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Gourmet Potluck Dish?

This Idea is not asian but I have taken my recipe for bbq country style pork ribs.
boiled in pineapple juice and broiled with bullseye bbq sauce, cut into 2" cubes
and I have seen 5 secratary`s come from they full plate and used there hands
to grab one of those ribs before I started cutting them up in cubes. the people
in line would get so mad because the ribs would`nt last until they got there. It
is a very easy recipe and the ribs are so tender you have to use a spatula to
pick them up. there won`t be any to take home. trust me!!!

Apr 19, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Meatballs... What Did I Do Wrong?

When you are putting the ingredients together you might want add an egg to
hold everything together. and like some others have said, I always bake mine
on a cookie sheet, I have no problems.

Apr 14, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Best Egg Recipes

I like deviled eggs, there is so many variations you can do with them. And for breakfast
I like chorizo with my eggs and fried potatoes and onions.

Apr 09, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Can of beans...your favorite recipe using one

I like to make a skillet of corn beef hash and pour your favorite chili beans over
the top. then crush a bag of frito`s and a couple hands fulls of grated cheese
and put in the oven until cheese melts.

Apr 05, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

German chocolate cake the best recipe

I like to use that cake mix to make my earthquake cake, german chocolate is the
best recipe to make the earthquake, I took one to a potluck lunch when I use to
work and after everyone had eaten there were 7 people standing in line to get
a piece of that cake. they got mad at me for the way I cut the cake. I cut it in 3
inch pieces, and it was gone in no time. I told them if you are going to eat cake
then eat cake and don`t mess around. they told me they would cut the cake
next time I brought uit there.

Apr 02, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

What in the world is a "perfect" hard boiled egg?

when I boil my potatoes for potato salad, I usually put about 5-6 lg. eggs
in with the potatoes, when the spuds are done I put the eggs in cold water
for about 5 minutes before I peel them. And so far they have came out perfect
for me and they are alot easier to peel.

Apr 02, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Fruits that can be used in Pies?

another one is peaches, mango`s and maraschino cherries together.

Mar 27, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Artichokes the proper way to make them?

I don`t cook them I just go to a cafe in Castroville and enjoy.

Mar 27, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

The Secret to Good Greens?

I like to cook a combination of the greens and use smoked ham hocks.

Mar 23, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

lemon meringue pie

One thing when you make a pie covered with meringue, you have to make sure you
seal the meringue completely around the crust. that way it won`t seperate on you. I had
to learn the hard way, that is my ex-wifes favorite pie and I would only make on special
occasions, but I finally got I had made a lemon meringue pie with the meringue 5 inches
high, she dearly love it. I made it from scratch, I got the lemons from one of my neighbors

Mar 23, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Fruits that can be used in Pies?

Have you ever thought about useing kiwi? I have to agree about apricots makes
the best fried pies. My sister makes them out of dried apricots she drys every

Feb 25, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Let's talk about biscuits!

I use JP`s big daddy`s biscuit recipe on its easy and they are big
and fluffy. we have a couple of lady`s from arkansas visiting this weekend and
I live in California. I made JP`s biscuits and these lady`s said they had to have this
recipe. it`s nice to get up and have biscuits and gravy waiting for you with some
country style sausage.

Feb 03, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

What to do with a bunch of saltine crackers….

They go great crumpled up and put into you chili bowl. or in soups of any kind.
like someone said earlier in meatloaf. or coatings crushed and put on like breadcrumbs. I have used them for years with cheeses or peanut butter.

Jan 31, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking


I must be. doing something wrong, because I just put my oats in a bowl add plenty
of water and microwave it for 4 minutes. then add some butter and some maple syrup.

Jan 28, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Basics of Cooking Legumes

Hey Sam: I fix my black-eyed-peas like this, I soak them, cook them with a ham-hock
until done. remove the pork. cook some ground beef with some onion, add that to the peas, and also some canned jalapeno chiles. makes a great side dish.

Jan 02, 2008
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

What brunch are you serving Xmas morning?

We are having tamales, beans and rice, fresh salsa and guacamole with hot cooked chips
and flan with sauce.

Dec 24, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

What are you making for Christmas breakfast?

we are having tamales, beans and rice. fresh salsa and guacamole with chips.

Dec 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

help re-heating tamales

If I were doing it, what I would is heat them in the microwave the amount I was going
to serve and let each individual add the amount of salt they wanted, because everyone has a different taster, And If i was going to give them as a gift I would just
tell the person you are giving them to, No big deal.

Dec 17, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Bademjan - Incredible Persian Stew

This recipe really looks good, I need to find out how much meat
should I use in a recipelike this? 1 lb, 1 1/2 lb, 2 lbs?

Dec 14, 2007
bigjimbray in Recipes

What's Your Go-To Cookie?

i have two favorites I like to go to 1. is snickerdoodles, 2. is this my weeny dog`s favorite
peanut butter cookie, the one with just three ingredients, 1 cup of peanut butter, 3/4 cup
sugar, i lg. egg. stir those up and roll into balls, criss/cross with the fork and bake 10
minutes at 375. it takes 15 minutes altogether. the joy of cooking. H/Holidays everyone.

Dec 13, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Substitute for Mustard Greens?

Hey Kat, I think you might get a tastier dish if you used turnip greens instead of collard
greens as a subtitute, you would get alot more flavor and I think turnip greens the closest to mustard greens that there is.

Nov 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

I'm going to brave my first pie crust

I use the never fail pie crust recipe and also use lard. I roll the dough into four balls
and then put in the frig for 30 minutes. I take one out and then start to flattened it
out in my hands then I have to use a cookie sheet because my counter top is tile.
so I use a cookie sheet and two pieces of wax paper with flour. and I start rolling
it out from the center of the dough and then turn it and roll out again from the
center and it works great for me that way. then once it is the thickness you want
I roll it on to the rolling pin and then roll it off onto the pie plate.

Nov 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

What are your favorite edible gifts to make?

I am Like HillJ I have a hobbie of making jams/jellies and give them as gifts. they make
a great gift for any occasion. any time of the year. and it makes a great last minute gift
just tie a ribbon around it a card if you have one. Like i always say with this type of
question, I don`t know anyone that does`nt like to recieve jams/jellies as a gift.

Nov 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Homemade holiday gifts

Debbie young lady I always make and give to my friends, neighbors, and relatives,
and espeically co-workers, Jams/jellies that make over the year. I don`t know a person that does`nt like to recieve a jar as a gift for any occasion. I have made
a hobbie of making different jams/jellies just for that reason. no matter the occasion
people love to get that. Trust Me. I am an old man that knows .

Nov 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Beautiful Costco pomegranates -- Now what?

I know its work but in the end your friends, neighbors, and relatives, will thank you for
a gift of homemade jelly. It is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity as far as jams/jellies are made. If you try it , you will thank me and the other person above for
suggestiong it.

Nov 23, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

How big is it? (Your turkey, that is)

they have a 12 lb turkey, 10 lb ham 5 adults, 1 brat, 4 little dogs, no leftovers. and stove
top stuffing. I am so embaressed. If I was making the dinner, it would be 32 lb turkey 10
lb ham. stuffing from scratch, that is if I were going to do it. those were the days. I guess
this happens when you get old. happy thanksgiving to all. I will be thankful for what I
have and hold the memories of what I use to have.

Nov 20, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Biscuits - making ahead

no more than likely they would wind up to hard and dried out. biscuits doesn`t take very long to bake, so I would them on the holiday, no more than a hour before you eat.

Nov 17, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Your top three "must-have" stuffing ingred's

The only three things that I have to have is celery ,onions and rubbed sage leaves.
the other things are cornbread, chess nuts, poutry seasoning, chicken broth, I like
green bell peppers, and giblets. and I can eat this by itself, especially the day after
hot or cold it dose`nt matter.

Nov 17, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking

Double yolk eggs

I use them in everything. and if your baking and it calls for two eggs, I just put one double yolk egg in the recipe. I just use them like other eggs.

Nov 13, 2007
bigjimbray in General Topics

raw pecans????????????

I have 9 pecan trees in my back yard and I process them myself and when making a pie,
cookies, or cakes I always use them raw without pre-roasting them. I think Ida-Red
told you straight. use them as they are.

Nov 10, 2007
bigjimbray in Home Cooking