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Hungry on Edisto island

Didn't find any/many reccos on here for Edisto Island about an hour from Charleston. We visited Po Pigs BBQ and it was not to my liking. The vegetables might have been better straight out of the can, and I can't really recommend the grilled (slick black smoke residue) or fried (over cooked, iffy) chicken. I got a little taste of the BBQ, would probably be ok in a sweet white bun w pickles and sauce. There was also an unfortunate broccoli cheese soup which had been scorched, burned pot flavor and flecks of black impossible to ignore.
Flowers seafood market is awesome - shrimp were significantly less pricey than Edisto seafood market... And there were more varieties of filet fish on the day I visited.
Next up, McCloskly's Jungle something or a waterfront place on the West end.
Any other suggestions for hungry travelers?

Sep 22, 2014
anita_cocktail in Southeast

Smiley's Update-Asheville/Fletcher

Any updates on the food stands at Smiler's?

Jun 09, 2014
anita_cocktail in Southeast

Make or bake ahead bite sized desserts for party

No one can deny a brownie. Freeze a tray and cut day of. Gussie it up by layering peppermint patties in the middle.
Puff pastry desserts can be assembled, refrozen and baked day of. Pouches filled w jam, or square of chocolate. Or use puff pastry or pie dough to line mini muffin tins. Bake in advance then fill with ganache, key lime pie filling, fruit compote, lemon curd and whipped cream, berries and whip day of.
Cashew brittle is easy and keeps.
Meringues also keep well... Prep pavlova shells and fill with fruit and whipped cream day of.

Mar 05, 2013
anita_cocktail in Home Cooking

Asheville - live lobsters?

Is there anywhere to buy or order LIVE lobsters in Asheville?

Jul 11, 2012
anita_cocktail in Southeast

Asheville area Mexican Produce

Hi - I am looking for an inexpensive market to buy Mexican produce. Where Mexicans shop.

Jul 10, 2012
anita_cocktail in Southeast

Brooklyn For Dinner with 4 College kids

DuMont in Williamsburg.

432 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jan 13, 2012
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Burgers in Brooklyn

828 Atlantic has great burgers! And a nice bar. More of a dining experience than 5 Guys to be certain.
Its on Atlantic between Smith and Boerum Place - close to the movie theaters.

282 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jan 13, 2012
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

One night in brooklyn?

Vinegar Hill house is a fun experience. Its tiny tho, and I don't think they take reservations. A 1+ hour wait with no where close to go can be a bummer for some grown-ups.
Buttermilk Channel is lovely, Saul is the original fine dining on Smith Street and still going strong!
Al Di La is amazing -- focus on the apps and pastas.

Jan 13, 2012
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Breakfast/Early Lunch in Garden District?

Hi -
Looking for a great weekday breakfast and/or early lunch spot in the Garden District. Typical NoLa fare, not fine dining preferred. Can be a dive.
Walking distance to Philip st preferred.

Dec 06, 2011
anita_cocktail in New Orleans

Seeking kitchy fun restaurant for locals

That's very sweet, but I am definitely not looking for anything as seen on Food Network, or any kind of tourist trap. Looking for good, off-the-beaten path fun.
Trey Yeun might be the thing for us!
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

Dec 06, 2011
anita_cocktail in New Orleans

seeking old-school Japanese restaurant

Nothing modern and shiny... Does not have to be fancy either.
Looking for sunken dining, maybe private dining nooks. tatami mats, shoji screens.
Any leads appreciated!

Nov 23, 2011
anita_cocktail in New Orleans

Seeking kitchy fun restaurant for locals

Hi - I am taking a worldly bunch of locals to dinner. We don't need great cuisine.
I am looking for something along the lines of a Polynesian palace, an old-school Japanese restaurant with sunken tables, a kitschy off the beaten path something, a true underground supper club in a unique location, a Bollywood buffet rabbit hole. Or just an over decorated Chinese place with cocktails and lazy susans,
Any ideas?

Nov 23, 2011
anita_cocktail in New Orleans

Boerum Hill

Fast and Fresh deli is NOT cozy. It is a great chowhoundy find, but not the Boerum Hill experience. the jewelery/clothes/linens shop next door is terrific if you are a lady, or shopping for one.
I second the vote for Building on Bond. It's good for a coffee stop too.
Rothchild's on Atlantic is also sweet.
Mile End is cozy and delightful, but there is a wait if you show up after 10. Get the hash. Actually, get anything -- the food is amazing.
If you visit on Sunday, there is an indoor farmers market on Atlantic.

Building on Bond
112 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Mile End
97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

411 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Mar 11, 2011
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Outrageously tasty and cheap tamale in out-of-the-way place

excellent lead.
i found great tamales today in a more expected place - Sunset Park. 5th ave near 46th street - La Guera Restaurant. They had them in a cooler at the front door. $1.25 each. Had a pork mole tamale and a spicy tomatillo-chicken tamale. Very moist, enough filling, heavenly.

Aug 07, 2009
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Food Ideas for Brooklyn Budget Wedding

BOOZE: Visit Warehouse Wine and Spirits, Astor Wine or Trader Joes and buy a couple of bottles of red white to sample (and bubbly if you love it) under $8. Buy your favorite by the case.
Get a keg of a crowd pleasing beer, or buy a couple of cases. Costco has the best beer prices as far as I know.
BARTENDER: ask your favorite bartender if he/she is interested in working your party. Some bartending schools have a "hire a bartender" service too.

FOOD: Waterfalls, Fairway cater. Marco Polo on Court, any old school Italian place will deliver delicious trays of Penne a la vodka etc. Heck, a friend of ours had Boston Market in disguise on lovely platters... nobody had to know, and it was delicious. BBQ is also fun and affordable.

If you want to DIY: a crowd this big is a bit much to plan, purchase, pick up, coordinate, refrigerate, reheat and platter yourself/with pals and stay sane.

SWEETS: We served generic ice cream sandwiches, a $40 cake from BAKED, and assorted cookies and bars (Cut in half for nibbling) also from BAKED. The ice cream novelty was a hit, and could not be more affordable.

HELP: the trick is, you really can't be plating stuff up on your wedding day. You need a non-guest person in charge, and staff. Look for a discount day-of-coordinator on indie bride or craigslist.
Lastly, I want to emphasize that you should not be working on your wedding day. Just getting married and socializing with everyone who loves you and has traveled to see you is work enough!! Do whatever you can to enjoy the day.


Jul 28, 2009
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

cheap food

Rossman farms for produce! under the BQE at 26th street or so, near sunset park. they have an amazing variety of produce that for one reason or another didnt get picked up by the Safeways of the world. Sometimes this means its just a little bit ugly, a little bit too small, a little asymetrical, or needs to be eaten in the next 3 days.
This is just speculation on my part.
If you are a good produce inspector, you will be amazed and delighted. Plus, they have some great Mexican and middle eastern items (cactus, peppers, persian cucumbers, eggplant varieties).
They also have a small dry goods section that is inexpensive - some fun finds there... including pasta and grains.

Feb 10, 2009
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Help. Mezcal's on Fifth.

I second the Corona!
Don't mess with the margaritas... nasty mix - not fresh lime.

Feb 10, 2009
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Private Room dinner for 40

Great idea! Tempo has been delightful to work with so far... we went in for dinner and they had a refreshing customer-orientation, and lovely atmosphere. Not the crowded, rushed, self-important "local flavor" that can be a turn off to mature out-of-towners.
It is in the running....

Jun 17, 2008
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Date in Brooklyn

Robin Du Bois is a sweet date place on Smith Street. French flea market atmosphere, nice lighting. So not modern in the shiny plastic surfaces sense, or food sense either as it is Bistro fare. But I love it for a cozy 2 top. Goose rillet appetizer, then share a whole chicken and an perfectly fine inexpensive cote du rhone.
Also on Smith, check out Chestnut.

In dumbo, up the street from River Cafe is 5 Front. Sweet little house. Garden is lovely, but there is a din from the bridge.

In Park Slope, Al Di Lam which gets mentioned here a lot. Don't go hungry, as there is usually a wait... with a pleasant wine bar to wait in. Stone Park is another nearby Slope date spot.

Near the corner of Flatbush and St. Marks are 2 nice spots: Franny's pizza which is more casual dining, but the food is exquisite and the wine list is fun esp if you are into of Italian wine (had a great nero di avolo last time). Get the house made Fennel sausage pizza, and don't skip any appetizers that sound good. On the other side of Flatbush is Flatbush Farm. A "modern" looking place with seasonal food. Extend your date with a drink in the garden of the neighboring bar.
Walk by both of these places and pick one!

I don't know much about Dressler in Williamsburg, but that might fit your bill.

Jun 10, 2008
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Private Room dinner for 40

Hello Hounds!

Looking for a nice spot for out of towners to enjoy a dinner together. A place where we can mix and mingle before sitting down is great. Outdoors is nice, but not required. Avoiding windowless basements or areas that wouldn't make sense to Aunt Velma from Indiana (Alma on Columbia st, Diner in W-burg).

Pretty much any cuisine works, but sadly not Asian.

Frankie's Stable is the perfect place, but is BOOKED on our date. If you know who has it on Sept 19th, tell them I am offering a generous bounty. ;)

Looking for a private room as it is a wedding rehearsal dinner and there will be toasts, slideshows, and general merriment.

many thanks!

Jun 09, 2008
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

New dim sum/seafood places in Bay Ridge/Sunset Park -- anyone been?

I love Pacificana in Sunset Park!
Very nice place, refreshing after the din of some Manhattan chinatown dim-sum-eries with fading facelifts (Jing Fong).
Food is great - dishes I haven't seen much. hot peppers stuffed with shrimp paste! But be warned, when it slows down, it slows down. A thin crowd means you won't get a lot of variety. So be sure to go when the dining room is packed.
Another bonus - discounted parking in a lot on the side street!

Jun 09, 2008
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs


Go to Ankgor's location outside of Providence - even the staff on Wickenden says it's more authentic!

I think the place in the LES is kind of gringo.

Jun 09, 2008
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

Group Lunch near Elmhurst?

Hello Chicago land!
I am planning a weekday family lunch near Elmhurst in July. We will be a group of 10-20, all ages and stripe. Won't want to drive more than 10-15 min.
Looking for a nice place to lunch. Pleasant, not too fancy. All american or italian food would probably be best. Private room a must.
Thank you from a NY Chowhound!

May 27, 2008
anita_cocktail in Chicago Area

Espresso in Denver

Lucky for us, City O City is right by where we are staying. Good espresso, rocket-fuel brewed coffee.
Food might be OK if you are stoned and haven't eaten in 24 hours. Otherwise, stick to the liquids.

THANK you for the suggestions!

Feb 15, 2008
anita_cocktail in Southwest

lunch in denver, sweet spot

Hi there! visiting from NYC, looking for a lunch spot near the capitol/downtown/LODO.

Anything that can be construed as "romantic". This does not mean "fancy", it can mean a hole-in-the-wall bistro with cozy nooks and nice lighting.

Presence of wine a plus.


Feb 12, 2008
anita_cocktail in Southwest

Espresso in Denver

Hi there!
A big part of my ideal vacation is drinking lots of good coffee and espresso. Where can that be found near the Capital in Denver?
A spot that I can sit and soak it all in is nice too.
Many thanks!
k (visitor to your fair city)

Feb 06, 2008
anita_cocktail in Southwest

Squid Ink Risotto [Moved from Home Cooking board]

the italian shop in the chelsea market has it in liquid form now! 4 packets to a pack - 3.50. great stocking stuffer, depending on your family.

Jan 04, 2008
anita_cocktail in General Topics

bahn mi

Where can one find a delicious vietnamese sandwich in Austin?
crustily yours.

Dec 14, 2007
anita_cocktail in Austin

Wedding Catering Recommednations for Couple on a Budget

Wubbahed - would love to get in touch about alt. BK wedding locations - but how?

Nov 07, 2007
anita_cocktail in Outer Boroughs

lower hudson valley, w/ a view

TARRYTOWN REPORT: at lunchtime on a Monday, Sunset cove had a few sad batchelors drinking beer at the bar, and the dining room was closed. The view was ok. We did not stay.
Striped Bass may have a view when the weather is nice, but not when it isn't. The indoor dining room could have been on main st... and the food was just OK.