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Ricetable, rijstafel, rijstaffel at Quince Oct 3 Wed

The food quality at the last rijsttafel dinner I went to at Quince was unfortunately nowhere near what I ate in Amsterdam. It was super disappointing on many levels (including the service). I would never go back.

Best ceviches in Toronto

Haven't had it in a while, and I'm not sure it's still on the menu but the Hamachi ceviche at Nota Bene is amazing.

Museum Tavern

Hi Millygirl-I just meant similarities in terms of decor/design, not food.

Santouka is coming

Nice! Close to work for me so I'll have to check it out soon.

Museum Tavern

Completely agree on the L'Express similarities in the room-although perhaps slightly more upscale.

Banh Mi Boys


New to Greenwood

Hey Dr. John-I've been wanting to try Dukem for a while now. Do you know if they are licensed? Seems many of the Ethiopian places along the Danforth are not, and I want to find a place a little closer to home than my beloved Nazareth. Thanks.

Longo's on Laird - now open

Went today at 11:30am to pick up Niagara prosciutto, confit duck legs and coffee. Had absolutely no problem finding a parking spot with my auto share car and noticed plenty of spots available further up near the bulk barn and pet value. Was out of store by 11:50am. Store was busy but didn't seem crazy, especially for a Saturday, but I did indeed notice the Burberry/Prada toting set that were ugly and clueless. Outside of that, I have no idea how our experiences seem so drastically different.

Goody's Diner Update, August 29, 2012

I never got the opportunity to eat at Goody's because their hours of operation were really not convenient.

This is probably a 'redundant' question...."FREESTONE PEACHES" ?

I agree-despite what people have said, they are not great this year. Juicy, but mealy. The peaches I ate in France this summer were much better tasting.

Mother & Daughter Toronto Getaway on Labor Day Weekend

Wow. $250! That seems incredibly pricey for what you had (especially for pizza and pasta). I had been thinking of trying out Buca for a while, but I think I'll take a pass with those prices, especially when I paid $150 for a 5 course dinner with paired wines at Le Chateaubriand in Paris. RIDICULOUS!

Longo's on Laird - now open

Ride a bike, burn calories in advance of your meal, pack your panniers, (you would be surprised how much you can fit in them), shop more often and leave the car at home. Parking problem solved.

Longo's on Laird - now open

Yes, expensive for sure. With the cost of food these days, I pick up my "staples" either at Food Basics or No Frills. Don't understand why anyone would be 'ashamed' to shop there...especially since I like to take what I save and roll it into my annual European vacations.

Longo's on Laird - now open

Visited today. Prices comparable to Loblaws. Other than availability of duck confit and duck eggs, nothing really excites me about this store. I can get most fresh fruit and vegetables at the independent grocers on Pape, closer to home, for a fraction of the price. I don't buy grocery store meat, so nothing for me there. For specialty veg/fruit items, I would rather pick them up at the Brickworks, or at the Loblaws on Carlton and Church on the way home from work. And I don't understand how Corks will survive? Who wants to drink lovely Ontario wines and beers in a grocery store, when there is an excellent LCBO, where I can pick up whatever I want and drink it within the comfort of my own home? I really don't get the hype over this place.

LU Choco Prince cookies in Toronto?

I got addicted to the Prince cookies too on my recent visit back to France. Thanks for the tip!

Review of Trip: Paris »» Tours »» Bordeaux »» Toulouse

I had some excellent meals in Toulouse. You missed the duck hearts at J'Go-shame! And a wonderful lazy afternoon lunch at La Belle Équipe.

Aug 24, 2012
Splendid Wine Snob in France

Best Pork Dishes

When the old owners were there, I would ask them to cook it a little longer, and it was better. But there were always occasions where the fat wasn't trimmed enough, and my husband and I would get globs of it (even when cooked a little longer). So now I just go for the gyro, which I love.

Best Pork Dishes

Pork gyro at Folia Grill
Pork bahn mi at Rose's Cafe
The pork Pad Gra Prao at KSR (Thai spicy)
The grilled pork bahn mi at Bahn Mi Boys

Best Pork Dishes

I'm not really a fan of the pork belly souvlaki at Folia either. It's not cooked long enough for the fat to be properly rendered, and so the texture is too "chewy" for me. I've always preferred the pork gyro as well.

Critique my "must try" list for Toronto!

Yes, we've already heard this from you in multiple threads, perhaps over a dozen times. Teacher Foodie wants an HC burger without American cheese, and it's not likely to trigger the Apocalypse.

Holy Chuck- Anyone tried this burger- there's a coupon

Holy cow Vinny! You've started a storm of controversy...over...burgers.

Glad I'm outta here and off to France for a while...

Ontario's hamburger temperature cooking law (split from Ontario board)


Burger's Priest now only serves overcooked burgers!

Yeah, seriously. I'm pretty darn careful where I order tartare, and to my knowledge, the restaurants that I frequent always hand chop their tartare.

Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

Mmmmmm...the mentioning of piirakka gets me all misty eyed/nostalgic for my childhood days in Northern Ontario too!

Burger's Priest now only serves overcooked burgers!

There was already a lengthy discussion about this and I'm still surprised chowhounders don't know the difference.

Tartare is prepped by hand chopping with a knife, so the contact surface to disinfect/clean is much smaller than a grinder. Also, tartare does technically go through a process of "cooking" with acid instead of heat.

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

There are many chefs that have their own voice in this city. David Lee, Tobey Nemeth, Nick Liu, David Chrystian, Nuit Regular, Mike Angeloni...and this just scratches the surface. Sure there's always a bit of ripping off, inspiration, whatever you want to call it. And while I also agree with you on a young chef needing time to 'find his voice', Yours Truly seems far too scattered with too many similitudes for a place I would choose to frequent.

Toronto fine dining advice Sunday night

If I want to eat Eleven Madison Park's beautiful and unbelievably delicious dishes, then I'll save up my $$ and eat there. I just don't see how (or why) Yours Truly could ever match that.

In the time they have been open, they have copied dishes from Xian Famous Foods, Momofuku Ssam, EMP and others. Does this chef even have his own voice?

Porchetta + Co

Couldn't agree more. The Sudbury version of porchetta has that stronger hit of herbs and garlic. It's amazingly delicious and much better than the stuff they're doing now at Porchetta and Co. I've also had the reheated/pre sliced problem and gave up after that.

Motorama on Danforth at Jones - big bang for the buck

I love Detroit :)

Been wanting to try Motorama. Nothing wrong with a good ol fashion greasy spoon breakfast!

Ciao in Yorkville: Che disastro!

That is hilarious. To call yourself a wine bar and not properly train your staff to identify (or at least have knowledge of) a corked wine is completely ridiculous not to mention incompetent. But this *is* Yorkville...