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Good Indian Food in Manhattan

I was at Brick Lane last night and felt it was disappointing compared to a previous visit late last year. The onion bhajis were unidentifiable and the pilau rice was unimpressive. That said the naan and main dish were pretty good. So yeah, it really approximates to a standard high street indian in the UK - if that's what you are looking for, it's perfect. Atmosphere was good and the staff attentive, just felt the food was a lot better last time!

Feb 28, 2008
cd2448 in Manhattan

Help! Where to Feed Dull Suburbanites?

Why not just pretend to be out when they call? They sound simply tiresome, these family members that you have not seen for 20 (twenty) years.
Coming down from my high-horse for a second, I'd say they will love becco. i was there tonight and it was good. not great, but good. Unsophisticated people will love the place. I know I do.

Sep 05, 2007
cd2448 in Manhattan