menu)?

also, does anyone know whether restaurants that are open on sundays, but state they only serve brunch on that day, will be serving the winterlicious menu for lunch or not? i called one restaurant about this last summerlicious, and they said no, so i assumed all of them did not, but i also called another restaurant this week (unfortunately, i don't remember which), and got a yes. does this just depend on the restaurant?

any help would be appreciated.. many thanks!!

Questions about Lucca

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of heading to Lucca next weekend for dinner. I'm trying to do my research on the boards now, to get a feel for the place, but nothing recent has been posted.

Has anyone been recently? What's the avg price/person (not including wine)? Is there anything on the menu I should avoid? What's the ambiance like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.. have been salivating over this place for a while, and am looking forward to finally trying it out!

Thank you!

food near yonge & wellington

thanks! i'm hoping to check out natchos thai thai with a friend tomorrow. do you think we'll need to make a reservation?

food near yonge & wellington

hey everyone,
i just started working downtown, by yonge and wellington. i'm a little tired of buying sandwiches from the shop on the ground floor of my building on the days i don't make my lunch, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for around that area?

anything within a 5-10 minute walk (the less the better!) would be good, and around or under $10 for a meal if possible. but, if there is anything good, no matter what the price, please let me know! i may not try it right now, but will hopefully get around to trying it out later :)

also, all types of food are good.. i am totally open to suggestions!

thanks!! :)