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I-80: CO-NE-IA-IL-IN-OH Leg of CC Drive

In Omaha we ate at Jaipur and had their beer - the food was terrific, the beer good but nothing special.
In Davenport we ate at Trattoria Tiramisu which was fantastic - delicious simple pastas, wonderful (cheap!) negroamaro by the glass, excellent homemade dessert. Good find!

I-80: CO-NE-IA-IL-IN-OH Leg of CC Drive

We are looking for great lunch recommendations, also breakfast, snacks, must-stop places along I-80 on our drive cross-country with baby and dog. We are spending the night in Omaha, Davenport, and Sandusky, and have dinner ideas already but are always open to suggestions!

Grand Junction Lunch this Sunday

Any recs for a great lunch spot? We will be traveling through with dog and baby and looking for something fast and easy. We like breweries and are always looking for "healthy" options...any input on which brewery in town is best for lunch? Thanks!

Jul 30, 2009
lovepoutine in Mountain States

I15 From LA onto 70 East Leg of CC Drive

Driving north on I15 from LA to 70 east, we'll be stopping in Beaver UT for the first night and getting to Boulder CO on the second. Any recommendations along the i-15 or 70 E roads for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, must-stops, etc? We would probably not need to stop until north of Las Vegas on the first day...unless someone tells us otherwise! Thanks! Molly

Jul 29, 2009
lovepoutine in Southwest

Where to buy seafood in Ulster County?

We are in Woodstock but wiling to drive...have found some occasional nice fish at Adam's, there anywhere else?? Thanks!

Ibrik in/around Baltimore?

Does anyone know where I could buy an ibrik for making turkish coffee around Baltimore?? Thanks!

Afghan Dessert: Burfi? Burfee?

Does anyone know where to find this dessert in the DC/Baltimore metro area? We used to be able to get it at the Helmand, but sadly they stopped serving it. Different from the Indian desert of the same name, this is a sweet pasty cheese mixture kind of plopped on a plate with rose water, pistachios, and I don't know what else involved. But it is heavenly and we miss it, would love to find out about any places that make it. Thanks! Molly

Dog-Friendly dinner Santa Barbara - Atascadero?

We will be traveling up the coast with our 2 dogs on Friday 31 August. We should be looking for dinner somewhere between Santa Barbara and our overnight in Atascadero. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a place we might stop where the dogs can eat outside with us? If not, is there a great casual must-stop place we should stop in anyway while the dogs sulk in the car? Thanks! Molly

Aug 24, 2007
lovepoutine in California

Afghan Dessert: Burfi? Burfee?

Wow - I didn't know about the brother in SF - could you post his restaurant's info? Helmand in Baltimore is terrific - I cannot get enough of it. And yes, impressive family! I've had the Indian version which is really nothing like the Afghan. I will have to ask Azeen's about making it...Thanks!

Aug 24, 2007
lovepoutine in Los Angeles Area

Afghan Dessert: Burfi? Burfee?

Hello. I moved last year from Baltimore to LA. Back east we had a killer Afghan restaurant called the Helmand. Many years ago they made a dessert that I would love to find in LA, called burfi, or burfee perhaps. Not sure of the spelling. It was a ricotta cheese-like paste that had cardamom, pistachio, maybe rosewater - came served in a bowl. It was blissful. Has anyone heard of this? Are there any good Afghani restaurants around town? I am in Venice but will travel far and wide. Thanks!

Jul 24, 2007
lovepoutine in Los Angeles Area

Old Town Albuquerque + dog + off nights

Hello! Just read through the best of Albuquerque post, and have a more specific request: We will be in Old Town on an upcoming Sunday, and then on a Monday shortly thereafter. We'll be traveling with our dog, and getting there both nights at dinnertime. Is there a dog-friendly outdoor place in Old Town we might walk to for dinner? We love all types of food.
Thanks for suggestions! Molly

Apr 12, 2007
lovepoutine in Southwest

Pie resource on Westside?

Hello...Need recommendations for bakeries on the west side that would be open tomorrow (Sunday) for buying two open to flavours but am supposed to show up to dinner tomorrow night with two pies. The only thing the host said was No Apple - so I guess the Apple Pan is out! Thanks for your suggestions!

Feb 10, 2007
lovepoutine in Los Angeles Area

Creamed Chipped Beef

Hello out there...any recommendations for CCB, preferably west-side?

Dec 03, 2006
lovepoutine in Los Angeles Area

Beaujolais Nouveau events for 2006?

Any recommendations on dinners, festivals, parties centering around the 2006 release of Beaujolais Nouveau? I'm interested in the weekend as well as the actual night of the 16th. Merci!

Nov 02, 2006
lovepoutine in Los Angeles Area