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Dinner in Santa Barbara

Now that the beloved Wine Cask is gone, I'm looking for a nice place for dinner -- the quality of food trumps ambiance. I've already tried and liked Square One and Bouchon. I love Brophy's but want to try something new. There's alot of new restaurants, like the Italian place next to Bouchon but I've tried it. Also, has anyone eaten at Ca'Dario's or Citronelle lately? Any cuisine of food is fine except for sushi since I can eat that at home. Many thanks in advance!

Jun 09, 2009
theyellowvolvo in California

Good Eats in Macon, Georgia??

As a foodie, I'm convinced that there is good food in every city, it's just that you have to find it. I will be there for 2 weeks for work and am searching for excellent local food. (At this point, I'll also settle for half-way decent too.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and will add to my summer culinary experience in Macon. Thanks in advance.


That's actually the book he's been reading. Making your own sausage carries some dangers with it if you don't do it properly so we thought a class would be helpful in addition to the book.


After reading "Charcuterie," my husband has been very into making his own bacon and wants to progress to making his own sausage. Are any of you aware of any cooking classes in the Los Angeles area that are specific to making your own sausage? I am also interested in your review of the class. Many thanks in advance.

p.s. Homemade bacon is phenomenal.

Excellent Restaurant with Wine Flights (but not a wine bar)

Quick clarification---wine flights and/or pairings. Thanks.

Excellent Restaurant with Wine Flights (but not a wine bar)

I recently went to B&B in Vegas and loved having an Italian meal with wine flights. I'm looking for a restaurant in LA that does something similar but that is not necessarily a wine bar. In my experience, in restaurants you can usually only order a glass/carafe/bottle with no flight option.

If I've stumped you, I'd be interested in wine bars too although I'm not usually big fans of their food. I've already been to 750ML and Vertical (? in Pasadena).

Many thanks in advance for your advice.

Twin Palms Restaurant in Pasadena

I just had my wedding at Twin Palms and had such a wonderful experience all around. I would highly recommend it especially after having hunted for venues that are not a part of an industry that is so manipulative and overpriced. The events coordinator Lesley is a doll to work with. Absolutely nice, accomodating, and most importantly, organized and on top of things. The venue is nicely lit at night--in the summer they can open the sails. We had 250 people and rented the entire space.

While we didn't choose TP for the food, we got rave reviews from guests. I'd say that's a good sign considering we had 250 guests and wedding food is never great.

TP was well staffed: the drinks were flowing, the food all came out at once, and there were no issues that evening.

Best of all, the prices are very reasonable for a wedding--both food and drink. And, there are no added extra costs just because it's a wedding.
Have your friend check it out and meet with Lesley and see what she thinks!

Elegant Scenic Restaurant in Newport Beach Area

Looking for an elegant scenic restaurant with good food (!) in the Newport Beach area--Laguna is also fine--where we can have a private party of 14 people on a Saturday night. Preferably not seafood. We are currently considering Maestro's. The restaurant at Montage was too pricey. Many thanks in advance!

Wedding Rehearsal Lunch

Am a big foodie but my options are limited when looking for a restaurant in Pasadena area or Downtown that can hold 120 people for a wedding rehearsal lunch (other than a Chinese restaurant). Am interested in renting a private room or the entire restaurant if it holds 120. Something fun and ethnic would be more preferable than formal and continental cuisine. Many thanks in advance for all your suggestions!!!

Great new local restaurants! (Pasadena area)

I'm so glad Briganti has had rave reviews on Chowhounds. I LOVE this place. I lived in Italy for quite some time and have been searching for an Italian restaurant here that (1) doesn't overcompensate with olive oil and garlic, (2) make sauces that do not taste like canned tomatoes, and (3) is not crazy expensive or crowded. The owner and the waiters are very friendly and we have become locals at this place. I highly recommend it!

Mike and Anne's was a little disappointing to me...I prefer the other eats in the neighborhood Bistro K and Briganti!

Lunch in downtown LA (Business area)

haha, thanks. I always get that name wrong...Lamonicas. :)

50th birthday with my sisters in LA...dinner?

If you're still in BH, afternoon tea at the Pennisula Hotel just around the corner from you is also fun for a ladies lunch out. :) Happy B-day!

Lunch in downtown LA (Business area)

Senor Fish is in Little Tokyo. Lots of great eats there but far from 7th and Fig. I work near there too and have difficulty finding good eats. There's Delmonica's Pizza which is good--it's on Grand?

Early dinner chowspot by CalTech in Pasadena

South Pasadena is pretty close to Cal Tech. Good eats there are Bistro K (French, no corkage), Briganti (Italian), Bistro de la Gare (French country), and Shiros (Japanese Fusion).

Unagi near Gardena?

I'm assuming you are referring to Unagi Don (cooked eel over rice). I'm not sure who has the best unagi don but Kotohira usually has it and I forget the name but it's in the plaza with Pizza Hut on Artesia and Van Ness.


As in Hawaiian poi? If so, there's Bruddahs and Bob's Hawaiian in Gardena.

Authentic Pho North of Chinatown

Thanks for the tips. I should have been more specific. It's immediately north of Chinatown...when you exit Chinatown on Broadway. This restaurant is supposedly better than Pho Cafe (on Sunset). I usually go to Pho 79 (chain) in Alhambra but am open to any additional suggestions. Thanks!

Authentic Pho North of Chinatown

Rumor has it that there is a fantastic hole-in-the-wall pho place just north of Chinatown. Does anyone know the name? If not, is there another place you recommend for pho?