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help with napa itinerary Pride Mountain/Spring Mountain/Hall/Cliff Lede/Far Niente/Hess

Got it. I will add Mumm, and now I have a full itinerary. Thank you!

help with napa itinerary Pride Mountain/Spring Mountain/Hall/Cliff Lede/Far Niente/Hess

Thank you so much, Carrie and Maria! I've read a lot of your posts on Chowhound and appreciate your suggestions! I was able to get a reservation at Far Niente, but after thinking about the price and 10a only availability, I am thinking about removing it from the itinerary. Shafer is closed on the weekends. :( Removed Clif Lede per Maria, and added Pride and Hess.

My schedule now looks like the following:

SF night prior
-wait in line to try to get in walk in/same day reservation for State Bird
-drinks later at night at Local Edition

10a Pride tasting, will pick up food and eat there afterwards
12:30 Duckhorn
2 Paradux
grace's table happy hour (per Carrie's previous posts)
bottega for dinner. Maria, I know you are not a fan, but I had a great experience the last time I was here

Will try to see Hess the following morning.

Do I have more time to add in on more winery on the first Napa day? Any places I can pick up food in the morning prior to getting to Pride at 10? Otherwise, I think my schedule is almost set!

Thank you!

help with napa itinerary Pride Mountain/Spring Mountain/Hall/Cliff Lede/Far Niente/Hess

Hi there, I'll be visiting Napa for a full day on Saturday, and then potentially Sunday morning before I fly home. We are staying at the Andaz Hotel and want to hit Parduxx and Duckhorn as part of our wine club membership.

I'd like to add two more wineries and have narrowed down the list to the following. Which ones are can't misses? I realize the geography is all over, so I have them at least grouped together. I was thinking one more on Saturday and another on Sunday morning would be reasonable.

From combing through the board, I have Pride Mountain and Spring Mountain as the front runners, but would love to hear everyone's suggestions.

Thank you!

Pride Mountain & Spring Mountain

Hall on Rutherford (in between Parduxx and Duckhorn)
Cliff Lede (next to Paraduxx)

Far Niente, is it too stuffy/high brow/touristy?

Hess, is the art collection worth it, or again, more touristy?

Sonoma for the views not the wine

Thank you so much everyone, for your helpful advice. I ended up separating the wineries over two days, since as you have all mentioned, doing all the wineries will leave little flexibility and potentially cause lots of stress if I am stuck in weekend traffic. For the first day, I ended up totally ditching the list and going with Paraduxx, Hendry, Artesa and Domaine Carneros if I have time since it's right next door. I did have to schedule far in advance for Schramsberg, Hall and Far Niente. Hopefully I can fit in Hess as well in the future!

Sonoma for the views not the wine

Would it be possible to do Schramsberg, Hall, Far Niente and Artesa in one day? If not, do you suggest doing the Northern wineries and adding Pride or the Southern wineries and adding Hendry? I'm interested in seeing beautiful grounds, but hoping the wine would be something I'd want to buy as well. I noticed you didn't add Chandon and Domaine Carneros. Is it because they are too touristy/commercialized?

Thanksgiving dinner - Patina or Campanile?

Trying to decide if we should go to Patina or Campanile for Thanksgiving dinner. Has anyone been to either? Campanile seems a bit more traditional; their dinner is $65, and Patina's is $55. The Campanile website is down but below is the Patina menu. I've been to Patina for regular dining, but never been to Campanile... Thanks!

Smoked Stripe Bass
whipped potato caviar cream and parslene

Second Course Selection

Endive and Beets salad
chestnut vinaigrette, goat cheese ,pecan nuts, baby mustard, red oak

Moroccan Pumpkin and Heirloom Apple Veloute peppercress agnolotti

Diver scallops
sweet potato mousseline, caramelized mussel jus

Grilled Quail and Frisée Salad
poached egg, shitake and pomegranate vinaigrette

Third Course Selection

American Heritage Bronze Turkey Breast
with traditional and non-traditional garnishes

Pacific Opaka Filet
toasted almond, polenta “fries,” carrot jus, king trumpet and oro blanco grapefruit

Prime Beef Tenderloin, Braised Short Rib and Stuffed Marrow Bone
garlic kale and cabbage, potato galette “du Mendian”

“Pot Roast” Country Ham, garlic masked potato, tomato-squash gratin

Dessert Selection

Pumpkin Pie, Crème Fraîche, cinnamon pearls, cream cheese sorbet

Chocolate tarte, white chocolate mousse and cranberry sorbet

Black currant and chesnut Rissole, honey ice cream and Pollen croustillant

Nov 13, 2008
lakerblues in Los Angeles Area


Is Gonpachi on La Cienega open yet? It says on a web site that they are not opening until 3/31, but I saw a valet and people going in yesterday. Does anyone have the phone number?

Mar 27, 2007
lakerblues in Los Angeles Area

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?


Nov 04, 2006
lakerblues in California

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?

I hear that Santa Barbara and Oxnard are known for their sea urchin. Are there any restaurants in those areas that are worth a drive from LA that serve fresh uni?

Nov 02, 2006
lakerblues in California