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Figs [Review and Pictures]- Beacon Hill

nice review. If I had to eat at a Todd English restaurant, it would be Figs without a doubt. The pizza is always good. I even like it better than Upper Crust, which i find to be just OK. I LOVE the fig and prosciutto pizza as well as the spicy chicken sausage!

Gourmet cheese in Ft. Myers?

Check out 55 Degrees in Gulf Coast Town Center. A lot of people on this board don't love it, but in terms of their gourmet cheese selection, it really doesn't get much better.

Jun 15, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Restaurants everyone seems to HATE but you love

LOVE Dali! We had my best friend's birthday there last year and it was great. The wait was not unbearable... its just as bad if not worse at Toro!

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

I will also agree. All of their food is SUPER heavy and to be honest is just okay. I do not mind going for brunch, because I can at least get an omelet that is somewhat on the light side. They also make one of worst bloody marys I have ever had in my life. Its like they just squeeze ketchup into the glass... blech.

Restaurants everyone seems to love but you don't

Definitely agree about B&G. I love the space, but EVERYTHING on the menu is fried, and that just doesn't do it for me. I'm a bit more of a healthy eater and prefer my fish done much more simply. I know they change their menu up, but every time I have gone, there is nothing but fried fish for entrees. Definitely not worth the money, but the service is good as is the atmosphere.

Drinks in the afternoon?

I would agree with the ESK recommendation. It is generally very quiet in the afternoon, unless there is a Sox game. Great bar and they have some good afternoon "snacks" as well. I have enjoyed many any afternoon there with friends.

Match Burgers and Martinis

The burgers are really not bad. I wouldn't eat anything else there though. And the drinks are horrible. They are all so unbelievably sweet... some people like that type of thing, but personally I don't. If i was in the area, i might stop in to eat there, but i wouldn't go out of my way.

Great Bay Closing

that is really upsetting to hear. I always enjoyed Sunday brunch there!

Sanibel Island Restaurant Help

Ate at Il Tesoro for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the food was fantastic! Also love Mad Hatter, but i do agree that it's pricey. I thought Ellington's was good, but not great. I'm not sure if Sweet Melissa's is closed, but drove by on Saturday and the sign is still there, although it looked closed. You may want to call and check if it's open.

May 11, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Wildwood Barbeque...any good?

Went to Wildwood BBQ about 2 months ago for the first time. In terms of ambiance, it's extremely noisy and cramped. I found the food to be very good however. I am a huge fan of pulled pork, which I tried there and it was excellent. One of the other diners at my table had a sampler platter which included pulled pork, ribs, and something else that i can't remember. He raved about it. They also have some good side dishes like mac and cheese, collard greens, etc. Overall a very good restaurant, minus the cramped seating and noise.

May 04, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Manhattan

Chains you wished you had in the USA

I LOVE Autogrill!!! That is always our first stop after getting off the plane in Rome and driving to Tuscany. Great paninis!!

Apr 20, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Chains

Eastern Standard

they make a great burger. and i love the Salad Nicoise!

best pancakes in boston?

If you go to POPS for brunch and they have the butterscotch pancakes on the menu... order them!! They are amazingly good. I really don't love pops for brunch as everything tends to be very heavy and/or fried, but they have really good pancakes, especially butterscotch!

Fort Myers Restaurants?????what the heck?

i love the pizza at mad takeout. Also the protein pack salad (beans, feta, tomatoes) is awesome. If you ever order a salad from there, make sure you ask them to put extra lettuce. My mom got into a fight with them one day because they literally gave her like 2 pieces of lettuce in her salad. it was a bit ridiculous

Apr 06, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Fort Myers Restaurants?????what the heck?

I agree that Roadhouse's menu lacks focus and you are right, the food is not GREAT, but its better than most other establishments in the area.

I have never eaten Dinner at French Connection either, but I had a great lunch there about a month ago! But i could definitely see your point on a lack of inspiration.

Apr 05, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Fort Myers Restaurants?????what the heck?

This is quite a challenge, but if you are willing to be adventurous and try some under the radar places, you may be surprised by what you find. Here are some of my favorite Fort Myers restaurants:

Crave: located in the shopping center on McGregor btwn Cypress Lakes and College (near anytime fitness and the Chico's call center). This place is completely under the radar. When you walk in, the decoration is extremely sparse... in fact there is really not much in it other than tables, but the food is FANTASTIC. The chef is really talented. They are open for breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner. They make one of the best turkey burgers I have ever had and I love their omelets. Also, dinner is great and they have everything from Shephard's Pie to grilled salmon! Truly a hidden gem!

Roadhouse Cafe: Another one of those hidden gem type places. Located in the back of a shopping center on San Carlos, almost immediately after the intersection of McGregor, San Carlos, and Gladiolus. They have an extremely eclectic menu... everything from Italian (chicken parm, etc...) to asian stir fry (amazing), but everything that I have ever had has been excellent. They also have jazz music on certain nights of the week.

Bacchus - located in Bell Tower Shops. Contrary to what a lot of people say, I think this restaurant is really quite good. I love the Spanish influence on the food and Shannon is really a great cook. Its one of the only true trendy restaurants in the area.

Some others that I find to be decent eats: Cafe Cibo, Bistro 41, The French Connection (downtown), Delicious Things (also downtown).

Also, as a side note: Shannon (the owner of Bacchus) has now opened Mad Takeout. Its a bit pricey, but the food is EXCELLENT. Great pizza and salads. They also have things like sushi and burgers. You can even order online which is pretty helpful!

Apr 05, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Try Escargot 41, Naples

LOVE Bleu Provence! They should be open on Sundays, but im not entirely sure!

Apr 03, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Searching for restaurants that serve hummus, falafel & whole wheat pita

I'm not sure about the whole wheat pita option but Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester btwn Newbury and Boylston has great hummus and falafel.

First time in Boston this July

1. There is no Legal in Kenmore (although we've pretty much established that already)
2. Grill 23 is a great suggestion... its a bit pricey and at times noisy, but the food is consistently very good. I am not really a steak person, but have had some excellent fish dinners there.
3. Stephanies - NO. I have had nothing but horrible service there and it is extremely overpriced for just okay food. In fact, I would stay away from pretty much anything on Newbury Street. All of the restaurants tend to be tourist traps at best, with the exception of Piattini.. a lovely hidden gem that might be a good place for lunch.
4. Stella - too far, and food is just eh. There are better places in the south end, but i think if you have only one night, you'll probably want something more excessible
5. My suggestion: Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. Easily accessible by the T (literally walk out of the station and its right there). Food is great, bar scene is great and you will definitely have a great meal!

late-night dining in Boston...

You are right... it is 24/7!

Easter sunday Brunch Buffet Boston

Not in downtown, but if you are willing to head over to Cambridge, I would suggest Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel. They have a more upscale brunch, but I have never had a bad experience there. I'm pretty sure they are open Easter Sunday.

Henrietta's Table
One Bennett St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Disappointed in Downtown Fort Myers

If by surrounding areas you mean WAY outside downtown then yes, there are many very good options.

On McGregor, just past college (if you are coming from downtown) there is a shopping center with two pretty decent restaurants: Crave and Cafe Cibo. Crave is really a hidden gem. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner and have everything from shepherd's pie to grilled salmon. I've never had a bad meal there. The interior is a bit sparse, but the staff is really friendly and the food is great. Cafe Cibo is a decent Italian meal. The owners are originally from NJ so they know good food. Great pastas and they make a good roasted chicken!

In Bell Tower there is Bistro 41. Not great, but good and a decent meal. Also Bacchus is very good as well. I really like their Spanish influenced menu. Also, Shannon, the owner of Bacchus has just opened Mad Takeout right next to Bell Tower. They have GREAT food. Everything from Sushi to Pizza and salads. A bit pricey, but worth it for something decent. You can't eat here, but you can order online which is sometimes helpful.

Beyond that, if you want to venture further, Angelina's in Bonita is fantastic. One of the best Italian restaurants in the area. It's definitely worth the drive.

I hope this is helpful... I am a native New Yorker, so my family and I have searched high and low for decent food that is NOT a chain! Its definitely not easy in Fort Myers

Mar 10, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Disappointed in Downtown Fort Myers

I also was disappointed in H2 the first and only time I have eaten there. I thought that the food was just sub par. Nothing to write home about and nothing I would go back for. It is a shame because there is really nothing else going on in downtown Fort Myers. Don't know if you have tried Delicious Things, but it is a decent meal. I suppose the lack of good restaurants in downtown is representative of downtown itself. There is SO much potential, but nothing can seem to survive and its pretty much a ghost town all the time!

Mar 08, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

Great Bay

Great post! I also have always felt similarly about Great Bay. It has always been one of my favorites in Boston. It is definitely expensive, but the food is always exceptional. They used to have a FANTASTIC brunch and breakfast before ESK opened. I think they may still do it on Sundays, but i'm not quite sure. I also love the atmosphere!

My boss is paying (and he has $)

Totally agree with the Mamma Maria recommendation. I have been able to score the private room on several occasions and its really a great experience. Both the food and service are fantastic. You can't go wrong there. And it definitely has that sort of "old school" feel to it!

Pops in the South End

I too love Pops. I have only ever eaten brunch there, but I go quite often and its always good. My only complaint is that the food is VERY heavy. I am generally someone who tries to eat somewhat healthy, and there are definitely not any light options on the menu. I guess maybe that's why I have avoided eating dinner there. However, having said that, they make a mean omelette and they have great pancakes (if the butterscotch pancakes are on the menu, get them!!). My only other complaint is that they have terrible bloody marys. It was actually one of the worst I have ever had. Overall though, great place!

Kingston Station, Marliave, or Silvertone?

I am loving Kingston Station these days. They have a great vibe, excellent cocktails, and the food is good. You have to get the truffle fries there... they are fantastic!

Adieu a Pierre's

I also ate at Pierre's for the last time in December. I was so sad to see it go. It was definitely one of my favorite places. Not only were the owners worn out, but they do not own that building. The guy who owns it was asking an exorbitant amount of money to renew the lease and they just couldn't do it. Such a shame!

Jan 29, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Mid-Atlantic

Need elegant restaurant in Ft. Myers area for classy octogenarian

Are you willing to travel to Naples? Honestly, there is nothing GREAT in Ft. Myers. Definitely travel south to Bonita Springs or Naples for better options. I would highly recommend Angelina's in Bonita. It is right on 41 across from what used to be the Bingo Ship. Their food is FANTASTIC! One of the best i've experienced down there so far and would be great for a birthday celebration.

Also, in Naples you have options such as Campiello, and Cafe Lurcat. I know most hounds would shy away from these two, but I happen to think their food is quite good. However, one of my faves in Naples is Bleu Provence. Again, this would be great for a birthday celebration.

Jan 24, 2009
NiKoLe1625 in Florida

relatively new to boston.. help?

I agree with Bob that Boston is not really a "late night" town. Most places that stay open late close at 1, maybe 2 if you are lucky and rarely serve food until then. Close to the financial district is the South Street Diner. Its as close to a dive as anyone can get, but at 3 am, you have to expect that. They have your standard diner fare... grilled cheese, burgers, fries, etc. They will also serve you beer until like 1 or 1:30. The food is really not horrible, especially after you've had a few drinks. Also, perhaps try Chinatown. There are several places there that stay open pretty late!