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Best food all over New England?

If you're coming to Connecticut, you should really consider going to New Haven for their white clam New Haven-style pizza. It's not like Jersey pizza, but it's one of those things you can't find anywhere else.

Also, if you're in central CT, stop at Ted's in Meriden for steamed cheeseburgers.

While you're in the area of Northampton (love that place!), check out The Moan and Dove in nearby Amherst. There's no food, but it's been rated as the best place to have a beer in America....for good reason.

There's also a Tibetan place in downtown Northampton, I forget the name, but it was very good. They served yak there.

Help me understand New Haven Pizza!!

I'm from North Jersey and have lived here for 4 years following an extended period in the South.

After Southern pizza (where Papa John's and Domino's are considered "good pizza"), New Haven pizza was actually pretty decent. I don't like it as much as the NJ/NYC pizza I grew up with, though.

Pepe's is good. Very good. But their red sauce and mozzarella pizza isn't as good as Jersey pizza. If you want the New Haven pizza experience, wait in line and get the white clam pizza. They shuck the clams fresh there...and it is the standard of New Haven pizza.

However, I found it to be too burnt. In fact, nearly all of "New Haven style" pizza whether Pepe's, Modern, or whatever, is too burnt for my taste. Your mileage may vary.

For me, it was an awful long wait for a burnt pizza...but it was tasty. The clams were very flavorful and it makes for a very different type of pizza. I doubt I'll ever go back to Pepe's, but I might try The Spot.

New Haven, CT Top 5 Favorites

1. Mamoun's (anything, really, but the falafel is fantastic)
2. Pepe's (white clam pizza--you just can't this kind of pizza anywhere else).
3. Sultan's Delight at Istanbul Cafe

Food Confessions, Desperate Times Bring Desperate Meals

If you're in a fairly multicultural area with access to an Asian grocery, you can get a wide array of different ramen flavors and affordable prices. They often come with chiles or vegetables, sometimes seaweed. There's a really wide variety that's great to stock your pantry with for emergency times.

Check the dates on some of them, though. I got sick once off a ramen noodle package from a crusty dusty old Chinese grocery store that I should have known not to buy anything out of. The palm oil that came with soup as an extra ingredient had gone rancid. Ugh.

Nov 08, 2006
rmmcgrath in General Topics

Doogie's in Newington it.

Yeah..Doogie's is pretty good. Haven't been there in a while, though.

Have you tried Blackie's in Cheshire out by Waterbury? Man, that relish is fantastic.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

I know the Taqueria you're talking about. Tiny place, authentic Mexican. A gringo like me got funny looks going in there.

I forget the name but "Taqueria" is in the title of the place. Mexican 2000 also on Rt 5 in Wallingford, but avoid that place. Awful food. It's a new place..with a different name now. I tried it again..still awful.

No, this Taqueria is right on Rt 5 by the North Haven line near the Chef store. Just take Exit 13 off of I-91 and make a right. It's not even a mile away on the right-hand side. Blink and you'll miss it.

Northampton - Amherst Asian - What's Good, Whats Not??

I went to Lhasa Cafe a few months back and had a wonderful Tibetan meal with yaksha (Yak dumplings) and butter tea.

If you're looking for something different, I'd definitely recommend it. It's right on Main St in downtown NoHo

Food Confessions, Desperate Times Bring Desperate Meals

With ramen noodle at $5 for a dollar and even a McDonald's double cheeseburger costing $1 each (in many places), it's almost unthinkable that someone would get that desperate.

But you know never know what can happen...sometimes, desperate situations come about. When you have money, buy a rice cooker. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just a $20 cheap one at Target or Wal-Mart. The one I have has a steamer tray for steaming vegetables (and as I've found out since, works great for dim sum).

Always keep a 5 lb bag of rice in the pantry, and perhaps some beans. If you can, keep some frozen veggies..either just the generic peas and carrots mix or Asian vegetables or whatever. Keep in the fridge as a last resort.

White rice with veggies and some soy sauce (which you can save packets of whenever you order Chinese takeout) is a very cheap, filling, and tasty meal. You can add other things into it, and yes, after a week or so of eating it, you'll get tired of it. But it's food.

Also, always keep some ramen in storage for financial emergencies. Again, you can add all sorts of things to it.

Nov 02, 2006
rmmcgrath in General Topics

Precooked Indian Entrees

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the Trader Joe's brand of MRE Indian Food is just repackaged Tasty Bite.

I've never been real impressed with Tasty Bite, but I do love some other Trader Joe's South Asian products (I'm very fond of their Thai-based tuna curries).

Tasty Bite seems overly spicy but somewhat bland in flavor. Some of the other Indian brand names such as Ashoka or MTR were flavorful but too spicy for was Jyoti's canned food.

But then these tend to cater more towards Indians (who as a culture tend to have more tolerance for spicy foods).

Nov 02, 2006
rmmcgrath in General Topics